Monday, 12 January 2009

Lobster and some pimping

hee hee- now that is how I LOOK today- arrrghhhh, and itchy to boot! lol. Went to the beach with hubby on Saturday with my book and didn't THINK ( yeah yeah- I'm blonde I tell you) to put on extra sunscreen as we weren't planning on being long- a little walk- check out the fisherman and see what they were catching, plus just having a few quiet moments together- but it was sooooo nice with a cool breeze we sat down and I pulled my book out- BAD mistake- hee hee, I was soooo involved in it- that is was Wayne that eventually said- sheeeeeee's we have to go, you are getting burned!! No shit Sherlock- LOL. My own fault- now I have STRIPES down my legs and a weird neck tan from reading- hahahahahahaha. I'm photo sensitive and come out in hives from any sun burn ( including driving in the car!)- lol, so you must KNOW how irritated I am with myself today- someone pass the camomile and cortisone- BWAHAHAHAH. Anyone else allergic to the sun or UV rays?? I'm fine in winter as the sun isn't strong then - but really battle in the summer- especially staying in South Africa and being an outdoors girl too.

Don't forget my January GRAB bag is up and will be removed on Friday midnight-

There is $40 worth of goodies in there ( all CU ok!) all for $8 and they are all full kits too.


My CT have made a few goodies and hints- WOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOO,

Missy1 (600 x 600)

AWWW- look at that little sweet thing- this is Silvia's Missy- isn't she adorable!


hee hee- I JUST LOVE the photo's in this- tooo CUTE Crops- she used goodies in my bag as well as Bug-in and Word Art by Jazzy

And there are a ton of Freebie kits using some of these goodies in my Colour challenge! WOOHOO- GO GIRLS!

KimBCCFreebie ChaosLounge

From Jenni

lcc-soft fushiapreview

From Loucee


RB Coll Preview

Both of these by Renee- WOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOO- so jump into the forum and see what other exciting goodies are there too!

live wellrs

Jazzy did this stunning LO using the bag and some of her awesome New Word - Tiny Love notes - check these out-


Love these and they are on Sale at the moment too- perfect for Valentines day or any LO that needs a little sentiment.

And WOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO- Beth has got a kit in store!

I'm so excited to see it and I even spent all morning playing with it ( hee hee- should have been *working*- but couldn't RESIST)

It's called Autumn Splendor- 25% off at the moment.


and if you buy the kit you can get a FULL co-ordinating BRAG BOOK FREEBIE from Beth too! How cool is that!

Check out her blog here for a freebie add on and all the details.


I saw this stock photo a while ago and then the word art blog freebie from Kathy Winters and just couldn't resist using it with this kit!

Beth let me make it into a QP for ya too! YAY-


You can grab it here- Please remember to leave my girls some love for all their hard work ;-) Until tomorrow- Hugs and loves Kim


By Dezign said...

I love that LO and left you some love at DSO

Mari Romualdo said...


Unknown said...

no love for the Bunny today?
My CC crap uses your bag (I think)...
and yet not a peep?!


~*~giggles off to the shower~*~

xashee's corner said...

i LOVE your layout and ALL the WONDERFUL things made by your grab bag!! AND your qp is a BEAUTY!! Thank you so much for ALLLLLLLLLLLL that you share and allow to be shared!!! Have an AWESOME day! :D

Vicki said...

OUCH! Sunburn! OUCH! I don't envy you! Some gorgeous LOs there!

Being Mrs Miles said...

Bring on the hot garlic butter sauce... ROTFL, you lil lobster you! But really, OUCHIE. That hurts. It sure does creep up on ya. Must have been a good book.

Kim, have you ever tried plain old vinegar on your burn? I know, I know, its TOO simple, but it really does work best!

Not allergic here, thank goodness! But I'm also not fake and baking in the winter anymore too... want to preserve what bit of good skin is left in the next 50 yrs of my life. I WILL sunbathe reasonably this summer, but not like when I was young and foolish... haha!

Your GB is fab-o (to use AmyW's good word) and I think there will be many great things come of it!

Loooooooookkkkk at Silvia's lil dog-fing... awwwww I just want to squeeze it so bad! Too darling.

Gorgeous freebies coming out... everyone's doing terrific work.

Jazzy's layout is so soft and beautiful. So is the young lady IN it.

And Beth, well BETH... her Autumn Splendor is STUNNING - and a nice to have to finally get back and scrap some of those fall layouts that have been beckoning from my EHD!

LOVE the QP! Why, that Kitty is BIGGER than Silvia's dog, I bet!

Have a fabulous day, lil lobster lady!

Unknown said...

Love the QP, the kit is fab!

Roper said...

Beautiful thank you

Anonymous said...

Thanks for another fabulous freebie, Kim. Beth's kit is gorgeous and I love the QP you made from it. Thank You!

I'm so sorry to hear about your sunburn and hives. Youch! My oldest struggles with that A LOT, and is allergic to most sunscreens, as well. Makes it rough. Especially since, like you, he loves to be outside. Wish I had a great suggestion, but at least I can empathize. ;-)

Thanks for everything, Kim!

Anonymous said...

Ouch sympathies for the sunburn but ya gotta be so careful, we are always made aware of slip, slop, slap cos we have a high rate of skin cancer here in Aus.
Love the LO and the QP....thanks to you and Beth

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 12 Jan [LA 08:59pm, NY 11:59pm] - 13 Jan [UK 04:59am, OZ 03:59pm] ).

Dana said...

Thank you for the wonderful page.

Susie said...

I love the QP, thank you for sharing.

Being Mrs Miles said...

I have a friend who is yellow and red,
The red is her skin
The yellow is hair on her head,
On a date with her husband,
A day filled with fun,
A day to the beach,
To play in the sun,
She took a good book
And got very engrossed,
And wound up being
A South African roast!

*snort snort*

I've posted an award for you on my blog, my Kimmie.

Love, Barb

Franny said...

Thank you!

Please post your freebies on my new forum at:

picklebeans dot com / forum

This is a new freebie forum for everyone and it is really easy!

Hope to see you there:)

juliya said...

as usual all is simple wonderfully!

Anonymous said...

Lovely! Thank you!

P.S. That poem from Mrs. Miles is hilarious, lol!