Friday, 31 October 2008


Oh hell- I am sooooo late today,LOL. I'm still in my PJ's- and have an hour left to fetch Nathan and Deon and Loryn arrive in two- ARRGH, Can you say PANIC- hahahahaha

I tried to get my Colour Challenge stuff finished too- YAY, it's done! lol and you can come join me HERE .


Some brighter colours this month- and this is the Posting gifty that you will receive if you come play with me- wooohoooo. ( and I promise that on Monday all the Oct Posting gifts will go out- OOOPS)lol


SALE is still on including all CU goodies until WED next week- so don't miss it.

Want some hints and tips at's what's in the bags???- hee hee- of course ya do-


Using my Personal GRAB BAG- Luisa sent in this gorgeous LO!



KimberleyRae sent me this absolute stunner this morning too- LOVE the multiple pic display!! WOOOOHOO


Glam Tidings 01

And this cutie pie was sent in by Renee! How sweet is that pic! I love it-

And RENEE has some gifts for you on her blog too- (pss- a little tip- GUESS WHO'S BDAY it is ON MONDAY the 3rd!! lol- Yup Renee's!!) Don't we make a team- lol, hers on the 3rd and mine on the 4th! Watch out world we are hitting the town this weekend!! hahahahaha

Cluster Frame Prev

You can grab this stunning Cluster frame on her BLOG HERE.


Don't forget my CU bag is only $8 ( it has over $44 worth of goodies in it!)-

And I know some are a little weary of buying UNSEEN- ( but that takes all the fun out of it right??- lol) - yeah I know, so I thought I would REVEAL TWO items for you today ;-)


Some Lace for you to  create with- and I've given you a 100% close up to see it in detail too-



I LURRRVE me my lace- LOL

And I suppose these are the ones I really enjoy making the most- It's my therapy and I find I relax by playing with them- ( WIERD- I know Iknow- hahah)


Some Vintage styled patterned overlays- and I have decided with NDSD that will be TOMORROW( National Digital Scrapbooking Day)- I have made you a SAMPLER ( also CU OK)


Well I won't make it here tomorrow- hahahahahaha, YEAH, I'm actually just being honest- hangovers and bright computer screens just don't go down well together- I will leave this up until MONDAY- grab it here- 

Please note the paper is for PERSONAL USE ONLY!

OOOOH and hit the DSO BLOG LATER- it's HALLOWEEEEENY HUGE GIFTY TIME from all the DSO girls!! YUP- it's a huge present- please leave the girls some thanks as they have all had a hectic month this month- but managed to produce some AWESOME goodies for you- not only today - but the whole month!! YOU ROCK GIRLS!! GO DSO!!- mwah

Okies- I am now looking as tho I am fetching Nathan in my PJ's- BWAHAHAHA- no way's in hell- he can just wait a few more minutes- lol. I hope you all have a super duper weekend. Hugs and Loves Kim

Thursday, 30 October 2008


Oh hell's bells- it never RAINS it pours doesn't it?- hahahahaha, of all days the hosts decide to work on the server! ARRGH, and it made it extremely SLOW. Gosh- I'm sooo sorry some of you had so many problems in the store yesterday-

so I'VE EXTENDED THE EXTRA COUPON code for today too!


By using this code-  kb-HappyBirthday you will get and EXTRA 10% off today as well!

WOOHOO- you can use it more than once too if you want -  I hope this helps all of you that had problems yesterday-.

And THANK you all for my wonderful well wishes and Bday wishes and oh goodness all my wishes- LOL. MWAH MWAH MWAH and trust me- I'll be having a *few* for a lot of you too tomorrow night- HAHAHAHAHAHAHa.

Ok I've got to try and hurry as I have to get to my hairdresser in 30 minutes and I haven't even got in the shower yet- EEEEEEEKK, and then I have the dentist AGAIN this afternoon ( talk about a paradox here-  one I lOVE the other I LOVE TO HATE_ bwahahaha) - oh well, my own fault for leaving a chip so long- but it's good in a way as I found a NEW dentist yesterday ( yeah I was there yesterday too- BLAH) who is slowly replacing all my horrid *metal* fillings with WHITE ones- YIPPPPEEEEE. So that's what I'm getting done today- another two! WOOHOO- yeah I'm actually excited about it as now I don't have to worry about all those pics with my mouth WIDE OPEN  ( which is 98% of all the ones I have of me- BWAHAHAHAHA)-

Ok Lots of HINTS today to show you what is in the BAGS-

Out of the

PERSONAL use one-



Here is a STUNNING LO by Croppy

Little Girls Magic-1993RS

Who made this AWESOME freebie QP for ya too-


hee hee- you getting a BIG hint now aren't you-lol



And from the CU one-


Well it's a mix of both bags- but mostly stuffies from the CU as Jenni also made this AWESOME little MINI FREEBIE for ya-


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE leave my girls some LOVE- they have really worked so hard this last week for me and you ;-)

ANd I will have more goodies from them to show tomorrow- but if you can't wait- rather check their blogs- they are partying along with me-hee hee

So keep looking as there are GIFTS aplenty here for the next week! WOOOHOOOOO-


Don't forget this Great Deal too as you can get the AWESOME 30 PAGE BB Book free too. Trust me it's AWESOME and it's really great for Christmas gifty's and cards.

Ok- now I've got to get off my ass and RUN- hahahahaha

Here is a little gift for ya from me today -


Another cluster frame - but his time a doodly one that's a lot looser and a little fun-hee hee.    Hope you enjoy and I'll catch up with ya tomorrow morning again. MWAH

PS- the CU freebie will be removed later today because of time zones ;-)- so grab it QUICK if you haven't got it yet.

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

WOOOHOOO- here we go

*please read carefully for your extra gift*-lol


PLEASE NOTE THAT I HAVE EXTENDED THE EXTRA COUPON FOR ANOTHER DAY- It will now be Valid through the 30th October due to our hosts doing upgrades, the site is extremely slow- and now you will have time to do your shopping. Thanks so much for your patience guys- MWAH

PARRRTYYYYY, PARRTYYYYY, lol. WOW, can I just say that this has been an exciting week so far! There has been so much to celebrate and so much going on it's CRAAAAZYYYY- hahahaha. My poor CT team have been working their fingers to the bone, just as they did last year this time. Yup- it's MY time of the year to CELEBRATE- uhum- getting a year older??- yeah mmmmm, I'm still 16,18 and 21- well that's what my brain tells me anyway- and who am I to argue with it RIGHT??- RIGHT??- BWAHAHAHA, my body sometimes say's I'm 60 on some occasions ( and especially after a weekend like the one coming up- it's sometimes 90!)- lol. I love my Bday, I know others don't- but I really do as it's the only time I have an EXCUSE to act like an idiot without reprimand- hee hee, cause it's MY day- KWIM? Ok, I don't really need an excuse to act like a teen- I do that normally, but at least I CAN and my friends join me too- so it's always a FUN time for me and I think that's why I love them.

OK- enough waffling- down to business and some PRESSY's for YOU too- WOOOHOOOOOOOOOO!


WOOHOO- my BDAY SALE IS ON!! ( everything over $1 and this includes ALL my CU stuffies too)

and if you read my post from yesterday-

you can get 55% OFF TODAY ONLY- EDITED ABOVE- now valid until 30th OCTOBER(Yup, better grab that freebie from the last two days- as it has a little extra something in it for ya ;-)

*PLEASE NOTE* The coupon will NOT WORK on the GRAB BAGS.

And yeah- here they come-LOL


I have made a PERSONAL USE GRAB BAG that is FILLED with goodies to play and create with-

Total Value of bag is $14.50

You can grab it here for only $3


My monthly COMMERCIAL USE GRAB BAG - has 7 new kits ( all full ones) to create with. All QUALITY CHECKED for your peace of mind too.

$44 worth of tools for ONLY $8



If you take them BOTH as the BUNDLE you not only SAVE-

you will get this AWESOME ( and it is!!!) 30 PAGE BRAG BOOK FREE!!


How cool is that- my CT have worked HARD on this and its really AWESOME- I've already got my Holiday Cards sorted with this- WOOOHOOOOO. Thanks so much girls!! LOVE YA.

Want a tip or two do you??- hee hee, well I've used some of the goodies in my SALE preview and the girls have done some AWESOME LO's with all the goodies- ( as well as a ton of freebies) but I will get to all those during the rest of the week- BWAHAHAHAHAHA (*hint*- check out their blogs today-links are on the right)

But here is a little eye Candy to start the CELEBRATIONS off-

for Kim B-Day1 (600 x 600)

Silvia has used some goodies from my CU bag and my PU bag in this stunning LO- love it GF!!


And this stunner is by KimberlyRae- LOVE IT

And today I have made you a COMMERCIAL USE FREEBIE!- Please note that I will only have this link up for 24 hours! (ONE DAY ONLY)-


Two LARGE sized Christmas Trees with trim, for you to play and create with. They are in PSD and PNG @ 300ppi for use in all programmes.

You can grab it here- . I hope you have a great day- and thank you for celebrating my Bday week with me.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for MORE goodies and exciting eye candy. Hugs and Loves Kim

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Thanks so much

Oh my goodness guys,thanks soo soo much for all your well wishes and Congrats! And you can BET that I will be around for a few million more-. ( I'm a stubborn old fart LOL). You really made my day yesterday - THANK YOU!

OOOH and I have something very special to show you today too- Melinda Udy ( who you will all know from my *sweet Bella freebie and Sweet Bella overlays named after her *Angel Baby* daughter )- has decided to try her hand at designing and is Paying it forward.

This is a very special freebie kit-

Pink Hope, in memory of her Mom. For breast cancer awareness, and for those who have lost a loved one to cancer. For her first kit, this is really special and I wanted to share it with you today.


LOVE the elements and if you pop on over to Melinda's Blog now you can pick it up. GREAT JOB girl. Please, please remember to leave her some love, it only takes a second ;-)

And oh Goodness, my CT team and I are hectically busy getting ready for tomorrow- WOOOHOOOOO, are you ready for it??- lol

Don't forget that in the FREEBIE download from yesterday and today there is a special coupon gift extra for you to use tomorrow on top of the 45% SALE- so don't miss it ;-) *just a note that this coupon will not work on the GRAB BAGS*- and YEAH- you read that right- HAHAHAHA, GRAB BAGS... more than one and some GREAT stuff and fun for the rest of the week.!


Here is PART TWO of your download- Be sure to check back tomorrow for some EXCITING goodies and announcements too- Ok I got to run now or I won't have it all ready- LOL. I hope you all have a stunning day and thank you AGAIN for your continued support and visits. MWAHS, HUGS and loves, Kim

Monday, 27 October 2008


Grab that coffee and cold drink again- lol, WARNING- long post


OH MY WORD- WE hit one million hits yesterday!(check my counter in the left hand side bar)! WOOOPIE DOOOO!

How cool is that. It's something that I actually didn't even think of until one of my dear CT members a few weeks ago sent me a mail to say- HEY, you seen your counter!!!! OMG, I'm so excited about it- nuts hey??

I'm sooo THANKFUL for all your visits. If it wasn't for YOU, I wouldn't be here at all -

so I say THANK YOU for-----( *no not the music* this time, hee hee, you singing it with me now??)

.....But FOR

*all your wonderful comments left here on my blog and on 4shared - they are the icing on the cake and I LOVE reading them daily,

*for all your support and encouragement in helping me grow as a designer,

*for the wonderful friendships that I have made through this little blog,- each and everyone of them are dear to me!

*for letting me be ME, ( all of it, with the bwahaha's and the *censored* beeps-lol)

*for all your support that keeps me helping my out my family - and keeping the job that I LOVE so much!

*for all those awards that I have been handed out over the last few months - that I haven't had a chance to pass out again!

Girls, I am deeply honoured for all of them, there are so many of you that I couldn't name you all - but I have left you some thank you's on your blogs, I love all of you and thank you for keeping me inspired and in your thoughts when you passed them out! It humbles me deeply!

* My wonderful, funny, amazing, loyal, creative, lively CT TEAM, - most  have been with me from the start of my little designing career (over a year and a half!) - OMG, these girls are my backbone! They keep me sane, in-check and let me know that I can be a PITA (pain in the ASS) too- HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Nah, they are just *my spine* and I LOVE YOU GUYS! ( I'm sucking up now as you know you got a full week ahead- BWAHAHAHAHAHA)

* BUNNY- oh my golly, what can I say, I had to single her out here - besides being one of my best friends, Bunny has taught me everything I know too. Without Bunny's guidance and encouragement and words of wisdom , I wouldn't be here now either .- Love you girl, and THANK YOU.

So with the FIRST celebrations starting TODAY- I decided to upgrade my blog a little- haven't changed the header as I still my *angel with horns*- HAHAHAHAHAHA. somehow I don't think I could get rid of her as SHE is ME- hee hee. You like it??- or do you prefer it plain white like it was?

Ok lts throw in a LO  to break all this type shall we- lol


Don't you just LOVE this- Nett, did this using Bunnys and my I BELIEVE kit- she called it *learning to fly*- Oh man you are the master at extractions Nett- LOVE IT!

Lots of reading today- and I know that for those that will take the time to read further you will get a little something extra today to help you out this week- hahahahaha.

Yeah it's my BIRTHDAY BASH coming up this week too! WOOOHOOOO

Starts on WEDNESDAY the 29th October until the 4th November 2008  with 45% off my whole store! ( not quite my age- LOL, but I rounded it off to the nearest five- SSSSHHHHHH- hahahahaha)

but you better check the blog too as you know how much we celebrated last year right??- Well this one's just as good- lots of pressies and goodies daily- so remember to check for updates from TODAY! - YAY.

I made you all a freebie THANK YOU KIT, for my ONE MILLION hits-

and if you look inside the download there is ANOTHER gift for you to use on the 29th OCTOBER only ( it can be used ONTOP of the sale amount for my whole store- including all CU tools- but sorry not on the Grab bags that will be available too.), so don't forget to check the notepad inside!


I've made this into TWO download parts- you will have to come and fetch the second part tomorrow-lol. Grab the first one here- .

have you got this far?- hahahahaha,

well there is just something I have to show you-

Natal-Sharks 2009 Logo

THE SHARKS won the rugby!!! WOOOHOOOOOOO- lol, Wayne was sulking his Blue Bulls lost, and of course this is now going around in our mail boxes! BWAHAHAHAHAHA- toooo funny! GO SHARKS!!

Ok enough for today- wow, you would swear it's Friday not Monday the way I've been yakking today-, but remember to keep an eye out here ALL WEEK for all the news. Sending hugs and loves Kim

Friday, 24 October 2008

WOOHOO- and some gifties

YIPPEEE_ my man comes home this evening- OH my gosh, I've missed him! Hell, I'm actually getting used to waking up with the birds in the morning now to take Nathan to school- and that stinks!! LOL. I still sit and work late here and now getting up earlier is just making these wonderful bags under my eyes bigger- hahaha. Ok - not that bad- but at least I won't have to drink my own coffee for a while. Don't you find that coffee made for you by someone else tastes better than your own??- Well I know Waynes always does.

OOOH- we have a big rugby match on Sat and as usual it's Wayne's and Deons teams in the final, ( of course I'm routing for the SHARKS!!- as Wayne's team is the BULLS- YUGH, BLAH, SPIT PUKE- ROTF) Can you already see the teasing and ribbing going on??- It's been happening all week already with mails coming through showing the SHARK eating the bull- or the Bull spearing the SHark- lol. Can't wait- it's going to be fun. Hey Jen, not too many Jaggi bombs now girl!

And Bunny has deserted us again- I swear that woman wants to give me WHITE hair before I'm 45- LOL. NO, it's just that I've got to keep an eye out on the store or for anything that goes wrong- but most times it's me that MAKES the BOOBOO's- hee hee, I even got a mail once that said DON'T PUSH ANY BUTTONS- BWAHAHAHAHA- Love you too Bunny and hope you have a great trip with the girls- you have to check out the *pic* on Bunny's blog today- too funny.

AHH- and I have some more stunning eye candy today for you and a few freebies too- WOOOHOOOO ( yup I said a FEW-lol)

Belinda Loryn kit1 (600 x 600)

This gorgeous one is by Silvia ( and it's a QP freebie on her blog too)


And this beautiful LO made for her sister who has just had her first Chemo for Breast Cancer is from KimberlyRae. Such a great way to show your support girl- I bet she will love it!


And this little cutie is LUISA as a young girl- Luisa is also *un-officially* on my CT - she didn't have a choice- hahahaha. You will remember Luisa as a designer at DSO- she is on leave at the moment- trying to get her health back- and yup, I'm keeping her busy-


Don't you think this cutie looks like her mom?- Luisa did this LO of her cute daughter and made it into a QP for you too-


Thanks Luisa- MWAH


FREEBIE NUMBER TWO- This stunning QP is made by Bonnie for us- Thanks Girl- You can Grab this HERE-

Thanks Bonnie- another MWAH

Loryn is still on SALE @ 25% off ( not for long)- you can check it out HERE.

And it's my turn for TRICK or TREAT on the DSO blog- yup some more goodies to fill up that *halloween bag*-


I made a cluster frame for ya- You can Grab this one HERE-  and OH BOY_ my counter is getting close- and I know I don't blog on the weekends- so if it hits this weekend HANG ON TO YOUR PANTS on MONDAY- WOOHOOOO,

I hope you all have a stunning weekend, have fun, try and be good ( actually NAH- just be careful ok-LOL). Sending loves and hugs Kim

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Eye candy today

Running through today as I have stuff to get to a sort of impatient CT team- lol! And I have two new CT members as of yesterday- WOOOHOOOO, Hutchie and KimberlyRae, Welcome to our mad little team girls, and as you realised yesterday it can get a little scary - HAHAHAHAHA. The girls chatted so much last night that by 10pm my time I had got nothing done but did have a stomach ache from laughing so much! Thanks girls- you made my woney night a fun one.

So some great eye candy for you today- All using my new Loryn Kit- it's still 25% off ( but only for another few days).

Hutchie was fast off the blocks and sent this stunner called Deeply and Resolutely

Hutchie-Deeply and Resolutely 

WOW WOW WOW- How fresh is this page- LOVe the cluster and she is such a cutie too. Thanks so much!


PK Doll (Paula) sent in the this very emotional LO too- LOVE the photo work- it's so dramatic- LOVE IT!


LOVE this photo Crops- WOW and the flower cluster is just stunning!


AWWW- now this LO reminds me of the Vintage chocolate boxes- I think it's the stunning photo Pamela used- Great blending gf!

And Pamela has a super QP for you on her blog too-


You can grab it HERE_ and please remember to leave some love ;-)

And this is just brilliant extraction work from Bonnie- she did a LO of her *10th anniversary weekend*


LOVE it and you two look like TEENS! lol. ( there's a QP too but I will let you know when it's up ;-)

Sorry so short today- but I now have to run to fetch Nathan from cricket and he has his end of the year Prize giving tonight ( and apparently is getting one too-lol)- So till tomorrow- hugs and loves Kim

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Getting there-lol

I honestly feel like I've been chasing my own tail this month in a way- always seem to be playing catch up- Just pictured my own dog going around and around in circles-Bwhahaha. But with a puter crash, friends arriving from Cape Town, my own little holiday this month it sure has seemed SHORT. I'm nearly there with getting all my stash back (YIPPPEEE) and am busy with the finishing touches to a few new goodies too - hee hee, yeah I'm not saying a WORD till a little later ;-P .And Deon and Loryn have confirmed that they are on a flight to Port Elizabeth next Friday- WOOOHOOO, It's my Bday weekend so they have made a plan to visit AGAIN- how cool is that- twice in ONE MONTH- lol. I'm so CHUFFED ( thrilled) and it's my Bday present from them- what more could a girl ask for !- UHUM_ BUNNY???, CT TEAM???, YOU ????  doing anything next weekend??- HAHAHAHA.Oh hell wouldn't that be a good one to put down in the *history books*-LOL

- just remind you that my new the Friends series-LORYN is in store now-


25% off for a limited time only-

And some more eye candy for you today- HOW AWESOME are these-

girls loryn kit (600 x 600)

Another stunner from Silvia- LOVE that cluster title on the side! DIVINE!

I Love Tyler

This striking LO is by Beth- I LOVE that photo! Man he is just tooooo CUTE-


I LOVE LOVE LOVE this *soul searching LO* by Nett.


This is just BRILLIANT! I love how Renee used the leaves to make the arched framing! STUNNING clusters gf!


And Silvia made us this AWESOME matching QP from yesterdays! YAY- we have a 2 pager-lol. Please remember to leave Silvia some love when you take it ;-) Grab it HERE. Have a stunning day- Hugs and Loves Kim