Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Quick eye candy day-and CT freebies!

Just a QUICK pop on today- hee hee, I'm busy working on something and don't want to let it slip for toooo long ;-)

AHHH thanks sooo soo much Sharon( Scrapcat4914 ;-), Kayjay and Geezee for helping me out yesterday! After looking myself for over and hour- I gave up in frustration- and you guys did it soooo fast! LOL The mystery is solved- lol. It's a South African KITE spider!( I think it's part of the family of the Jeweled spider as they really do look the same!) Not dangerous at all- can give a nasty bite but is not toxic to man! - YUGH, but I still wouldn't have liked that thing crawling around my head and in my hair- hahahahahaha. Thanks Guys!



By Bunny as part of her BOM CLubs- love love love that photo and tag!

best day

AHHHHHHH- I WANNA GO! lol, this was done by Shannon (Shanners) and I LOVE the magical storybook feel!

tink-Tx bubble

How cute is this!- txubbles- or Vicki as we know her-lol Did this Lo of her daughter dressed up as Tink! Love her fairy costume!


Both used " I Believe"- thanks so much guys! LOVED THEM!


Don't Forget my GRAB BAG is on sale this week- ( and thank you for all your compliments so far too- MWAH!!!)

$38 worth of Quality designer tools for only $8!


6 FULL Products, and they can all be used over and over again too! None are themed.

Wanna see one???- hee hee,

I know some of you HATE buying unseen - and at the moment after a really BAD purchase myself this weekend, I will only be buying CU bags from designers I TRUST and KNOW too!


There you go- lol, Tie me -mini's ( thin ribbons) -

No FEATHERED edges, no strays and in both Original and de-saturated versions for ease of use ;-)

And this is what some of my girls did with the goodies in the bag- WHEEEEEEE


Livia used some of the *stash* to make up this very very sweet LO-including the paper- love the journaling again girl!


You can Grab this AMAZING freebie from Renee


She not only used goodies from my bag- but she DREW the little CUPID herself!! How awesome is that!! Great job girl! you can grab them HERE.


And Loucee made us a little ADD ON to her wonderful Colour Challenge freebie too!-


You can grab it HERE.( make sure you get the full kit too- it's HOLEY SMOKES Cute ;-)



And Croppy made you a STUNNING page frame border freebie- you can grab it HERE.

Please leave my girls some love if you download- they really really go full out to make us such AWESOME goodies to use ;-) Off to play in PS again- WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.



Maryse said...

Yes,I bought awful grab bag too but it was never yours :))
Thank you for the goodies :))

KayJay said...

You know, I can never resist your stuff for long, and as I did go out for a mornings work today, I think I deserve to go shopping now! ;)
Thanks for all you do Have fun in PS

xashee's corner said...

Thank you so much for ALLLLL these WONDERFUL goodies! i LOVE all the layouts too! and I Believe kit is AWEWSOME! Have a GREAT day! :)

Judgirl said...

wow thanks for the beautiful layouts and pionting me in the right direction some very awesome talented ladies . I do love you IBelieve Kit ...that grab bag looks very interesting ..might have to check it out. Have a great week Kim.


Shanners said...

Wow! It's cool to see my LO up on your blog! :) Thanks again for that awesome kit. I love the freebies today, too.

Lainey said...

Hey Kim! Check out the LO I made with your new grab-bag...there's also a QP on my blog.

Anonymous said...

Me too!! As a freebie designer I don't have much money for cu tools. A purchase this weekend that was meant to be a big treat was actually a BIG disappointment. I can totally rely on your goodies & will be buying this bag.

Love your blog & visit over breakie b4 work each day. It puts a smile on my dial!

Hugs & thanks
Numbbumm Sue

Bunny Cates, said...

lol. like the new header with the fluffed off feathers! lol..

Shanners said...

This is so beautiful - I guess I should got take pics of my crocuses.