Friday, 13 March 2009

Story Friday

Renee and I were chatting early this week about our TO DO lists and how I had made her feel guilty with my post saying that I was doing my *catch up*-lol. She said she had some sewing to do that staples weren't going too work anymore- lol,and it reminded me of something that happened two weeks ago -and I forgot to tell it as it was a Friday and well by Monday it was chaos again- hahaha- So I said I would tell it here for everyone to read ;-)

Remember I had gone shopping for watercolour and art supplies due my net not working etc. Well it wasn't the ONLY shop I went too- hell, I get there so rarely these days that I did the *full tour*- hee hee. Clothes bags in BOTH hands and making my way through the restaurant/eating area which is ALWAYS buys- ( yeah Mr Murphy at play here again-lol) I feel this POP on my shoulder- UHUH.... BOth hands FULL, handbag over the other shoulder and WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE the right hand thin strap goes PING on my favourite pink strappy summer top! lol. Before I realise it's MY STRAP- ,my top falls DOWN on the right hand side exposing my bra! BWAHAHAHA

I've now got to drop my parcels in the middle of all the eating areas and grab my top to hold it up so I'm not breaking any *indecent exposure* laws- hahahaha, But how the hell do I keep it up as I don't have ANYTHING on me - I've got the strap now and wondering HOW I can keep it from hanging at the back looking like a *piece of lost fabric*- hahaha,

I eventually grab the parcels in my right hand while holding the little *sweetheart shaped piece* of the top with my left- and then swung ALL of the parcels over my shoulder like *Father Christmas style*- keeping the top up under my arm- BWAHAHAHA- strappy now hooked under my bra!

I wasn't going to miss my ART Shopping for anything- and walked into the shop with a mission to find the first woman sales person- and blurted out I NEED A PIN- lol. She went HUH?- So I dropped my arm holding my bags and down dropped my top and out popped my boob!- she packed out laughing- told her I was here to spend some money but I couldn't do that half undressed - hee hee. She was laughing so much the other sales lady came over to hold my bags ( giggling now too) and then found a TINY straight pin in their ribbon stash-( OMG, this thing was soooo small I couldn't even put it in)- So I had the two of them holding straps and top together while we tried to get it through all the fabric- lol, three try's later- it held and I was able to get my goodies with out getting arrested! lol

OOOH and Mrs Miles- you asked if any of us do our own hair-

I'm due for a good hairdressers appointment but trying to let my hair get a little longer before I go- or I get BRAVE at Andrews and I usually get him to cut it off- lol. So this morning I decided to put some *home* highlights in it- it hasn't had any since November last year-( SIS KIM!!!-lol) so this morning was the day- but I'm thrilled with how it came out and wanted to show you ;-)


SEEE- I am blonde!! LOL

OOOOH And I have been saving something REALLY SPECIAL for you -

Loucee our wonderful HYBRID GURU has gone to TOWN (or should I say Camping-lol) with my new kit Camping OUt!

OMG- just look at all this- It's a FULL PARTY PACK FREEBIE!!


Its EVERYTHING you will need to have a *OUTDOOR* theme party!

party pack

Hee hee- when Louise sent me the picks- I SO wanted some of those worms- so bad I sent Wayne to the shop to buys some- HAHAHAHAHA.

You can get the FULL instructions with the printable's on Loucee's blog!

SHOOOOOO- ok, I think I've yakked enough today- lol.

OOOH and my MARCH CU GRAB BAG GOODIES are all up now separately at 30% off too- you can see them all HERE. Have a super weekend, and Jen and Bon- sending you HUGE hugs girls!



Maryse said...

HAHAHA!!!Where are the pictures?Ask for the tape to the security and put a video on your blog :))
Yes,you are right LouCee is THE guru!
It works so well with your new kit :)

Jazzy said...

Oh my gosh wish I could have seen all that...I agree get the security tape..LOL your hair looks great..Cathy did Angies the other night and it bled thru the cap and now Angie is a red head..LOL a striped one in some places..but I think the color looks good on her..Love all the new pages and LouCee is so what awesome goodies.. Hope you have a great weekend..Hugs

geezee said...

Things like that always happen to me when there are so many witnesses. Can't have private humiliation can we? LOVE the printables. Going over and leaving a trail of love. We do a camping trip in summertime to celebrate older boy b'day each year. Have wonderful pics to go with it. Love the hair too.

xashee's corner said...

LOVE the story! lol Thank you so much for sharing ALL that you do! :) Have a FANTASTIC weekend!

By Dezign said...

Tee hee. Flashing your boobs in public. BWAHAHAHA

Love Loucee's greatness.

I leave the hair to the professionals. Like glue, it's not something that must be left in my hands.

Jaye said...

Your hair looks GREAT!!
Good job!

Judy said...

The hair looks great, the story is priceless....LOL laughed so much choked on my coffee.
LouCee's creation is fabulous.
Hope you have a great weekend!!!

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

OMG girl you got me in stitches & almost peed myself!!!!!!!!!!
Now that will teach you to carry a spare pin in your purse!!!!!!!! LOL
Have a GREAT weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!
HUGE GIANT HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good Morning Kim:)
LOVE your hair!! I already have that cept with gray instead of blonde.LOL I cover it with brown dye though.hehe Jim said one of us with gray hair is enough.LOL
Your story is hilarious!!!I would love to be that fly..and instead of on the wall..just follow you around all day.hehe I bet you would keep me in stitches...pun intended.LOL

Have a wonderful weekend and be sure to put some pins in your purse.LOL


Snowsmoon said...

Kim, I have to are one talented lady. You really amaze me with your awesome writing talent. I laugh my butt off reading this shopping story. As well as many other posts I have read of yours. I would have to say that you are truly a well rounded gal, that is totally happy with life and how you live it. It shows in all you do.

Your camping kit is so cute, and I love your party favors. They are so cute. Thank you for sharing your life and your humor with us and of course you SUPER designs as well!

Off to check out what is new on your sisters blog...Have a super weekend.

Mrs. Miles said...

but you're not 'dumb'!!! LOL... in fact you're pretty quick on the draw even. Purdy hilites. I envy your lighter hair you can do this, for me I have to do just the opposite, add some dark streaks so it 'textures'.

Have you ever gone dark?

I have (ahem, cough cough) been known to 'hem' my pants with duct tape before hahahaha. Your trick with the bra tho, that takes the cake - Clever girl!

Louise is miraculous, no?

Amy W. said...

HAHAHAHA! You and Emma both. She wanted some worms too! Well I'm on spring break for a week so I'll hopefully be able to pop by a bit more often. This school thing is kicking me in the butt.
Much love and hugs!