Thursday, 29 January 2009

Snow-ice, and a little prayer request!

Just a little update on Bunny and her family- she's still iced in and is STILL without electricity and telephone. I received a short mms in my mail again this morning and went to look at news updates about it - OMG, It's really BAD! And they were saying the shelters were full too!

So asking for your prayers for all those out there stuck in this horrendous ice storm without the basic survival equipment and shelter! Things we always take for granted- heat, water and food! I hope that they will be able to restore some electricity SOON! I know it happens all over but actually KNOWING people stuck in it makes it a little closer to home. 

You can also check it out here if you want too- and for all the latest updates on the storms that hit the Kentucky areas and surrounds.

on that note- PLEASE READ-

If you have ANY DSO store queries or ANY product download problems- PLEASE won't you e-mail me directly ( you can get my mail by clicking on *my full profile* on the rightside bar and clicking on MAIL ME ;-). These usually come through Bunny's mail and unfortunately being OFF LINE- we won't know if you are having hassles etc. I will help you out as much as I can, if I can until such time that Bunny gets back.


OOOOOH and there is something EXCITING coming on MONDAY-

A COLLAB Romantic Grab bag by Chaos Lounge and MickeyB Designs!! 


HEE HEE- and I've already got stuck in and played with this! It's awesome and WELL worth the $3.99 - So keep a look out for this one! Will show you a sneak peak again on Monday ;-P

Oh I wanted to show you some more stuff made with all my VALENTINE LOVE goodies-


This is a little BRAG BOOK ( card size) that Bunny Made for her daughter-

Just a few of the pages and all Using my HEARTFELT KIT

- you can see the FULL book here in Bunny's Gallery!





Aren't these STUNNING!! Harmony LOVED it!

More Precious Than GoldRS

Jazzy used her new word art- Girl Power

and bits of ALL the kits that are now on SALE- WOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOO


These are ALL 25% off at the moment!



The Mixed overlays are 50% off!! a GREAT way to start your designs and LO's and cards. You can see ALL the specials HERE in STORE.


This gorgeous kit is made by LOUCEE- and it's a FREEBIE- YIPPPPPPPPPPEEEEEEEEEEEE, ( it also comes with a post that made me BLUSH! lol) Thanks so much girlfriend!

Ok- I'm running as I need to fetch Nathan at school and I'm already a bit late. Sending hugs and loves to you all- Kim


Jazzy said...
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Anonymous said...


Mother Nature sure has been going crazy these last few days. Here's hoping power comes back soon!

Jazzy said...

LOL I deleted my \post because somehow my post to loucee posted here Im so good at getting stuff turned around. Loucees words are all so true not only are you a great designer you are a great friend with the biggest heart I have ever seen and an inspiration to so many people for so many thanks.I love you and appreciate all you do..Hugs meee

LouCeeCreations said...

I can just imagine Bunny pulling her hair out with her lost connection, it's like losing your right arm.. but I expect the weather conditions are keeping her busy in other ways.. she's one lady that has been bitten by the craft bugs so maybe she's knitting mittens lol!
on a more serious note... I hope everyone sufering these cold climes without heating etc are found well with their spirits high.
hugs to you Kim

xashee's corner said...

Thank you for the update on Bunny! They even showed that weather here in Calif., that's how bad it is!! All the layouts and sale products look AWESOME! You know i LOVE your designs! Hope you have a TERIFFIC day! :D

Jenni said...

Poor Bunny, I have heard about the terrible ice storms!I think we are so lucky not have such extreme weather in our country. Thanks so much for the pimp!!

Bonnie said...

oh no, I hope Bunny is okay! Not nice as you say, knowing people who are in that situation!

Luisa said...

Poor Bunny, I hope she is ok, and I find myself as Loucee, you are my Fav designer and I LOVE all your goodies!! and I am so glad that you are my friend!!

Vana63 said...

Thanx for keeping us up to date bout Bunny...Thoughts and Prayers sent :-)

Snowsmoon said...

Sending my thoughts and prays for Bunny. My mom lives in south East Missouri and they got hit by the same storm. They weren't out of power long but have lived through on many years ago with a 3 month old daughter, no power, running water or heat...for three weeks. No I didn't stay in my home for the three week with a baby, but were out of the above for 4 days through the whole area until we found some one with a generator. So my heart goes out to Bunny. I hope that things get restored SOON!

Karla said...

Where would ANY of us be without you?!?! Thank you so much, not only for what you create, but for your encouragement of new talent!

Thank you for the update on Bunny. I'm used to hearing about weather like that in the north, but it seems like the weather keeps getting more and more extreme everywhere. We're even "playing winter" here in Texas, but NOTHING like some areas. I hope they can get thawed out quickly!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim

I left a little award on my blog for you...

Just because you are such a great designer and always helpful!!

I was asked to pass this award to three people - hope you'll do the same. Thanks...


Anonymous said...

Hi Kim,
I just popped in to say hi and see what was new with you. I'm so sorry to hear about Bunny and her family, and of course all of the millions that are without power right now. Especially when it's so darn cold!!! May the Lord bless them all and keep them safe.
Take care and hold the fort down at DSO, hopefully things will stay running smoothly for you.

Unknown said...

We didn't lose our electricity in the southern part of Kentucky, but no internet until today. My heart goes out to the others that are having to survive without power. I saw on the news earlier that some parts of Kentucky may be without power for as much as 30 days. This has been one very bad ice storm.

I've blogged about your color challenge today, if you get a chance check it out here