Wednesday, 7 January 2009


WOOHOO- Oh my gosh- yesterday was my first FULL day to myself! I LOVED IT! lol, but now am already missing my friends- how weird life is.

I spent the day tiding some folders on my PC, made a new DSO Fan Blinkie to match our stunning clean and NEW SITE!! (Grab it on the right hand side of my blog and if you wear it you can win a $5 GC to the store- WOOOOP WOOOP) Just remember to save it to your own PC ;-)

Have you seen it?? HAVE YOU???-


LOVE the clean funky fresh feel and the gallery is up and running full steam ahead too! Check it out HERE.

And the Challenges are in FULL swing too! There are some STUNNING Posting gifts to get this month- Don't miss the fun you can check it out HERE>

I'm GOING to do a few myself this month ( I'm making myself time to SCRAP this year- hee hee- well I'm really going to TRY)- so come play with us.

And YUP- I'm busy with my Jan CU grab bag too- lol, it's coming, it's coming.

I showed you the wedding pics on Monday- and here are some from a COCKTAIL sundowner day at Charmaine and Donalds who had come down to visit family and friends too. OOOOIH, things got a little rough as usual- hahaha


UHUM, Charmaine shouldn't that cocktail go in your mouth- not down my cleavage???- lol


FOOD??- there's FOOD! Not liquid??- hahahahaha, you can see how we tucked into the snacks when they came out the oven and fridge- lol


Mint anyone??- lol, I was asked to make some Kim cocktails as Donalds STUNK- hahahaha, so made one with mint in- Ant and I kept getting it stuck on our teeth- well no-one could complain about *bad- breath*- hahahaha.


Toooo many Kim cocktails and the pool table becomes a dance floor- ROTF. Wayne and Ant where the first ones up.


Nice hat Charmaine- hee hee, yeah that's the Pool tables triangle for the balls.


OOOOIH - one tequila, two tequila - three tequila -FLOOR!  hahaha- Girly giggles and hugs ;-) ( well ok - more like Stomach belly laughs)

And this was just before the wedding too! I'm drinking WATER this week to flush my poor system out- hahahaha. As you can see we all had a good TWO weeks revelry.

I used Bunny's photo trims for the frames on the pics ( a fav of mine). Now I'm off to finish some goodies in Photo shop- boy it's nice to be creating again. WHEEEEEEEEE.

until tomorrow- hugs and loves Kim


Unknown said...

good morning Kimmie!

Vicki said...

LOVE, love, love the photos! You look like you are having way too much fun!! LOL!

The store makeover is gorgeous and I will go display your new blinkie now.

Hugs xx

Kristine said...

Love the pictures Kim! You have me howling here!!! ROFL!!!!

So instead of Mint Juleps you were having Mint Jelly Tots?! WAHAHAHAHAHA

xashee's corner said...

LOVE the pictures!! WAYY fun! Thank you for the new DSO blinkie! Sure am looking forward to your new grabbag! hehe Have an AWESOME day! :D

LouCeeCreations said...

Bunny's photo trims are my faves too..
Normally when you get something green on your teeth,it's from eating lol!
your pics really show the fun and love in your life.

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

OMGosh girl, if you are not the HOOTIEST!!! ROFL! I SO needed a GOOD bit of laughter this morning and I've come to the RIGHT place to find it!!!

I'm SO glad that you had SO much FUN and EXCITEMENT and I thank you for sharing it with ALL of us in SCRAPLAND darln'!!! Your photos are TOO much FUN!!! Gosh, I feel like I've known you for years!!! He, he ...

DSO has NEVER looked SO good and a CLEAN, FRESH start is ALWAYS nice, isn't it? Uh, huh ... I'm having one of those as well via my failed hard drive and anticipation of a NEW one arriving today or tomorrow!!! I've been fortunate in that I am recovering ALL of my CU files and design files from Mozy Online and I'll have you know that Flerg's glitters and my HUGE Kim B file were the FIRST to get restored!!! LOL! Both of you FABULOUS ladies make me SHINE!!!

I shall be MOST happy to be back in Photoshop today as well and I am already on PINS and NEEDLES (OUCH - maybe that should be, On the edge of my seat!) awaiting your January GRAB BAG!!!

WOO HOOOOOOOOOO ... Kim B is back in the house! It's PAR-TAY time in SCRAPLAND!!!


Love and hugs,
Linda :)

Being Mrs Miles said...

You have entirely TOO much fun, my friend. Haha, I live precariously through your antics. Its always fun coming to see what you've been up to.

The mint in the teeth is worth 1000 words. You little beauty queens you!

LOVE Bunny's photo edges - they're AMAZING!

Ayep, your teeth look good, no swelling of the throat (well your mouth IS wide open there haha!)

I'll be back for more.

Being Mrs Miles said...

PS - I can't remember how to put a blinkie on my blog, even tho I have one of my own. Splain it to me and I can add yours.

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Good morning Sweety!!!!!!!!!
TYFS these AWESOME photos!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

DSO looks wonderful...and of course I've already spent some loot there.

I wanna come live next door to you!!! How much fun you always look to be having :-)
Thanks so much for sharing the good time....

Unknown said...


Andrea said...

y'all look like you're having TOO MUCH FUN! HAHAHAHA

Love the WILD pics!!!

can't wait to see what's in your new bag!

Jenni said...

HAHAHA, love those pics!!!