Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Forever and always

19 years ago today I was getting ready to marry a *young man*  whom I had fallen in love with.  This young man not only became my husband, he was and is my best friend, the father of my son, the rock that holds this family together and the love of my life. The one that understands me better than I do myself, the one that makes me cry and laugh till I cry. The one that with just a few simple words can make me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. The one that I can see myself growing old with. Wayne, I love you more now than when we said *I do*, and these simple words are just so inadequate for all that you are, and for what WE are together. Happy Anniversary my love.


I used a few freebies that I downloaded yesterday and this morning to make up this *simple white space LO*, (Yup, I had only backed up my *CU tools stash* in the last back-up and lost my personal kits on the weekend in the crash.)

I used a Paper from Vera Lim's , A Walk down memory lane( changed the hue) and a overlay by NatashaNast. The flower and heart are from Vinnie Pierce. Word art from Val which I blended in the paper.

And there is a very special *present* that I used to make up that paper matt- my dear friend Mrs Miles made up this for me-( and for all of you too ;-)


I LOVE this and used it with a little type style on it to match the paper- and then blended it to form part of the paper design. Thanks so so much for this Barb, it really is beautiful and it WAS PERFECT and just what I needed to finish this off properly! MWAH!

And I made the LO into a Template for you all-


I've left the stitching, word art in there for you too.  http://www.4shared.com/file/65056714/331f9724/kb-foreverandalways_template.html .

OH my Gosh, Guys thanks so much for all your comments and for all the tips yesterday , trust me when I say that we are trying everything! It's a HD in a *casing* and the casing is fine- it has been put in a few computers to be tested but none of them are *reading* it- according to the tech guys it's the *reader/ or Head* that is damaged. So obviously when I turned it off- that was it- LOL. And honestly- I have been downloading like a frenzied mad woman yesterday- and I have to thank Scrap Girls, Commercial Use.com and The digi Scrap box for letting me re-download my last purchases. Thanks girls for your quick replys and help.

And man- I think my man has really lost it too- hahaha, I just got a phone call to say he is on his way home! HUH?- is the same work aholic that doesn't even take sick leave??- He's coming to take me to lunch! HAHAHA- Yeah, I feel like the luckiest woman alive at the moment. Hugs and loves to you all today- MWAH!

Monday, 29 September 2008

Cross the fingers and and the toes!

ARRRRGHHHHHH- Just popping on quickly to let you know that if you haven't BACKED your stash up in the last month or two- STOP READING and do it NOW!!

lol, Yup, you know what's coming ?- OMG, Friday afternoon ( after I dragged my sorry ass to the doctor eventually because I had gone stone deaf in the left ear!)- I decided it was time to do a back-up of my EHD ( last one was just over 3 months ago!!) YEAH, I hear you- but trust me 3 months on my calendar goes so fast!- and it holds ALL my designing stuff, new kits half done, arrgh- well lets just say EVERYTHING I use to do what I do!

So to cut  a long sorry story short - I turn it off ( it's working FINE at this stage people !!!) as I want to use Waynes computer to do the DVD burn as his is so much faster ( and I can carry on with my PC while it's busy- lol)- UHUM- and here is where it gets a little *scary*-

I plug it in and turn it on- NOTHING, - ARRGHH, Nothing! So I shout to Wayne who comes running thinking that I'm injured- lol, So he say's MOVE OVER- I'll do it ( you know that look that say's- sheeee' Bloody WOMAN?)-

ahah, NOPE, nothing- He can't see it either- It turns on- the light comes on, it even does the little start hum- NOPE, NADA, NOTHING!- So I don't even bother trying to search any more- I GET BUNNY on MSN (my Computer guru/muse LOL - HELP ME, So after telling Wayne to get over to read Bunny's instructions- which he follows- STILL NOTHING- !!!

So What does Bunny say- wanna guess.. ROTFLMAO-......... Oh hell- You screwed! lol - that was me- I packed out laughing hysterically, and even Wayne didn't have a choice but to join in.

I eventually told him to LEAVE IT- as it's already Friday night and we had our little trip etc the next day- I didn't want it on the back of my mind-( later for me IS BETTER_ hahaha) WEEELLLL, it's been to Waynes IT people at work- and NO they can't get anything to read either- so I'm now downloading, re-naming and trying to salvage stuff from my old back ups- but the last three months work is GONE! SO STOP READING ___ BACK UP BACK UP BACK UP- lol ( not giving up yet- it's being flown to JHB to a company that say's it can recover data off the disc- so cross those fingers and toes!!)

I'll be back tomorrow with some pics and eye candy for you - I just need to go save them from everywhere now- HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. ( yup, I still have my humour and I am still laughing)- but today it's SORT, SORT and SAVE SAVE!.

Sending hugs and loves Kim

(P.S)- my hubby DID make me cry on Saturday by the way- he went all out and for a man who hardly even buys flowers- MAN, he must have read a book on *HOW TO romance your wife*- because he sure as hell made up for years worth of *no roses and chocolates* in ONE DAY! - hee hee, details (ok well only some) during the week.

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Happy Birthday Silvia

AWWW- my dear friend and CT member Silvia is celebrating her Bday today- ( well she say's she's like Wayne and isn't tooo happy about it-LOL), so hoping this will cheer her up a little  - hee hee. Silvia I hope you have a fantastic day with the girls and that they spoil you rotten and that all that you wish for comes your way. May the next year hold good health, happiness and tons of love for you my dear friend! And yup, I'm going to make you wait till the end for a little pressy- LOL

Guys remember that the grab bag bundle will be GONE TOMORROW- so if you were looking to grab it while it's still at such a bargain- now's the time.

I thought I would REVEAL only ONE product from EACH bag- so you can get a feel for what is in them-

This is out the DOODLY BAG


And these are out the OVERLAY BAG-

(and for those that have bought it already- save this preview for your folders as I had the number 2 one in there-OOOOPS-sorry *blush*)


This one out the STRINGY BAG




CLOSE UP AT 100% for you-


and last but not least the ELEMENT BAG-


You will also get the EXTRA bonus product - which gives you 21 products to play with- ALL for only $19! and all CU ok.( the above are only a few of what is in the bags.- total value is $143!)

Well I got over my sinus headache but am now DEAF in the left ear- lol, feeling better, but man- I feel like I'm in a swimming pool and have water in my ear! Horrid- am hoping that my new meds will dry it up QUICK because I have a very important date with hubby this weekend- hahahaha. Been told that I have to be ready early on Sat morning( due to having to take Nathan to his hike club at 5am Sat morning)- MMMMM- it's eating at me to try and find out what and where- but the man is MUTE! And I've tried coaxing Nathan too-that didn't help, lol-  he said Dad got clever this time and hasn't said a word to him either- BWAHAHAHAHAHA. I think Wayne knows me too well! ;-)

And eventually- lol, SILVIA I know how much you love your kitty's and purple- so I made up this little kit for you- I hope you like it my friend.


I drew the little kitty's for ya and added a doodle frame and word art. there are 5 papers too. Love you lots girlfriend.

And for all those that are going to download this little gift- PLEASE just pop onto Silvia's blog and make her day by wishing her a happy Birthday ;-) MWAH.

you can get it here-


Until tomorrow- hugs and loves Kim

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

South African Heritage Day

AW- sorry I didn't pop in yesterday- Bunny sent her bad sinus headache MY way so she could go out- She did I tell you-lol. I crashed on the bed yesterday afternoon with some pain pills, but feel better again today! SPRING is not good for my poor nose! And the wind doesn't help me any either-. We are having gale force winds here today and today is actually a public holiday here- It's our National Heritage Day- but somehow it's been re-nick named to *South African BRAAI day*- lol. It's today the we are all supposed to braai to celebrate our heritage- UHUM_ I DON'T THINK SO- BWHAHAHAHAHA, not if we want to fetch our chops and wors in Durban at this stage! Actually if I stand outside today you might find ME in Durban too- HAHAHAHA.

A Braai is what Americans call a BBQ- yet it's an integral part of our culture- we braai sometimes 3x a week, it's a tasty, healthy fun way of cooking and socializing.


Chops and Sosaties, YUM! all cooked over an open fire on a grid.


And the sausage on there is called WORS - (vors). A braai is just not a braai without it-lol


And another traditional way of cooking on the fire is in the *tri-legged* pot.

Stews, Curry's and just about anything gets cooked in these and this usually takes a whole days socializing around the fire while it cooks SLOWLY -


OBVIOUSLY you have to have a good SA wine to sip while waiting for all this to get done- LOL. I got these pics from a South African tour and travel site- as well I have a ton of Braai pics- but NONE of the food side-just a lot of friends parting and having fun- LOL. You can click on the link if you are interested to see some more- they even have some recipe links too ;-)

Don't forget My GRAB BAG SALE- the BUNDLE is only up Till FRIDAY midnight( I will leave the smaller ones up till the 30th) but the special will be gone MIDNIGHT FRIDAY 26th; please don't miss it at this price- it's one hell of a bargain!


And look at these awesome CT goodies-

3 things (600 x 600)

This stunning LO is by Silvia ( whose BDAY is tomorrow-sssssshhhhh, I didn't tell ya-lol) and she is giving this away on her blog too-


WOOHOO- thanks GF! (image clickable)

MxVYba6jM0i1h7YY O-egU4a7N4Yn8PF0300

This Gorgeous LO was done by Croppy ( Carol) who made everything from the grab bags too-,


She also sent the QP from the LO she made- Thanks so much for sharing this with us Croppy! LOVE it- you can pick it up HERE>http://www.4shared.com/file/64255289/63ad976a/kb-CTcreation_Crops1.html

Jazzy made this wonderful BB page using some of my goodies and her wonderful word art.

Mother & Daughter

How cute is that pic!! And love the word art too- and YUP- one more goodie for you today-


Its the BB page and the word art ( both in separated png files) Grab it HERE>http://www.4shared.com/file/64255066/6e15731b/kb-CTcreation_Jazz1.html

Please remember to leave them some love when you download. And Now I'm off to spend a little time with my boys- it's nice to have them all home today ( as the weather is tooo crap for them to do anything else-LOL). So I'll just bug-em instead- hahahaha. Sending love and hugs Kim

Monday, 22 September 2008

And the winner is...

hee hee- you are going to have to wait till a little further down ;-P

OH my gosh, thanks so so much for all your wishes and congrats, and with the date actually drawing nearer it's sort of sinking in just how lucky I am. But the bugger won't tell me where I'm going! Where 'm I going?- I don't know, when 'm leaving? - I ain't certain- all I know is I am on my WAY- hahaha,

OK when I started to tell you I had no clue where we are going for our *getaway* that SONG popped in my head ( yeah you know that happens regularly- lol) Really telling my age now aren't I, well I was brought up on it- I remember my dad putting those HUGE earphones on my head as a kid (sheee's I think they were bigger than my head-lol) and making me listen for the *horses* , or some other sound in the background of the music. You getting there yet??- haha That song came from the musical Paint your Wagon. We did it as a school play too - I didn't have to learn the words- I already knew them off by heart- hahahahaha. I'm so grateful to my dad now and his love for music, as he installed that love in me too. My sister and I had our own *speakers* and we would each go and sit right in front *our speaker* and wait for my dad to play something for us ;-) Anything from blues, jazz, show tunes to the them modern pop. I even learnt a few 1950's tunes too- hee hee.

WOW- I'm rambling again aren't I-lol

Don't forget my GRAB BAG SALE is up and the BUNDLE will only be up for a limited time- so if you are looking for a great bargain = get it NOW>


You can check out all the others HERE.

AWW- and I have some super LO's to show you-

Anchors web

Boo just couldn't wait to play with the goodies in the bag- ( she sent this the SAME DAY- lol) Girl I LOVE that red and green , awesome LO!


This beauty is from Crops and she use some of Jazzy's word art too.


And this is from Doodle - LOVE that bow cluster! AWESOME!


this I got this morning- Tina it's stunning- she did it for a scrap lift Challenge and this is the *original LO*. Both used my Spring Passion kit and add-on.

hee hee, Am I torturing you enough yet- lol, well I'm going to make you wait just a little longer-

My CT have been making up some AWESOME freebie samplers with my grab bag goodies for you-


Pamela sent me this magical LO - I LOVE the dropping petals! And she has made it into a QP for you too-


You can pick it up on Pamela's blog -THANKS GIRL!! ( and LOVE the TUNES!!- oh man )

RB CU Sampler Prev

RENEE made this stunning mini kit- I just LOVE the colours- it's available on her blog too:-)


And Jen(Chaos Lounge) has this awesome cluster and papers for you to pick up! WOOOHOOOO- aren't my girls the best!

I've got a wonderful freebie from Jazzy and Crops too- but those I will be handing you tomorrow.

OK OK- here it comes-


( by Nathan's choice of LO - I copied them to my PC(with your names under them-) and let him choose the one he liked best - but that was only after he had told me they were *all mushy*- LOL)











CONGRATS Girl, and I must admit this photo speaks a thousand words on it's own.


Click for credits- done by LiviaY - STUNNING!! I will be getting hold of you in the next few minutes.

And you know I can't just let ONE winner go here- hahahahaha, yup you know me so well-

so the following RUNNERS UP will be receiving a RAK from me for their *runner up* LO choices-

RAROLE ( for this AWESOME LO)- I loved the special Journaling. (I need a contact mail addy girl- can you mail me - it's in my profile-MWAH)

LINDA WALTON (bobbysgirlforever)- for this amazing magical wedding LO

Thanks so much to everyone for playing with- It was SO GOOD for the soul to look at all these wonderful romantic LO's- gives you warm fuzzy's! Well this post took a while, hahahaha. Until tomorrow- hugs and loves Kim

Friday, 19 September 2008

19 on the 19th oh and 19 more

LOL, was that confusing enough for you?- You got your coffee, cold drink ready- hahahahaha. No don't worry there is nothing today to make you spit it through your nose.

This month my darling Hubby and I have been married 19 YEARS! I can't believe that it's been that long actually, it still feels like yesterday! And to be honest I love him more deeply now than when we got married. He has not only been my *other half*, lover, father of my son but also my best friend! The one I can't wait to phone during the day when something funny happens, or if something has peee-ed me off. The one I love going out with to have fun, and to share in all that I find important. I know I'm lucky to have found someone that not only compliments me but brings out the best in me too. OH and keeps my reins pulled in when need be- HAHAHAHAHA. So on the 30th of September we will be celebrating 19 years together ( well that's officially really- hahaha, we dated for 7 years BEFORE the big day!), But because it falls at the end of the month and things get a little hectic and crazy this side ( as well as a little *honeymoon getaway planned)- I decided to celebrate it TODAY with YOU. Being the 19th it seemed appropriate-

AND AND AND, here we go- LOL

To celebrate 19 years, I have made up 5 BRAND NEW CU GRAB BAGS- all have 19 products in!

And here they are-


The OVERLAY BAG- this has 19 new overlays to play with. and honestly they work out to only 26c each!


The DOODLY BAG - 19 LARGE hand drawn doodles to make elements etc for your LO's or kits. No blurred edges or strays!


the STRINGY BAG- well it has 19 Ribbons, bows and string in here. All are in their original form- PLUS the grayscale file!


The REALISTIC BAG- this was is also crammed with 19 REAL leaves, branches, flowers and petals! Also in the original and grayscale files. ( one in light and dark for ease of use.)


The ELEMENT BAG.- well I left the 19 off on this one- LOL, because you can produce a HELL of a lot more than that with this bag. It has WAY more than 19 files in it ;-)

BUT BUT and oh BUT- lol


As my CT told me- I'm off my rocker- hahahaha,

You can get the WHOLE LOT- all of the above - valued at $143 for only - Yup you got it, LOL $ 19!!. (That's over 440 mb of goodies,) - you will also get a BONUS kit download( a FULL KIT) in there too!

PLEASE NOTE the BUNDLE will only be up at that price for a LIMITED time only!

Here are some IDEAS of what you can do with the goodies so far- My CT have been so busy- I think I filled their hard drives- LOL


I LOVE this Romantic LO of Bonnie on her wedding day- she used the goodies from the bags- AND AND, Oh my gosh, she went and had me completely GOB SMACKED this morning! I GOT PRESSIES!!! I did, and she's sharing them all of you- they are BEAUTIFUL Bon, and I am now changing a LO I was doing for hubby so I can use them- hahahaha. MWAH. Pop on over to see what goodies Bon made me ( and you ;-)


OMGosh I just LOVE this LO- Love the bubbles with the words- she's reaching for her dreams! Nett wonderful job on this girl and that shadow work is just AWESOME!

Phew- trust me my girls have been busy and I have TONS more and they have all made GOODIES for you on their blogs too ( check out my side bar - all their links are there) and I will highlight them ALL during the week, because I think this post has had you with your cup empty already - LOL

AND- yup OH YEAH there is MORE- DID you make it this FAR??-

Well if you did- WOOOOHOOOOOO, because I am giving AWAY a $19 coupon to my STORE at DSO too!! YIPPPPEEEEEE, how do you get this one??-

you have to leave me a comment and a link to your favourite *wedding, anniversary, love LO from the DSO GALLERY. It can be someone elses, yours or just one that caught your eye! - but links must be left here on the BLOG (this post please) - not at 4shared. I will get Nathan to help pick the winner- lol. I will announce the winner on MONDAY MORNING.

And my CT are giving ANOTHER one away at DST later today too- so keep a look out in the *Happy place*.

Today I am going to do something that I said I never would, but I discussed it with a few of my girls and they decided it would be a good idea- I know there is a lot of junk out there and I am even very skeptical of buying from designers I don't know. I've book marked a few through their samplers and use them when I'm short of time.

So here is my First CU freebie ( and probably my last-lol)


BUT it's ONLY VALID FOR ONE DAY!!- (please note that when the link is removed tomorrow night (my time!)- I won't be taking mails for it , it will go directly to my store)

It's One Vintage styled overlay JPG 12x12 @ 300ppi and an extracted Butterfly that I made into a *vintage styled* one to match the overlay. You will see the extraction quality by the butterfly and the *previews* in the folder. I also added in the Grayscale butterfly so you can make your own colour ways with it.( SORRY link has expired),- PHEW- I made it! lol. Only took just over and hour and a half! Thank you for reading till here and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I'm going to spoil my man rotten as all this has left me feeling rather nostalgic and SOFT- hahahahahahahaha. Sending Hugs and Loves Kim

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

arty cardy crafty

hee hee, more like card crafty farty! hahaha- I was MIA yesterday as I had to get my cards finished for the DSO CARD SWOP by today so they would make it on time! AND WOOOHOOO- did I have fun- but oh hell, who's going to come help me clean up the paper mess- hahahaha. It's staring at me and I'm ignoring it for today. Bunny has really been getting into her Cards and crafts and has inspired me to dust off all my stash- SHEEEE's I forgot what I had! I got so excited looking at some of the paper scraps I actually FORGOT I had!- So I think I'm going to keep doing a craft day at least once a week(well OK- maybe once every two weeks with my schedule-lol) to get my hands full of glue again. It was really satisfying seeing the finished products and how they all just came together in the end. YAY!

So today I thought I would get you in the mood too. Christmas and all the other holidays are coming up and well with your digi stash's its really easy  to make your own too. And there is nothing nicer than receiving a handmade card made by someone special!


This is one of the finished Halloween theme cards.

I used, (template at bottom for correct sizing ;-)

*Heavy white stock(for my card base - 6x8 ) and black glittered stock card,

*Gold Ribbon from my stash,

*One patterned paper strip left over in my stash ( don't know which company it was from as it was just a scrap I had left - no marking on back)

*And the top strip I *remade* by printing over a base piece of paper ( instructions and photo's below)

*light white paper -for the card inner. (optional)

*Double sided tape squares, double sided thin tape( used instead of glue for card),

*Black fine liner and gold glitter glue.



I'd made my base and black matt, cut the printed patterned paper for the bottom strip- but had nothing that I liked to match it- for the top strip. ( we haven't got Halloween here remember-LOL)

SOOOO- I went hunting and found this DIGI paper by Natalie Malan- See Jane Scrapbooks as a freebie download- Loved the written paper- but wanted the tone of the paper I had in my stash( i liked the cracked look on it too) -

So I stuck the paper I had through my printer- printing Natalies over it- and it turned out perfect! So tip for you- use your digi stash to make up some interesting papers with your *paper stash* you find boring or don't use that much-LOL


I used my circle punch to make the little circles(white) for the accents - and drew some doodles on them with a black fine liner (after using pencil first-hahaha) - you could use stamps too ( but I haven't got to that spending yet-LOL)- or if using it Digi style- add a photo in it.


And this is the close up detail- I added the little gold accents in glitter glue- all the black matt squares are raised by using double sided square tape.

YOu going to give it a go too??- AWWWW, come on- it's fun honest- and you can see the rest of my cards and all the girls playing with HERE>

Thanks Bunny- this was really fun again! I had forgotten ;-P

And keep your EARS and EYES peeled here this week- WOOOHOOO, there is something BIG going down soon and also keep a check on my *counter* in the side bar! BIG partys coming your way- hahahaha, just a pitty we can't send the tequila through this modem huh??-

Ok guys , I made up the TEMPLATE for this card for you to try it out. You can do it Hybrid like me- or just do it digi and print it,


I have made 2 TEMPLATES in here- the one is the FULL CARD (6x8) incase you want to print the whole BASE of the card, or the 4x6 for just the front to cut and paste.

Grab it here


  and I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday, I'm working my tail off on this side at the moment- so will chat again tomorrow. Sending hugs and Loves Kim

Monday, 15 September 2008

Happy Birthday Mrs. Miles

A little birdy whispered in my ear this weekend that my dearest friend Mrs Miles is having a Birthday today! So I want to take this little bit of time to wish one of the dearest, most kindest and talented people I know a really fantastic day. I wish you nothing but happiness and joy my friend. And thank you for sharing your faith and talent with the rest of us so freely. You are an inspiration to me and even though we are miles apart- it feels like I am next to you someday's drinking coffee ( and wishing I was eating all those goodies you make-LOL). Happy Birthday Barb!

OOOOH- and looky what I got this weekend too- man I am LOVING these!


This fantastic striking LO is from Doodle- she used my Just Because kit- I LOVE IT! WOW.


And this stunner from Rosalie, she used my new Spring Passion kit

And this one too-


Sylvie sent me this- don't you just love the blocked papers! It's just awesome! Thanks so much. Remember this kit is still 25% off- but last day!!) so grab it before it goes up full price.

And now to some Birthday gifty's-

I made a little Birthday celebration kit in honour of Mrs Miles Birthday- and Jazzy joined me by making some STUNNING inspirational word art to match too-

Happ BirthdayMsMiles

Pop on over to Jazzy's blog to pick it up and remember to leave some love. (please remember our time differences- and check back if it's not up yet- Jazzy is probably still sleeping)

And here you go- HAPPY BIRTHDAY my friend- I hope you like it


you can grab it here- but I just ask that you pop on over to Mrs.Miles and just leave her a Happy Birthday message instead of a *thank you* to me ;-)


Hope you all have a wonderful Monday, mines been a little stiff and sore ( yeah self inflicted LOL), but that's tomorrows story-. Sending hugs and love Kim