Thursday, 12 February 2009

taking it easy Thursday

Yup - that's me today- we have a COOL day- YIPPEEEEE, cool enough for track suite pants!! Weird weather- but I'm not complaining as my little office becomes a "SNUFF BOX" in the middle of summer ) oh and that's as is *kill me box*- Just like the frog when put in cold water and slowly cooked- lol. That's how I feel in here some days- so today is AWESOME!

OMGosh - I just realised it's Valentines day on Saturday- lol. Yeah I know- BLONDE- but shee's dates at the moment don't mean anything and I have to keep checking calendars! I'm blaming it on too much going on dammit- yup, must be it -can't be old age creeping in! NOPE that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it! LOL.

Do you have anything special planned with your loved one???- It's not really a day we make a big fuss about, but I do get a card - and good grief last year I actually got Flowers! HAHAHAHA, trust me- this is NOT something that happens all the time so it was a little of a HUH? are you sick??- but I think the man is softening as he gets older and has become a lot more *mushy* too. He said this morning that everyday is Valentines day with me- mmmmmmm- ok, Waynie what did you do, or what do you want???_ lol. Kidding, but the man has gone GAGA- and I'm loving it ;-)

Have you got my FEB GRAB BAG yet??- or you waiting for some more hints-hee hee.

I have another Reveal for you-

as you know I don't blog on the weekends and well it will be gone Monday- ( I'll keep repeating the previews so you don't miss any;-)


Reveal One- the Tie Me - minis ( thin Ribbons)


Reveal Two- Framers 4- Vintage.


Reveal Three- Foraldy Doo2- hand drawn large doodles


All Quality checked, no strays, feathered edges or jaggys ;-)


some more clues for you- WHEEEEEEEEEEE


LOVE this LO -Loucee! the dark photo with that cluster on the light background is just striking!-

quick page preview

and Loucee is also giving you the QP as a freebie! Thanks GF!


And I made up something today too- *told you I've been playing*- lol


I made two Chilli Heart clusters! I used my Made with Love series and my Weed it kit as well as

Funky Love lines by Words to Delite. You can grab it here- .

Hope you all have a great day or night further.



Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Morning Sweety!!!!!!!!!!!
TY so very much for this GORGEOUS DL this morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I've nothing planned just trying to keep myself going this week as next Thurs will be 8 years since Dons Death!!!!!
HUGE HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Carjazi said...

Poppin in to say hey!
I think I told you yesterday how much I loved the grab bag, but just in case someone hasn't grabbed it already, RUN to the store. bwhahahha

Love the freebie too. Hope you have a great day!

Bunny Cates, said...


LynO said...

These are wonderful!! Love EM...thank you KimB...

Maryse said...

Merci :))
Have a nice week-end :)

txbubbles said...

Morning, Kim!
I love this chili pepper cluster!
Thanks so much!
Vicki in Texas

Dinphy said...

Ok, ok, enough already... I've gone and bought it. Okay?
For me, I am a sucker for textures, overlays, edges... anything to make papers. So when you wrote there was just ONE set of overlays in it, I had something like "well, maybe next month..." And then you HAD to go and show these frames, didn't you? ;)
Thanks for not giving up! :)

Almost done downloading...
Oh I KNOW I'm gonna love it!!
Like unwrapping a present, every time again!

geezee said...

Thank you so much.

xashee's corner said...

no plans for Valentine's day although i usually get flowers! we are sweet to each other EVERYDAY so we don't go all out for holidays! :D Thank you so much for these BEAUTIFUL heart clusters! Have a GREAT day!

HoleyCow said...

Just popping in to say HIYA! your too dang bubbly.. ya know that? lol be happy you got flowers.. or JUST A CARD! lol its my bday (vday) and so that means I get nothing for both your blog looks different.. but dunno but I love it! and love your little hugs and loves youve added..

Jenni said...

I LOVE the chilli frames, being a chilli addict LOL!!!! Valentines is also not a big thing in our house, but this year I have planned a party (along with the rugby of course) with a pink, silver and black theme and have gone all out with the decor!!!Photos on my blog on Monday!!Oh love your new siggy, so cute!

Judgirl said...

Thanks Kim for stopping by my daughters blog ...thanks for always sharing and showing me some wonderful ideas and awesome places to visit for help. You have a great time relax you deserve it...


Anonymous said...

I just LOVE your frames. They are so unique and gorgeous! Thanks for creating and sharing them!

Amy W. said...

Hello Kim!
I was thinking about you today. I have a goodie coming your way so keep an eye on your inbox, oh and your postbox too for that matter!
Love the goodie clusters.
Giant hearts and hugs!
P.S. I forgot to get anything for my hubby too, we're doing cards and that's it.

Crops said...

Hello Kimmy..... got something for ya on me blog....LOL I know you don't care for this that much, but I think of you first, everytime I get one!!! Ohhh, love the pepper frame to...thanks!

Anonymous said...

These cluster frames are just TOOOOO awesome. Thanks so much for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this Freebie. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in Creative Busy Hands Scrapbook Freebies Search List, under the Valentines post on Feb. 12, 2009. Thanks again.

Melberry said...

Mercy me, it just keeps getting better and better in the digiscrapworld, that is. Sorry you've had so much chaos but out of chaos comes some splendiferous creativity. Keep on being YOU! hughughug

Mrs E of Scrappy Freebies said...

thanks for the beautiful frames! :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 12 Feb [LA 07:00pm, NY 10:00pm] - 13 Feb [UK 03:00am, OZ 02:00pm] ).

Dana said...

Thank you so much for the wonderful frames.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful frames Kim,Thanks so much for sharing them with us.
Happy Valentine's Day : )

bj said...

love U for sharing....thanks a million

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good morning Kim.:)
Thank you so much for sharing these fantastic cluster frames with us.How pretty!:)

Have a wonderful day..and I hope you get the air conditioner fixed.That can not be a comfortable trip at all.:( Hope you survive it!


Shanners said...

Really cute clusters. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

merci enormement , tres chouette !!!!