Wednesday, 18 February 2009

another day gone

LOL- well today it was my mom's turn- she had asked me on Monday to take her down to our Receiver of Revenue offices ( which is still right in the middle of town!) as they wouldn't put her  tax refund into her bank account until she had  brought in her ID and bank statement. WHY? as this is the first year they haven't just put it directly in her account- ?- uhum, maybe to verify she is still alive???- lol. Anyway to cut a long story short- to find parking first of all is a Nightmare- so I drop my mom off at the door -  my mom needs a hip replacement and has a really bad hernia ( all of which I am hoping to sort out for her by June) and battles to walk up stairs or stand for long periods- KWIM?

So I have to leave her there to find her own way in as there are  traffic cops all over the place ( obviously a great place to hand out fines-lol) and I drive around and through the town three times- eventually in desperation I call a cop over and tell her that she has to find me a parking as my mom had to go in on her own etc etc etc etc. HAHAHAHA- I should have done that the first time- she made me a parking! lol, Moved a barrier thing out the way- tells me to park there and she would make sure I didn't get a fine- WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Ok hats off to the lady! She was awesome.

Then when I get into the building ( all new security measures in place)- I have to apparently  WAIT at the door to get a number before getting access into the place. Did I know this??- OH NO- lol, so I walk straight past the desk and this queue of people like I owned the place- LOL, - I got chased- bwahahahaha, by a gentleman who told me to get to the back of the queue- WHAT??- are you daft,??- I need to check if my mother is ok and I'm not seeing any of the tellers here!- I carried on walking- and really what the hell could he do- hee hee. Mom was fine and I found her a chair and just stood in the queue for her. But hell that took over 3 hours!

The nice lady cop even greeted my mom and helped her with the car door- stopped the traffic and let me out- hee hee. LOVED that- I felt like a VIP. So my story today is- One government office SUCKED- the other went beyond their call of duty to help! Just wish there were more people like that in this world! Thank YOU so much!

OH dear- I'm yakking again- hahahaha-

Here are some more stunning LO's with my new kit ROCHE.



A double pager from Renee- Love how she used the middle to connect them!!



HOw stunning are these wedding photo's - Renee is busy with a Album for her friends that got married and it's just STUNNING-



LOVE LOVE this one with the mirrored image and the butterfly masking!! Stunning work Renee!



And this is Bonnies LO of her and her sister Jenni! It's GORGEOUS and remember the QP is up as a freebie too ;-)



This stunner is by Croppy- don't you just LOVE that framing!!


Well guess what it's a FREEBIE - wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! You can grab it here. 

Remember Roche is 30% off at the moment for a limited time ;-). Now to get a little work done before I play TAXI again later on for Nathan-lol.



Bunny Cates, said...

see you were using that cop for your parking problem meanwhile some sweet little old lady was getting mugged and no one came to her rescue becuase they were busy watching your car. Shame on you! Shame shame shame!!!


Anonymous said...

It's nice to hear some people still care about their fellow human beings...maybe she has a Mom she worries about too.

Wonderful inspiration today in the beautiful pages you posted. Have a better day today, Kim.

Bonnie said...

wow that is amazing! Are you sure you are talking about South Africa here??? I hate government offices and I hate having to stand in ques...especially at home affairs...oh my word..the absolute pits!

Maryse said...

Wow!!!Gorgeous pages!!!You have a very good CT!!!!

xashee's corner said...

stopping in to say hi! :) LOVE the layouts! Have a WONDERFUL day!

Beth Long said...

Love the 'VIP' parking story! We all deserve to feel that way once in a while right? LOL! How HORRIBLE that you had to wait 3 hours!!! Ugh! What a pain. Glad your poor mom (and you too) made it through ok. LOVE the layouts... your kit is gorgeous!

Mrs. Miles said...

Well this inspired me for the day - both your adventure and your lovely lovely layouts.

I am praying for your Mom, Kim. Its hard to watch our loved ones deteriorate, and wish we could simply 'buy' them some healing. Unfortunately it does not always work this way. But thank goodness, my God is a God of miracles, so I'm lifting mom up today.

Loads of luv,
~ Barbs

KrisG said...

Hello from a lurker, LOL. I just have to tell you that your Roche kit is GORGEOUS! I couldn't afford it but I bought it anyway... figuring that hubby will have some change in his laundry to cover the credit card bill, haha. Thank you very much for your gorgeous creation! I really love your blog and when I find time to visit, it's a bright spot in my usually dreary days. HUGZ

LouCeeCreations said...

3 hours in a queue... yukky!
great parking though haha!
I am amazed on the quantity and quality of the layouts with Roche.. I new the kit was bloody good but when I popped over to the DSO gallery I was just bowled over with the eye candy.....GREAT work.

Anonymous said...

Love it thank you