Thursday, 13 November 2008

RAIN and storms

WOW- what happened to my SPRING dammit- LOL. Yesterday it went DARK and the next minute we had this huge storm! POOF, goes the lights too- and it's COLD again. Mrs Miles have you been sending that ice-burg back this way?- LOL. And it hasn't stopped today either- Chilly, and raining the whole day so far! It's NICE- I love it- but hard to believe I got sun burned in an HOUR on Saturday and now I'm wearing wooly's again-LOL

OMG- I have to tell you this- Wayne and I of course have my Dad's 70th Bday party planned for tomorrow night right?- So we both said- well it won't be  such a late night ,I mean these are all the *Ol Foggies* - and they will probably leave EARLY- BWAHAHAHAHA- I DON'T THINK SO!!

We landed up meeting my dad a little late on Wednesday evening due to dropping kids off at Gym etc, and when we got there the pub was FULL- and my dad had taken up the whole one side with all his friends! HAHAHAHA- let's just say that I was ready to leave LONG before they were lol! They were taking over like no other, and all we heard was * ooooh, got to wear my flat shoes for dancing on Friday night, and Oh don't forget that CD- we got to party to that one, etc etc EARLY NIGHT did I say?? LOL,-

And I'm not used to drinking during the week either ( not even at home!)- and well lets just say the drinks came FAST from all ends of the bar! - I was clever and drank slowly- Wayne- well he doesn't know how to do that- HAHAHAHA. We left BEFORE my dad and 7 of his friends! No lie,- I now know where I get my *naughty streak* from and it isn't my mother!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Wayne falls asleep on the couch after we get home(after devouring 4 slices of toast with JAM and CHEESE!lol) and I can't wake him at all- so I decide after the 5th time to just leave him there (with that fed up - I need to sleep now attitude going too-lol), Nathan feeling sorry for his dad- get's up and goes through to wake him up- (which he thinks he gets right as Wayne stands up, walks down the passage into our room- turns around and goes back to the couch in the lounge!) And on the way he hits every wall and chair in his path- BWAHAHAHA, Nathan and I stand there laughing! -He couldn't remember doing it at ALL the next morning- said the Old Folks made him POEP DRONK ( drunk) and he must have been sleep walking-HAHAHAHAHAHA.

Well I think we are in for a thing or two tomorrow and I'm actually so looking forward to it- and YUP the camera will be flashing! lol

OOOH and I have to do a little CT enabling here- I'm soooo WAY behind on this one- but have to show you this


This stunner is by Jenni Rousseau- it's called  Whimsical Winter and has 12 papers and 56 elements. It is 45% off until next Sunday!!

And no I haven't managed to do a LO yet-*blush* sorry Jen, will get one done as soon as possible! lol.

You can grab this ADD on FREEBIE on Jens Blog at the moment too.

And Bonnie Van Esch has a NEW kit out too ( gee's can you tell these two sisters keep me busy- LOL),


It's called Natural Harmony and will be available in Bon's store today--


I LOVED the tones in the papers - they matched this pic of my little sister Kerry so WELL!

Bonnie has this ADD ON Freebie on her blog too;-) Don't forget to leave some LOVE-

OH my word guys- just a HUGE thank you for all the comments on Harmony's Bday kit too! And she has a lovely little THANK YOU for all of you too on her Mom's blog! YOu have to check it out!

And that's me for today- I have admin to catch up on- LOL. And just to say that Nathans exams are going ok so far- no panic attacks or worry's yet- PHEW!! hahahaha. Until tomorrow, hugs and loves Kim


Luisa said...

Very beautiful layout and love the stories, lol, have a great day!!

Unknown said...

Yep, big hugs and thank yous for the birthday girls well wishes!

She gave up on reading all the emails!


Unknown said...

Oh I hit send to soon....

*hides Lil' Kimmie Voodoo Doll*

Sorry you're having big storms Kimmie, we are TOO! Maybe they will pass soon....

*snickers skipping outta the office petting her wittle fuzzy headed Kimmie doll*

xashee's corner said...

Our weather has been crazy too. Monday it was 64 high and tomorrow it will be in the 90's again lol.
i LOVE the layout and boy, that Whimsical Winter is a KNOCK-OUT!!! Natural Harmony is too!!! WOW! talented for sure!!
LOVE the stories, Kim and looking forward to pictures from this weekend! hehe Have a BEAUTIFUL day!:D

Bonnie said...

Ha ha, what a story!! Girl, you were born to write!!! I would read a novel by you anyday! Thanks for posting about my new kit and freeb. You Rock.

Being Mrs Miles said...

CRRRRRack! Is de' BERG, baby! *snort*

If its any consolation, we've had rain for about two weeks now and its really wearing thin. You sure YOU'RE not sending it HERE?

Omy gracious - does Daddy make you do the two step and such? LOL I can just SEE it. Ah well, it will be these memories of dancing with your Daddy that are o so precious one day...

Jen's kit is *picking my chin off the floor* gorgeous!

Bonnie's kit is so earthy and warm!

Glad Nathan's tests are going well.

I'm going to tantalize you tomorrow with another baked goodie - just a warning so you can eat BEFORE you read. LOL!

hugses from "THE BERG"

Anonymous said...

Your dad sounds like a riot! Glad you guys had fun - sounds like you better rest up for the BIG party!

Mumure said...

Thank you for your nice comment on my blog :))I saw a little sneek peek of what Loucee had made on her blog,I just can't wait!!
Love the colours you choose,it's a pleasure to play with it :)

Intense Magic said...

Everything here is sooo gorgeous! As is your blog itself! Glad I stumbled upon it :)

Anonymous said...

Hi how you tell a story I can almost imagine being there seeing it all
Jennis new kit is it..thanks for passing along the freebie information..Bonnies kit is awesome too..they are great designers..
Hope you have a great time this weekend and wish your dad a happy birthday from me..I have an award for you on my blog..Hugs Jazz

Caution/Lisa said...

I am a complete newbie in digi-scraps, but I think I could easily get hooked.Your blog is beautiful. I will be back to look around more and learn :)

PinkkZilla said...

Hello! You have an award on my blog. Congratulations. :)

Amy W. said...

Your CT is so talented!! I miss you love but I never seem to get computer time anymore. (May have something to do with hubby having been off work for the past week? Naw.) I hope you and your family are doing well. I have the little goodie Emma made you but I keep forgetting to put it in the mail. Sigh, I just seem to be a slacker this month. Oh well. Hugs my friend!

Jenni said...

We are having huge storms and flooding here too, but at least it is warm and still feels like Summer is on the way. haha, your dad's pre party sounds like you had fun, had a good laugh about Wayne! Have a wonderful party tonight!!