Friday, 16 January 2009

Last Chance

hee hee, thanks for all the story's on the FROGS- lol. I've been giggling and laughing every time I got a new comment! And Waynie KNEW when I grabbed the camera he would be splashed on my blog- lol. He just doesn't have a say in it- full stop- hahaha. No , actually he's a good sport and laughs at his himself as much as I laugh at him too. ;-)

Yesterday I had no electricity in the morning ( thanks to road works and construction at the bottom of our street- ARRGGH) so had a real good morning doing errands- and then spent the afternoon fetching and carrying Nathan around too! I love him being at home- but BOY talk about playing TAXI in the last few days- he only arrived home to go OUT all day- hahahaha. Oh to be a teen again.

And it's like Christmas here again- I managed to drag my sorry ass to the post box EVENTUALLY- lol and found it FULL of GOODIES!! WOOOHOOOOOOOOOO- I was sooooo excited, anything that doesn't have SA on it means it's from one of you and that is just beyond AMAZING! Check this out-


CARDS- I got CARDS!! WHEEEEEEEEEEEEE- thanks so much Jazzy, Crops and Mindi!! These honestly made my day yesterday!



A PARCEL with the envelopes!! WOOOOOOOOP WOOOOOOOOP! Judy you shouldn't have girl, but I swear I had soooo much fun ripping that paper off as you seem to have the same love I have for TAPE- bwahahaha. It took a KNIFE and a lot of pulling and tugging to get it open- ( STOP LAUGHING CROPPY- hahaha) I looked like a three year old trying to get in there ;-)


It was FULL of goodies that I can't wait to try!! Tortilla chips, coffee, some crafty goodies and a dear little fabric bag with gold ribbon-PLUS


I LOVE the Canadian Wildflowers- they are papers that I can grow!! How AWESOME! - and this was what was on my little red bag-



This to me was SOOO special that I want to send one to people I hold close- how CUTE and what a WONDERFUL IDEA!! The bag held EVERYTHING that was written on this tag- (it's all back in now for safe keeping ;-). But Judy this was really special- thank you soooo soooo much for my presents- I LOVE THEM!

Now on to a little business- lol

Last CHANCE to grab my JAN CU GRAB BAG-

it's GONE at midnight tonight!!


Don't MISS it- it really is full of top quality designer tools and goodies and is worth $40 when up in the store FULL PRICE!

And my dear friend Jenni Rousseau ( Chaos Lounge) is BACK!!! YIPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-


She is selling at Enchanted Studio Scraps which should open later TODAY.

She also has a super duper FREEBIE on her blog- For her  Pixie Pouch Challenge at ESS,


Pop in and read all about what's happening here on Jen's BLOG! - And WELCOME BACK JEN!! WOOOOOP WOOOOP!

OOOH and Bunny has some really great creative CLUBS going over at DSO-

Project 365 - I Club -Members of this forum will receive daily photo prompts and at least ONE template/ set per week {52 Projects}.

A Year of Projects Club - Members of this forum will receive at least ONE hybrid project a month {12 Projects} including a GUIDE, and bonus accessories*

The Year of Moments Club -  Members of this forum will receive at least ONE Layout idea per week {52 Projects} including a template, and bonus accessories

FUN FUN FUN way of getting those projects and LO's done this year! To read more about it- Check out Bunnys BLOG HERE ;-)

That's it for now- I've finished off my kit last night- YIPPPPPEEEEEEE, and now need to do some *admin* lol. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I'm hoping mine is going to be RELAXING- hahahahahaha. ( yeah- I did say HOPE). Until Monday- hugs and Loves Kim


Bunny Cates said...

omg Kim, you dont have tortilla chips over there?! omg, girl, you gonna get sooooo freakin fat when you come to visit. LOL....

Jazzy said...

WOW I'm actually first..Looks like you had a second Christmas Maybe it was good the mail was slow! Glad you had fun opening your goodies. Have a great weekend Loves ya

Jazzy said...

Whoops well I guess I'm actually second..looks like miss bunny beat me LOL

xashee's corner said...

oh how COOL!!! how much FUN is it that those packages and cards came after Christmas, just making the season S-T-R-e-T-C-H!! LOVE IT!! Grow a paper? hmmm. i never heard of that lol Sounds interesting!
i got your grabbag and it is chockFULL of AWESOME designer goodies!! Now i just gotta find my mojo again! hehe
Thank you for ALL that you share! Hope you have a RESTFUL weekend! :D

Judgirl said...

have an awesome weekend ...and I will be going over to check out all the specials at DSO. Thanks for sharing


angelfaye said...

Fabulous posting as usual! Great gifts for you from your friends - i especially love the li'l bag!

Anyhoo, I have an award for you over at my blog!

Crops said...

LMAO.... you deserve all that tape!!!! I still have nightmares of all tape you sent me....LOL
Have a wonderful weekend, I am sure you will have a great story come Monday.....hahahaha


Mrs. Miles said...

Haha, hybrid acoming on, right? A little old TAXI sign one could plop on the top of the auto? After all, you might as well make some extra cash ferrying the boy about! *snort*

Love the way you say that... 'fetching' him all over the place, here we would say 'ferrying'

Ah, that Judy, isn't she the sweetest? Its ok, I'll share!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend, my friend.

PS (for Wayne) Ribbit Ribbit haha!

Amy W. said...

I think it's hilarious that you got the cards in the post as I just finally sent yours (super late) today! LOL! It's got some cute stuff in it and will be followed sometime by an actual parcel (with my time line I figure by next Christmas at least- HAHAHA!). Glad you're getting such lovely gifties!
Giant Hugs!

Jenni said...

Morning!!!Thanks so much for the pimp, so much for the break from designing LOL!! Have a great weekend!!!

Giovana Samara (a.k.a MsRed) said...

Hi, Kim.
I was supposed to have done this before, but it's never too late. I did something... I made a QP from that beautiful collab kit they made for you on your birthday last year (Gratitude) and I posted it as a freebie on my blog ( I credited ALL designers both in the post and in the TOU inside the zip file...

Do you think it's okay? If it's not let me know and I can remove the post!

Thank you in advance,

Giovana Samara
a.k.a MsRed