Thursday, 23 April 2009


I'm here, I'm here. Boy ,April has been a rather full month *home* wise and I feel like I've neglected my little scrapping family and my blog-lol.

SO GRAB some COFFEE, TEA today- I'm making UP- lol

Yesterday we had our National Elections and of course I went and did my duty by standing in the queue's to put down my cross. It did start to drizzle but the rains held off thank goodness or I think I would have been a rather miserable citizen. I got my *mark* on my thumb ( which takes DAYS to eventually disappear)- poor sis Gaye got hers painted on ( not a pen like mine) and it ran underneath her nail- lol, Looks like she has a good case of the ROTS! HAHAHAHAHA.


It was a big day in South Africa yesterday and the votes are still being counted. I pray that what ever the outcome is, it brings only the BEST for South Africa and it's people.


- oh Boy, did I get caught for a SUCKER! lol

The phone rings here on Tuesday and Nathan answers and just passes me the phone- all I hear is HAPPY ANNIVERSARY KIMMIE... I go HUH? it's not my wedding anniversary- who, what, HUH?- lol.

BUNNY WUNNY, love you girlfriend! lol. You must know how much we are getting used to your accent when it doesn't even register as *strange* anymore! lol.

Yup- I've been with DSO and the fantastic team for TWO YEARS!!

OMG, can you believe it??. I can't! I said to Bunny it doesn't feel like it at ALL- feels like only a few months! I've grown and learnt soooo much since I started and I owe a LOT of that to the patience and dedication of Bunny, to YOU and my wonderful digi scrapping family!

And to celebrate I'm having a 50% off sale for TWO DAYS ONLY!!

Yup today and tomorrow ONLY ( 23rd and 24th April)


So if there was something you were hanging out for- NOW is the time to grab it ;-)

And of COURSE I had to get you my April Grab bag

- but this one is a WOPPER as Loucee called it-lol


SEVEN (7) FULL sized products in this bag for only $7!

That's only $1 per product!

All are Quality Checked and are free of all jaggy's and strays!

And of COURSE my girls have been BUSY with some hints and tips and goodies for you!

OOOOOH yeah- they got sooo excited I was BACK- BWAHAHAHAHA. Love you guys too!


AHHHHH- doesn't this little kid make you want to pinch his cheeks! lol-

Croppy I LOVE LOVE LOVE that quote and the beads in the grader!!

Crops used goodies from this bag and added a few from my

Mish Mash Grab bag ( which is now 50% off if you run-lol)


Beth did this STUNNING LO of her daughter posing as a model- toooo CUTE!

She used my Grab Bag and some of my Mish Mash bag as well as Livia's Masks!

Beautiful work Beth and LOVE how you did the clustering of the elements at the bottom to look like a *garden*!

And check out this AMAZING SAMPLER FREEBIE made JUST FOR YOU from Beth-


WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE- I love celebrations- don't you??-lol

This kit is made with the goodies out my bag!

You can pick it up HERE

And Jenni did this amazing LO too.


She used goodies from my Anniversary Bag and CAmping out kit!



This Freebie from Jenni Rousseau ( Chaos Lounge)- It will be up a little later today- just bookmark the page ok!

You can grab it HERE.

LOVE it Jenni and thanks sooo much! ( Hope your daughter is ok GF!)

And today I have a CU FREEBIE for you!

This will ONLY BE VALID for TWO DAYS ONLY!! ( no exemptions. ;-)


You can GRAB IT HERE- Sorry this link has EXPIRED

Don't forget that my store is on SALE @ 50% off for only TWO DAYS only - so don't miss it ;-).

Phew- now that was a good post again! lol. Hope you all have a great great day and I will see ya all tomorrow.



Marie said...

Awww! Happy Anniversary!!! You are awesome chica! Thanks for all your hard work and top-notch creations! And I just love the energy you have in your posts! :D

Beth Long said...

HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY ANNIVERSARY KIMMIE!!!! WOOHOO! Here's to another two years (and another two and another two.... etc etc etc....) of having your fab designs out there for all of us to enjoy! Luv ya lots GF!!! MWAH!

GSCreations said...

Happy Anniversary Sis, your grab bag is just FANTASTIQOUSE!!!! You work so hard for yourself and for everyone, just dropping you a huge hug to say THANK YOU, uhhhh just watch the thumb it looks worse today - the purple ink has now gone dark brown.........

Judy said...

Happy Anniversary Kim. Wow 2 years of designs and each one is a treasure to have.
When I first started digi scrapping I took everything on offer, and slowly but surely I've been deleting a lot of the earlier stuff. You are about the only designer that I have got everything you've offered.
Look forward to many more years of your designing.

charlie said...

woohoo Happy Aniversary Lovely lady..I knew you were up to something big with it being so quite around here for too grab bags..luvvvvvvv them..thanks GF for the fab freebie too!!!!!!!((hugs))

Gail said...

Happy Anniversary! Wow - 50% off - gotta check it out!

LouCeeCreations said...

Happy Anniv.. Kimmie, 2 years fly past so quickly, and in that time you have produced a LOT of BEAUTIFUL stuff. Your Anniversary grab bag is AWESOME, as ever.
now go celebrate lol!

By Dezign said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MY FRIEND. That GB is STUNNING, the freebie is PERFECT. Thanks for being such a great designer and letting me play with your goodies. It has enriched my life enormously.


Carjazi said...

Congrats on TWO years!!!!! And what's even better is how many of us are better scrappers and designers because of you. THANK YOU!!!! And then you keep us laughing with the antics on your blog too! So enjoy your anniversary and thank you for your contributions to making the scrapping world a better place. :)

Melberry said...

WooHoo! Congratulations on two years. Sure has zipped by ... and wow, what a ride!! Thanks for sharing YOU and your artistry and your antics. :) hugs all around and thanks, again, for everything,
Melanie's Digital Creations

Kristine said...

Happy Anniversary Kim!!! Just checked in and found out I didnt have the last 2 additions of the bag..ROFL!!! I have been busier than I thought!!! Grabbed them now and will blog tomorrow. Forgot today. Posted man candy instead. LOL
(writing up tomorrow's post now...)

Jenni said...

Congrats on 2 years of fun and awesome designs!!! Here's to many many more LOL!Thanks for the lovely CU freebie!!! Have a wonderful day xxx

Ruth said...

Happy Anniversary Kim! wow... time really flies! Means I'm became yours FAN nearly 2years already?! LOL

Wish you ALL the best and Have a nice day!!!!


Bunny Cates, said...

Happy Anni cow!!!!

What do you mean my accent isnt special? It is I tell you! LOL...

Whats funny is when we hung up I said to darrin... "Hey! I didnt have to say "huh?" not even once!" bwahahah!!!!

Love ya Kim, REALLY!!!!
{HUGS} Now get outta my space.

Veelana said...

Happy aniversary! Congratulations!
Now I have to make some room on my hard disc :-)

twoboyz00 said...

Happy anniversary! Thanks so much for the awesome ribbon!

txbubbles said...

Happy Anniversary! Boy, does time fly! Thanks so much for the great tie, now I am running to the store to go shop!
Big hugs,
Vicki in Texas

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Wow! Two years! Time sure flies when you are having fun.:)
Thank you so much for all you share..your life..your talent and all the giggles and snorts.hehe

Thank you so much for the wonderful stripey round tie too!!:)


geezee said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Kimmie, Sending huge hugs. Big tears cuz I am traveling without my laptop. This little phone doesn't let me shop and download. I will miss your sale, but will stop by to pick up Gorgeous grab bag soon as I reunite with my other appendage.LOL Have a great day.

xashee's corner said...

Thank you so much for ALLLLLLLLL that you share! :) you sure were missed! Have a GREAT day!

armina said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY KIM!!!! Awesome sale, freebie & GB! :)

Melanie said...

Just wanted to take a minute to thank you for all you do for US! You are always cheerful and brighten our days with your humorous stories. You are so good to share your family and friends with us, so much so that I feel they are my friends, too and can't wait to hear what everyone's been doing. You are SO helpful and caring and always make us feel like individuals when you PM us our posting bonuses. Most people send out one PM to the group but you always take the extra time to visit each and every one of us, commenting on our submissions and making us feel special to you. You are just an all-around wonderful person and I'm so glad to count myself among the many, MANY people who call you friend.

Happy Anniversary!

Now, I gotta go shoppin!!! LOL!

Melissa said...

I have a case of the election rots too! No pens up here in Pretoria either :o(

Congrats on you 2 year anniversary!

Thanks for the freebie :o)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this Freebie. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in Creative Busy Hands Scrapbook Freebies Search List, under the Commercial Use post on Apr. 23, 2009. Thanks again.

Mrs. Miles said...

Oh happy day to YEWWWWWW!

Awww, I wanted to wait for 2 days,1 hour and 15 seconds and then come and beg you for that download cause I was too lazy to download it in the two days specified. Meanie *sticking out tongue* hahhhahhhaaaaa I'm here to pester you. Throw that coffee cup dear, I'm ducking already *snort*

I'm giddy with celebrating your blogavversary - and I don't even drink, how funny is that. Anything I do silly today gets blamed on you!

hope you're having a good one!

Chelly said...

Two years now Kim?
Congratulations .... More than deserved ...
You are a talented designer ... Fantastic!
Happy Anniversary!
Thanks for the lovely Freebie!


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! Whew, I'm glad you're *back*! I was worried something had happened, and I was about to have Kim B. withdrawals, LOL!

Thanks for the beautiful ribbon!


Andrea said...

HAPPY Anniversary Kim!!! That's so exciting!! Thanks so much for all your wonderful designs & goodies for the past 2 years!! {well I only found you about 1 1/2 years ago, close enough right?!} I just LOVE everything you make! Your kits & grab bags are always AMAZING! And you ALWAYS make me laugh!!!

I already got your FABULOUS grab bag, now I need to unzip it so I can see what surprises are hiding in there for me! Thanks for the beautiful sample ribbon!!


Chris~hutchyhutchie said...

Happy Anniversary! Thats awesome! Congrats! :D

Miss Tiina said...

Congrats Kim! Thanks for the freebie and the sale!

Jessica DuHamel said...

Woot Happy Anniversary and ty for the freebie. Oohh and umm....Dork Dancin for DSO blinkie?? I love it and it's sooo snagged lol!! {{HUGS}}

tajicat said...

Sale, well got to check it out! Thanks so much for the goodie! :)

KrisG said...

Happy Anniversary! You are so loved. Thank you for the awesome freebie and the awesome sale!

Addicted2Scrappin' said...

Congrats and thanks Kim.

dianalyn said...

Happy anniversary and thank you

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 23 Apr [LA 07:00pm, NY 09:00pm] - 24 Apr [UK 02:00am, OZ 12:00pm] ).

Jazzy said...

Happy Anniversary Kimbob (I left you some food out in the old barn) LOL..from the first time I met you I knew you were special..these past 2 years have been great ones..thank you for all the beautiful things you have made and enabled me to work with..thanks for all your help and most of all for being my friend..I love you lots and wish you better and better things for the next 2 years (and more) big hugs meeeeee

Dinphy said...

Happy anniversary!!!

ONLY two years? ;)
To me, you've been around forever! You know I love all your stuff, and I popped right over to get me the bag and some delicious CU goodies. :)
So, while downloading I have some time to say THANK YOU for the sale, and then I'm off to open the bag and see all my new toys to play with! :D


Snowsmoon said...

WOW, A very big CONGRADs Kim. You are a wonderful designer and It is always wonderful to get your you new Grab bag...This one is AWESOME. T

I would like to thank you for sharing all your wonderful designs with us and talents as well. And always a enjoy to read your uplifting blog post. Enjoys your celebration ans remember we all Love you and support you.

Your friend from scrapland family
Dawn aka Snowsmoon's Design

Manu said...

Happy Anniversary, sweetie!!! *hugs*
Hope you celebrate your ass off and have some drinks ;)
Thank you very much for the goodie, now I'm off the spent a lot of money at DSO because I really missed the grab bag before this on (didn't I tell ya you need to drop me a line, when you come up with those?!?)*rofl*
See ya,


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the great freebie!!