Friday, 13 February 2009

Asprin and ICE

YOu got any for me! ???- lol, Oh gee's it's a STINKER here today and I had promised Nathan to go shopping for new Cricket shoes(UHUM!) and new cricket clothes after school today!

So we get in my dear car and wind the windows UP against the heat and turn on the aircon! - BWAHAHAHA - WHAT AIRCON??- we get this blast of HOT air and both of us are sort of looking at each other starting to sweat! Thinking that it might need a few minutes to get cold as it really is THAT hot outside we wait a few more minutes! By now I can hardly breathe and my hair is starting to stick in threads to my face- lol. WE both push the window buttons at the same time gasping for air! hahaha- The aircon decided today of all day's to pack up! It don't work! It died! hahaha- and I nearly did too! So sitting here with a headache again and getting ready to get back in my *hot box vehicle* to fetch hubby from the airport! Heaven help me-lol

So going to be Quick today as have really only 20 minutes-


my little *love gift back to you*-


I'm having a *with Love* Sale and my whole store( EXCLUDING GRAB BAG) will be 50% off this whole weekend! Yup, you know THAT doesn't happen often- so make sure you take advantage-hee hee

And there will be a NEW KIT in store tommorrow too!!- WOOOHOOOO-

It's part of my *Friends* series and it's called ROCHE!

I haven't had time today to finish the previews yet but you can see some of the goodies in the kit- I used it for the SALE preview ;-)( I'll plop the preview on tomorrow morning for ya)- but you have a chance of grabbing it at 50% off too ;-)

And have you seen this???-

Oh goodness it's AWESOME-

not only is it JAM packet with AWESOME GOODNESS that I can't WAIT to play with there are some *extra little CU goodies* in there too!


It's all for a good cause and you can read up about it more HERE on Flergs blog too!

I bought this one and after the disaster of the other CU bag I bought this weekend - this one brought back a little FAITH again! THANKS GIRLS!!


And going to quickly reveal my WHOLE GRAB BAG so you can see what's in it - they will go up full price on Monday morning!








WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE- that's 6 FULL products for only $8!

And yes they have been Quality checked and are all stray and jaggy free!



AHHH Loucee did this absolute STUNNER of a Lo using my  Unda da Sea kit-

LOVE the large photo blend and the individual photo's in their own separated frames on the hooks! AWESOME work girl!



Hutchie did this stunning LO too with bits from my last grab bag ( all up individually now ;-).

And she also made us a STUNNING FREEBIE today!!- YIPPPPPEEE


How cool is this! I love the fresh colours with the dark accents!! You can grab it here on Hutchies blog. 

OOOH gosh- late late- hahahaha, Got to run- but will pop on tomorrow with the ROCHE previews so you can grab it if you want on the Sale. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and that you enjoy Valentines day with your loved ones ;-)



Judgirl said...

heat ...oh nice is snowing here right now ...big fluffly snowflakes ..ugh ...please no more snow. I will be stopping by the shop ...oh a SALE time ...

Have a great weekend Kim


Bunny Cates, said...


see, you tease me about my wind, my voodoo doll dismantles your air conditioner. Now, say somethin' else!


Maryse said...

I don't want to wait till tomorrow!!!!

Veelana said...

Thanks for pointing me into the direction of that grab bag - just out of curiosity: what was the bad CU bag that you bought?

Penni said...

I gave you an award check it out at: