Tuesday, 2 December 2008

LATE and Hybrid Goodness

Only ONE day into the Summer holidays ( well Nathan's anyway-lol) I'm already riding all over the place- left here just before lunch and only got back here now(5pm)! ARRRGHHHH, I think I'm going to go COOOOKOOOOO- lol, OOOOPS tooooo late- I'm there already- BWAHAHAHA.

We got the tree up in stages yesterday- I was on and off the computer - but he snoozed so it wasn't such a bad thing-lol. But it's up and it looks soooo pwetttty.(at least all the lights work- HAHAHAHAHA) I'll take some photo's this evening to show you tomorrow.

My November CU grab bag will Disappear on Friday-

So I decided that I would add a little SNEAKY PEAKY product each day-lol


There is OVER $40 worth of goodies in this bag-


Yesterdays reveal- the Mixed Overlays-


Todays reveal- the Mixed Ribbons and bonus white bow.

You can check it out HERE and I will reveal another one tomorrow ;-)

And my girls have still been playing with my From Santa with Love kit- YIPPPPPPPEEEEEEE, we are having tons of fun with this one!

Missy Santahat (600 x 600)

ROTF- This is Silvia's new *Christmas Present*- her name is Missy- She's TINY and look at the little Santa's hat( it's the freebie one too!)- OMG this is just toooo GORGEOUS Silvia.

And you get some Pressy's too! WOOHOO-


TWO FREEBIE QP's to match my new kit! These are STUNNING! You can grab them HERE from Silvia's Blog ;-)

And Nett got creating too ( Nope- no Alpha LOL) but this STUNNING LO-


It's Goo's( Nett's nickname for her daughter) first Santa's hat- AWWWWW, man - tooo cute GF! Love the ribbon and string clusters with all the ornaments!

Remember From Santa with Love is still 35% off - you can check it out HERE.

OMG- just look at this. Remember yesterday I said that Loucee had a project she was doing and she would have something for you too-

She sent me these photo's a while Ago- but I have to show you how she used my Lovable kit to make these!-


WOOHOO- is that MY KIT?! Holey smokes- don't you think it looks AMAZING!

Here's Louise's description-

I made a concertina style card and laced them together with ribbon (used part of one of your tie me too!) I've added ribbons, charms, beads, gems and sequins.

And oh yes I made a gift box too!

card and gift box

Freakin AWESOME GF- you are mighty talented!

And this is what she has made today-

gift box


I'm making some myself for little *Sweety treats* for the family! SO EASY and SO EFFECTIVE!


wrappingpaper and tag

She made the wrapping paper and tags too! * can you see me doing the *I'm not worthy* bow here! Sheeeeee's AWESOME!

Thanks GF- LOVE IT!

lcc-Kim's card 2 preview

And if you pop on OVER to Louise's blog today she has this AWESOME CARD for you to print and cut- how simple is that! Don't you just LOVE the look of this one!

Please don't forget to give my girls some love- they've really worked hard and LOVE sharing these with you.

Until tomorrow, Much love and hugs Kim


Nett said...

Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn her hybrid work is AWESOME! I love that card she made with Loveable! I am so going to attempt hybrid when the kids are older LOL. I wont compare though ;) GORGEOUS!

Just enjoying a few minutes of some "me" quiet time and thought I'd swing by to love all over ya! MMMMMWWWAAAAHHHH!!!

pkdoll said...

I absolutely love the hybrid work!!! But I don't even know where to start or how to do it!!! Do you think I could get some lessons????hahahaha! LOOOOOOVE them! All the pages are so awesome.

LouCeeCreations said...

OMG... the puppy layout is oh so cute! I want one haahaahaa!
And I forgot about the concertina card I made, I am wondering how much stuff I have made with your kits lol! just goes to show they have so many uses!