Monday, 27 April 2009

Freedom Day holiday

Doing a QUICK post today. It's a public holiday here today and my *men* want a bit of my company. So promised them I'd only be 15 minutes- hahahaha. And this week is a real short one as Friday is also a public holiday.

I loved how Nathans school sent through a e-mail with the dates of the holidays ( Mon and Fri)-  and Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are all written in Capitals- SCHOOL AS USUAL! hee hee, I see I'm not the ONLY parent that takes their child on holidays when we have weekends like these! But we aren't going away anywhere this time , so he will be attending as he is supposed to LOL,- I've got all *the friends* arriving again and I can't WAIT till Thursday to see them all ;-)

Ok Ok, I better hurry as already I'm getting the KIM!! lol

Just a reminder of my

April Anniversary Grab bag-



FULL this time to celebrate! 7 full sized products @ only $7!

Just $1 PER FULL SIZED PRODUCT ( no re-coloured items!) in this one.

And I thought I would reveal TWO products for you today- ( as Friday it will be gone)


Scanned and photographed by me and assembled for your use ;-)


Scratch Textures (requested-lol)

And of course you want some more tips right?


Loucee made us this AWESOME mini freebie kit out of the goodies and my sisters Feathered friends too ;-)

And please please leave Louise some LOVE, she has just lost her *best friend fur ball* family member Lenny. HUGS to you Loucee, I know how much you loved him GF!

And Hutchie has her second Cluster frame freebie up for you too!


You can grab it HERE.

WOW- aren't these freebies STUNNING!

Thanks so much Girls, I know you both have a lot on your plates at the moment- I really appreciate you spending time on these fantastic creations for me and for the rest of Scrapland! (((MWAH)))

and a *little rumour whisper* that you didn't hear from me ok- HAHAHAHAHA. Watch this space for some EXCITING goodies happening at DSO for National Scrapbooking weekend! WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE ( ooh but ssssssshhhhhhhh-lol) I didn't let it slip- *looking around*- nope not me ;-P

Until tomorrow-



Maryse said...

Have fun :)
Thank you for reveal :)

xashee's corner said...

Thank you so much for sharing ALL that you share! :) Have a FUN & BEAUTIFUL day!!

Angels Digi Scraps said...

Good Evening Kim!!
Wow, lots of great stuff there Kim! I love those birdhouses and the Overlays are awesome. Thanks for all of wonderful CU products and I'm always looking forward to seeing what's next!

Hugs GF I hope you enjoyed the day off with your family. I can't wait to see the pics, ROTF. I know those are coming and the stories, LMAO.
Take care,