Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Another Peak and some eye-candy

Oh Heavens- riding TAXI again today- aRRRGH, lol. When do schools go back??_ BWAHAHAHAHA. I'm more in the car the last two days than HOME- and we are only into day 3 of the holidays. Tomorrow is shopping and posting day as I have a few goodies I have to send tomorrow or they won't make Christmas day-lol. WOOOHOOOO!

Ok- lets get on the the next peak so long-


I'll ADD TWO TODAY as by Friday we won't have it all REVEALED if I just do one-lol


Mixed Overlays


 Mixed Ribbons and bonus white bow

And the two today are-


Odds n Sods


Gem Drops

And still 3 more reveals to go this week! Grab the BAG HERE for only $8 (over $40 worth in total)

And I played with my camera last night taking photo's of our tree - I didn't use AUTO!!!- WOOOOP WOOOP-lol, and tried to get some night shots so the lights showed up and am really thrilled at some of them- (some where real boo boo's)- but hey that's how we learn-lol.

I think it was Sherrie that asked how we decorate for Christmas here- well GF, just the same as you lol - we just don't have all the *white stuff* decorating out yards and windows like you do-LOL.

Here are some Close ups of the tree ( the full one was a little FUZZY- so will try some again tonight- hee hee)


WOOOPIE- don't you think it came out ok?- I'm so CHUFFED with it-lol


As you can see, our tree is rather on the traditional side- but Nathan has decided that our 14 year old tree needs REPLACING with something more modern- hahahaha, maybe NEXT year!


I love how the lights give off the *flare glare* too- makes it feel really Christmasy ( well not really a word but you get my meaning-lol)


OOOH I LOVE these! They were given to me by my Sister from her Christmas shop ( yeah My sister owns a Christmas shop-lol) and she knew I would love the *eclectic* style of him- he lights up and changes hue from red to purple!


The other one- but the lights were off as the batteries where flat- BWAHAHAHA- this one I got last year for my Bday, arent they GORGEOUS! OOOh I love decorations! lol ( just hate having to pack them all away!)

And I have to let you  know about this sale!

Melanie (Melanie Ann Designs or MelC as we know her too-lol) had gone EXCLUSIVE with DSO!! WOOOOO HOOOOOOO!

Welcome to the *exclusive* club GF!

She is having a HUGE Sale until Friday- 40% off EVERYTHING!!


And I Just LUURRRRRRRVE these-


How cute are these doodles! You can check out this kit HERE.


And I think this one has to be my Favourite! (maybe cause I have a boy??_ lol) But it's CRAMMED with some AWESOME elements - you can check it out HERE.

Ok, enough show and tell,hahaha- I have some GOODIES for you from my CT! YIPPPPPPPPPPEEEEEEE,


Some beautiful Freebie BB pages from Jazzy- you can pick them up from her blog HERE>

These Match my From Santa with Love kit- and I have some more tomorrow too- YAY!


And Beth used my Grab Bag goodies to make this AWESOME mini kit for you- I am SO using this tree for some cards! Thanks GF- You can pick it up HERE. 

Please remember to leave em all some love;-)

Phew- we've really had some good eye candy lately- lol. I'm off again as I am LATE for a certain *Blog train* and need to do some of it done before another reminder comes through- ROTF! ( ouch I am soooo bad at the moment at remembering everything- mmmmmmmmmmmm- all I want for Christmas is a FRESH brain- hahahahahaha). Till tomorrow- hugs and loves Kim


LouCeeCreations said...

Oooh I love that stitched ribbon tree by Beth :)
You are making me jealous with your tree, can't get mine up til we've done decorating as all the plastering and sanding is causing a lot of dust!! every time I think I've polished it settles again.. aah well nearly done.

Bunny Cates said...


Im putting ours up TODAY, *if I can get hubby to drag it all in from storage* lol...

Great candies this mornin' gf!


Judgirl said...

wow your ladies are so awesome ...the layouts wow ...thanks Kim for all the neat stuff... love the ornaments your sis got you ...

xashee's corner said...

i LOVE the layouts and your tree is a BEAUTY!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your grab bags (always do hehe) and that tree from Beth is AWESOME! Thank you soooooo very much for ALLLLLlll you share!! Have a GREAT day! :D

Mrs. Miles said...

ACK - WHY did i check 3 seconds before I'm headed out the door WHY WHY WHY, now I have to come for a second visit later haha!

Yep, here comes my hunny to haul me out the door haah

Cautcha Lookin' Images said...

I have something else for you sweetie, come to my blog!

Wow! Wow! Wow! Eye-candy indeed... those photos you took could make some awesome Christmas cards!!! GORGEOUS!

Jazzy said...

LOVE your BEAUTIFUL tree Kimmy..and those decorations your sister sent you are out of this world..Beths ribbon tree is awesome..thanks for passing it on..and thanks for comments on my blog and freebie..Angie said Im having a LIVE tree this year cuz she is putting it up!! Go Angie..LOL MY Christmas spirit is lost somewhere this year but I have to find it cause I have some grandbabies in my life this year that have never been with me on Christmas..hugs and lots of love meee

Beth said...

Wanna come over and put up my tree too???? Pwwwweeeeeeaaaase???? I guess that's our plan for this weekend.... you're ahead of me! Of course, we like to trudge outdoors in the mud, look at a bazillion trees, cut it down, shake it out... and then take it home and decorate it. I love that 'new tree' smell. LOL! HUGS to ya! LOVE your gorgeous tree!!!!

Crops said...

I am in awe! Those pic are a wonderful! I truly LOVE them all!!! How cool is it to have a sister that works in a xmas shop! You lucky girl!!!!!!
Those ornaments are GORGEOUS!!! I GOTTA GET SOME OF THOSE!!!!! LOL
Do ya need another sista??????

Bunny Cates said...

who blogged first today!
yea! take that !

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Morning Kim!!!!!!!!!!!!
TY so very much for the AWESOME pics of your tree & decorations!!!!!!!!!!!

Vera said...

I love those last two Christmas decors you showed there! :)