Saturday, 11 April 2009

Happy Easter Everyone

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee- I'm having a BLAST,
have played Lawn Bowls( full game) and a round of golf, a few games of tenpin bowling, and have eaten WAY more than my share of good food! lol

Missing everyone badly and feel cut off without GOOD internet access, but maybe that's been a good thing too- I'm rearing to go and to get started when I get back home soon! YAY!!

I'm on Wayne's LT at the moment and man these keys are SMALL- hahahaha, keep making typos that I have to redo. The connection on his roaming card is also extrememly SLOW here so thought while they are out fishing this morning I would wish all my dear friends and *scrapping family* a VERY BLESSED Easter from my blog as loading pages is just toooooo time consuming! lol

I got caught in a RAIN STORM yesterday after walking MILES down the beach to go see and find some fossils! lol,
the Boys have decided that Mom coming with all that way is just not allowed again as it's the first time in three years that it has rained while they have tried to fish! BWAHAHAHAHA

I looked like a drowned RAT when I eventually made it back-
I left them fighting the elements on their own. I did take some photo's of course- but will only be able to put those up once I'm home.

Anyway- got lots to YAK about and could spend the day here talking with you- hahaha, but need some cofffffeeeeeee.

I hope that you all have a great Easter weekend with your family and loved ones.

lots of loves and hugs