Thursday, 4 December 2008

accident prone

Nathan is at what we here is South Africa would call the *lomp* stage! (feet toooo large, and body growing quicker than he knows what to do with-KWIM?)- and he is soo accident prone- last night he dropped his plate, and it's a constant bump into things- WEEELLLL, today I could have strangled him with my bare hands- lol. I've just managed to get back from the shops and I'd bought a brand new lamp for the lounge ( our old one is really OLD_lol), and you know how excited you get about how something is going to look and can't wait to get it home to *decorate*- BAH, that went down the tubes BEFORE we got the car! He dropped it just outside the SHOP!! OMG, I didn't know wether to strangle him or feel sorry for him. He looked up and just kept repeating *sorry mom, sorry mom, sorry mom*- LOL. So now I have a *bits and pieces* lamp and a really old one still-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Oh well, maybe it wasn't the lamp for the lounge and I'll just have to keep looking! Wayne's putting in a *insurance claim* for it so at least I will be able to replace for the same value! PHEW. ( And Nathan is breathing a little easier too-lol)

OOOh we were going to do more reveals on the NOVEMBER GRAB BAG- which will be GONE TOMORROW.


How about I REVEAL ALL the GOODIES today- YAY,


Yup, there are 8 brand new product files in here to play and create with ( that's only $1 per kit!) the one has 9 overlays in alone -

so grab it now before its GONE tomorrow.

This is for personal and Commercial Use ;-).

I'm glad you all liked my *bauble photos*- I'm so chuffed they actually came OUT_ hahahahaha, don't laugh- I swear I'm no gurru with the camera, and just experiment and play ( hahaha- just like Photoshop)- and I was so happy that it wasn't a BLACK image! Don't ask me what settings I used because I can't even remember now- LOL, but I'm sure I will get it again when I start playing.

I wanted to show you some other goodies I've done for Christmas before- these I made for my Sisters Christmas shop in Dullstroom( now she does them herself- lol, as I only have time to do the odd one here and there, and for gifts too) Please excuse the photo's tho as these were taken with my very old camera and the pics have lost some of the *detail*-


These were SMALL wooden star ornaments that I painted in a little set-


I LOVED doing these- they were so much fun- I also did the more traditional colours too-


(photo was blurred)- this was my sisters fav- lol, and I liked him too. He was also a SMALL bell originally ;-)


These where what my sister called HO HO HO's- lol, and man did I have these coming out my ears! They were HUGE and hung down the wall-


A closer view-, but the detail in the beard is washed out- ARRGH, bloody 3 mg pixel cameras hahahahaha


this one is an ORIGINAL(only one I made) and hangs on my dear friends Deons Door at Christmas time- LOL. I made it specially for him and it even has separated wooden pieces ( like glasses, nose, mitts, sign and star) so it's dimensional too- My dad does all the cut outs for me- I just hand him a drawing and he does the rest! How cool is that- hahahah-But with our * Tropical Summer Christmas* here I thought you would enjoy this one- hahahahaha.

Yeah there are tons more- and I'll show you some other goodies over the month- it's great having ideas sparked by what others do and I am having a ball seeing all the cards etc that others are making as it just gets the creative juices flowing don't you think?

OOOOH and Look at this-

Montana Santa Love

This cutie is from Renee - Love the paper layering!

And Renee has a CU freebie up on her blog too!


And another GORGEOUS LO-


How CUTE is this LO- OMG, I LOVE it! I remember having photo's like this on Santa's lap- I think I need to go bug my dad again-LOL.

Luisa did this one with my From Santa with Love kit- (don't forget to grab ALL the Freebie extra's!)


and she made us a pressy too! WOOHOHHHOOOOOOOO


Thanks soo soo much GF- you can pick them up HERE.

Still got my parcels to unpack- some boxes to fill and wrap for posting first thing in the morning- hee hee, Will chat more tomorrow- Hugs and Loves Kim


Unknown said...

awwww, he's sorry mom!
Bub is going thru that clutz phase too...hide the breakables. LOL

Kerri said...

could it be something in the air maybe? My 4-year old has crashed himself into the wall twice, poked his teeth with his fork whilst eating, pulled the draw out to far that it fell on his feet, and all that in 1 hour of being home from Kindergarden!! what else have I got coming?! So I feel for Nathan and you at the moment!
As for the reveal... I didn't wait! got it on the second day - love it as always!

xashee's corner said...

sorry to hear about the lamp but i sure am enjoying your photos!!! GREAT paint job on them and oh soooooooo clever too!!! Thanks for the goodies! Have a BEAUTIFUL day! :D

Luisa said...

Sorry for the lamp!, love your christmas decorations, man you are so talented ;)...

LouCeeCreations said...

Ooh a crafter all round aye! those santas are so cute...
It was the same with my lad lol! his feet were growing faster than the rest of him at one point, talk about tripping over!!!

Beth said...

LOVE all of your ornaments! You are a woman of 'many talents!' :-) At least with the lamp now you have an excuse to go shopping again right??? LOL!

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Bless him Kim - having four boys, I DO remember a couple of them going through this awkward stage of growth. Come to think of it, do men really EVER outgrow this stage? ROFL! Just kidding! Or, am I??? LOL! He, he ... *mischievious smile*

Hope you are having a DELICIOUS day and girl, you are just TOO darned creative and I do SO admire you ability to draw!!! AMAZING and how PERFECTLY sweet and WONDERFUL that your dad cuts everything out for you!!! WOO HOOOO, nothing like TEAM WORK, eh?

Owning a Christmas shop would be like a wee bit of heaven to me - EVER so MAGICAL, don't you think? Lucky sis!

LOVE your tree and I the lens flare is FABULOUS and really makes photos that much more special!

LOTS of GOODIES in your sleigh over here "Santa" and what a GREAT way to be able to deliver them without leaving home!!!

Leaving you some love girlfriend and thanking you for making SCRAPLAND a VERY magical place to be in this Christmas season!


Linda :)

Joy said...

you are so flipping talented... yikes.. thank you so much for showing them... have fun.

Vicki said...

Thanks so much to you & Luisa!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 04 Dec [LA 08:50pm, NY 11:50pm] - 05 Dec [UK 04:50am, OZ 03:50pm] ).

Being Mrs Miles said...

GAH!! I feel for the boy, that would be ME doing this too, haha! And I'm fully grown, but I'll NEVER be graceful - even Mr. Miles knows that.

Its that strangle/love ya feeling that wells up, for sure. Poor kid, poor you.

Your goodies are TO DIE FOR - ohhh I'm hoping I'll get to use them before NEXT Christmas ROTFL! Too durn busy!!

All your lil hangie things are sooo cute! Love love all the hybrid stuff - puts hallmark to shame.

I've got so much to catch you up on Girlfriend, but no time to. :( I promise one day soon, I'll just set 1/2 hr aside for YOU.

Hope you 'get it all done' - parcels unpacked, pkgs packed etc that comes with this time of the year.

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

TY so very much for these MARVELOUS pages!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is so absolutely adorable. Thank you so much Kim! You're very talented! Happy Holidays!

K2 Designs said...

Thank you for the goodies Kim! I found my way from Linda- Bon Scraptit!

Having a clumsy 12 yr old here I can SO relate! Thankgoodness you can do an insurance claim! Did the shop see it go crashing? Maybe they'd of offered to replace it..LOL.

Anonymous said...

How old is your son? LOL mine is 12 yrs old, and he is doing that very same thing. Bumps into everything, hurts himself accidentally on thin air, bumps his head on things that 'jump' out of nowhere! Bahaha... I swear he is growing an inch per day, so that accounts for the awkwardness

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good Afternoon Kim:)
My son went through that stage too.You didn't dare stand between him and his destination..or you would be flying.LOL I always called him my "bull in the china shop".Glad to hear there are more like him out there.LORL
Your crafts are soo cool!! Fantastic work! Wish I could draw even a tiny bit like you.:)
Thank you soo much for all you share..your gifts..your stories and the laughter!:)

Spit your coffee ..
Wet your pants...
Come to Kim's and watch her
On the floor laughing hard..
Kim you really are a card.hehe
Merriam Webster... card= a usually clownishly amusing person.

Okay..I am being silly..

Have a wonderful weekend.:)

Anonymous said...

love the qps......thanks a million

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the sweet brag book pages!!