Monday, 5 January 2009

Getting back

Well I've just said goodbye to Deon and Loryn a few minutes ago, and Wayne left for work this morning too. And this is the FIRST time since the 19th Dec 08 that I have had the house to myself! WHEEEEEEEEEEEE- lol. I'ts QUIET- ssshhhhhhhhhh, YUP, nothing - listen again- hear it??- SILENCE- hahaha. Oh gosh I LOVE my friends and family but sometimes I need to recharge my own batteries with SILENCE, the quiet that will let your brain just REST( my throat and mouth too-hahaha).

So today is the first day I have managed to get near the computer for more than just the *read the mail* and say a quick HI. My fingers are ITCHING to get going again - and this week will be spent doing the clean and sort too! WHOOOOOOOOOOPIE! lol (was that actually me getting excited about CLEANING- BWAHAHAHAHA- yeah, me- ooooi!)

OMG- BUNNY, I just opened a *Butterfinger* bar and am now trying to eat it SLOWLY- , IT's tooooo YUMMMMMYYYYY- mmmmmmmm, THANKS Cow (said with affection people ;-)- now I won't be able to resist trying the rest either- hahahahaha.

We've had a really CRAZY 2 weeks and I think it's going to take a while to catch up on some sleep- but I promised you some photos, so thought I would start with the Wedding on the 30th Dec ( yup a day before OLD YEARS NIGHT PARTY- ouch)

Grant and Landi have been a couple for a while and moved to Johannesburg a few months ago- She discovered she was pregnant so they came back home to have a wedding with all the family and friends ;-)


Grant and Landi just after the Wedding ceremony- it was set in a garden,


the chapel even had NO SIDES and was open to the bush and elements on either side- BEAUTIFUL!


Deon and I in our finery outside the chapel (sheee's Bunny and I'm still eating the chocs- lol)


Wayne and Ant in the garden after the Ceremony drinking cocktails while we waited for the Bride and Groom.


And of course it all doesn't stay soooo *posh* with us and this was taken at the reception ( Wayne trying to grab what he shouldn't in public- HAHAHAHA)


mmmm- no comment- LOL, I love the earrings- BWAHAHAHAH


lol- Deon and Roche didn't realise that Brenton was behind them - and he was quick to jump in behind people I aimed my camera at- lol


Yup- AGAIN- lol.


We had just started our Dessert and it was a chocolate mousse set in a solid chocolate cup - Roche tried to of course use her spoon to crack it as a lady would - but a piece flew off her plate and down her CLEAVAGE- ROTF, Brenton sitting next to her was so quick - he grabbed a knife and fork and said * oooh Let me cut that for you* and preceded to put a napkin in her dress at the same time - hahahahaha.

The people heard us laughing at the other end of the venue of course and we were also the last to leave! I was EXHAUSTED the next day which was also the start of the old years night party- but those photo's will come next- hahaha.

I'm glad to be getting back and can't wait to get photo shop open to start creating.

I hope you all have a stunning day and don't forget my freebie kit- FRESH POSIE


You can grab it IN STORE HERE- WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Until tomorrow- Hugs and loves Kim


Anonymous said...

Ghee Kim
Thanks for inviting me into your life - you are such a vibrant person - I love the way you relate to a picture etc. Sounded like you had a lot of fun

Vicki said...

Love the photos! Looks like you had great fun!!

Bunny Cates said...

Yay, Im glad my package finally came. :0)

those photos are pretty and um, FUNNY!


just poured my first cup of coffee. The kids just left for school, and the house is sooooo QUIET!


Danyale said...

I'm with you chicks.....quiet. Kids are finally off, and no coffee, scrappin, and blabbing. Love the photos, my hubby was saying goodbye, and he said "that looks like our friends!" I swear we have pictures and similiar stories....isn't life funny like that. Thanks for sharing, and love the kit!

Kristine said...

Julie is off to school and the house is SILENT!!!!!! sheer heaven.....:P

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

So GOOD to see you back!!!!!!!!!!
TY so very much for sharing the AWESOME photos!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You all look like you have such fun!!! You looked lovely, Kim. Thanks so much for sharing all the great photos!

Angels Digi Scraps said...

Good Morning and Happy New Year to you girlie!! Congrats on being the Designer of the Month too!! How cool is that??! I absolutely love this fresh posey kit!! But then again I love all of your kits!! LOL. You're so talented and always a pleasure to read your blog and be your friend! I hope that you are enjoying the peace and quite in your house!! I so know what you mean about it. Try having a 2 1/2 yr girl screaming through the house all day, ugh!! LOL. By 6pm I'm so tired of the screaming and yelling that I can't wait for her to go to bed, LMAO!! I'm sorry I haven't been by to leave comments in awhile, but I do pop in now and then, just don't always have the time to say hi at that moment. LOL. You know how that is. Take care and chat with ya soon.

xashee's corner said...

WELCOME BACK! it sure looks & sounds like you had a BLAST! lol Thanks so much for sharing your photos! hope you have a WONDERFUL day cleaning & creating!! :D

Elaine Bittencourt said...

that's a great freebie, thank you!

Thanks for sharing the photos, I love your dress! You have a great smile! =)

Stefanie said...

I have another week of DH @ home and another 2 of children underfoot, can't wait for back to school though.
Thanks for the freebie, I used it to make a computer desktop you can see it at

Mrs. Miles said...

Oh my GOODNESS Kim, its the SAME here, Mr. Miles started school break about the same time and JUST went to work today, every day has been FULL to the rafters so my mind has been like as if it were thrown in a blender ... on HIGH (not a pretty picture, I know)

I am still trying to digest. I'm having to turn the radio to make some noise in this empty, quiet house. Time to get sorted out and caught up.

Your photos sooo funny - thx to your detailed journalling its almost like being there with you (shhh.. they will KICK US OUT, Girl!)

Kim, you look just LOVELY - nice to see some new photos of you. You are so photogenic!

Love ya,

Marta said...

Sounds like you all had a great time! Thank you for the lovely freebie!

Andrea said...

I'm enjoying some peace & quiet too with the kids back to school today! LOVE having them around, but it's also nice to have a little quiet time, esp after all the holiday hoopla!

Awesome & FUNNY pics!!! What a beautiful bride & wedding garden! Sounds like y'all were rockin' the party!!

oh and my hubby has grabby hands too sometimes! hahahaha That pic is HILARIOUS!!!

Love your fresh posey kit!!! HAPPY DAY!! :)

Luisa said...

Seems like you have a Great time!! Good for you, The wedding looks beautiful and you always so funny!! Thanks for the super freebie, and Congrats on the the Designer of the Month!!

LouCeeCreations said...

just popped in to see ya, whilst I'm having a quick breakfast in between work!
LOVE your photo journalling... great pics, looks like you all had a scream! what a way to end a year.

Jenni said...

HAHAHA - love the photos, they are so funny and full of life! YAY, glad life is getting back to normal, me too- almost, family finally leave on Saturday and kids go to school soon too, then life will be back to normal. Love your freebie, especially the doodly bits!

Bonnie said...

Hey Kim! happy 2009! Sounds like you have had a great time and the wedding pics are great!I had a laugh about the chocolate flying off into her cleavage! I am getting back to normalcy too although hubby is still on leave until Monday. And the kids on holiday for two more weeks, then things will really be back to routine!

Jazzy said...

Sounds like you have had a busy fun time for the past few weeks..know you are glad to be back to normal..even fun gets tiring after awhile LOL..posey kit is awesome just love it..hugs

Anonymous said...

Lovely! Thank you!

Bren said...

HEY KIM - I am a big fan of your scrapbooking blog. I was curious to if you made that background for the personal photos you added for the blog ' Getting Back'? Did you make the rolled / tattered looking edges? Thank you for sharing your creativity on the web. I am very new to scrapbooking digitally. Stop by and see my garden in the Midwest sometime?!

Tina Janelle said...

Kim, Thanks for the fun on your blog and for the beautiful freebies that you give away. The little bird from you Fresh Posey kit was the perfect addition to the layout I did of my granddaughter, Anna:
Have a Happy Day!!