Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Short month

WOW has April been a SHORT month- lol. 3 week Holiday, 3 public holidays, birthdays and National elections sure made this month FLY!!

And now we have NSD just around the corner (THIS weekend!) and I am trying really hard to get some *goodies* done for it too- lol.

Wanna looky???? hee hee- well ok, just a wheeeeeee little glimpse ok?


HAHAHAHAHAHA- I did say a *wheeeeeeee glimpse*-lol

OOOH- and I have some photo's to show you today-

Remember we went to watch the IPL Pro 20 match (Indian Premier league)- the otherday?( Being held here is SA - WOOHOOOOOOOOO)


This is my team the Royal Challengers in red- Standing at the pitch before the game.


Nathans is the Chennai Super Kings in the Yellow ;-)

He has been going to all the matches held here in Port Elizabeth!

But WOW! What an atmosphere! I LOVED IT! It's LOUD and full of fun people that had me watching *them* instead of the Cricket match! lol


Dancers, Music and a drummer plus lots of shouting and singing! ( oh and beer!)-lol. Deon still moaned at me as I didn't get the spot right in front of the dancers-haha- Yeah Deon but then we wouldn't see any cricket!

Deon brought along an *official Mumbai Indian* working here in SA for a few weeks! Did he enjoy teasing me all night- lol.


He thought I was NUTS as I lost my voice eventually and kept *banging* those long plastic pole thingy's together- FUN FUN FUN FUN ( except mine kept going flat so I took others lying around all the time)- lol.

And errr- Deon's looking a little like he's thinking *WTF?* lol  Because this guys was next to us-


BWAHAHAHAHA- I loved this dude- he was shouting at the players standing on the boundaries - eventually getting the people around us singing- and generally he was having a GOOD TIME! lol. - he also supported *Flintoff* being English ( check the cap-lol) who plays for the Chennai's!  Damb and they won too! BOOOHOOOO! lol


Yup- those where the size of the *drinks* -but mine lasted all night for ONCE ;-).

That's my *funky hat* on the blanket- but it kept falling on my nose!! lol- couldn't see a thing- so eventually had to take it off- hahahaha.

We're going to the next one again- WOOHOOOOOOOOOO! lol


ooooh- and don't forget my



FULL this time to celebrate! 7 full sized products @ only $7!

Just $1 PER FULL SIZED PRODUCT ( no re-coloured items!) in this one.

Revealed Yesterday ;-)


Scanned and photographed by me and assembled for your use ;-)


Scratch Textures (requested-lol)

And two more for today-


Paper and feather *Flutters*


Weed it 3 ;-)

That's only $1 EACH for all these- but it's GONE in a few day's- so GRAB NOW ;-)

Running again and into photo shop we go! lol Until tomorrow-



xashee's corner said...

you have some of the BEST fun i know! :) Thank you so much for sharing!! Have a BEAUTIFUL day, my friend!! :)

txbubbles said...

Dang, ya'll have more holidays than anybody else! Loved the hat, surely there is a photo of you wearing it SOMEWHERE! Can't wait to see what you have cooked up for Saturday!
Big hugs,
Vicki in Texas

Mrs. Miles said...

Coming with you to the match I bet is funner than going in person ROTFL! Your photography always catches the highlights and I've never seen people squeeze so much fun out of events.

Your CU items are INCREDIBLE - I'm hoping to find some time to actually PLAY with them very very soon!

☻ Smiles from Meeee

TerriK said...

Hey, Kim! Love your blog - always SOOOO much fun to read. Where did the picture frames in today's post come from???? TIA, Terri