Thursday, 28 May 2009


Yup- *Trouble* is almost here and I am on my way in 20 minutes to fetch her- HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I've had mails from all the friends this morning- the phone hasn't stopped ringing - WHEEEEEEEE. I feel like a kid waiting for my birthday party- hahaha.

I've done the shopping, stocked up on the aspirin, tummy meds, toilet paper and re-done the spare room so it's all new, clean and fresh! Loryn is staying for a week so I think it's going to be a rather full one this side! But really looking forward to it. I feel sorry for Nathan as he is starting his mid year exams and he is going to have to lock himself in his room to get some peace and quiet- OOOPS ;-)

I thought I would show you a few of the photo's of Loryn here with us and also WHY I say it's going to be busy-


Roche don't swallow the girl now- BWAHAHAHA- Laughter is just a given when the two of them are together ( and not quietly either-lol)


Yup- No stopping them! - OOP BEK altyd! lol


AHHHHHHH- so sweet- uhummmmmmmmmmm


Maybe NOT- BWAHAHAHA- now that's more like it!


I did say TROUBLE with a capital T didn't I??-


And yeah there are some special ones like this one taken on Loryns Birthday last year!

Love you my friend and I am almost there- hahahahahahahaha


Before I run I just wanted to show you the last two products out my Mini Grab Bag #2


Paper wave cuts (requested by Jenni)

$4.50 $3.38
Save: 25% off

10  Template *waves* and curves for creating different paper looks.
10  PNG  and 12x12  @ 300 ppi  for easy resizing.


And these



$3.50 $2.63
Save: 25% off

4 Large High-res Masks to use for your photo's or add papers and colours too.

Includes Hi-Res Brush set too.
4 PNG @ 300 ppi

You can see just by these products that my bag at $4 is really a steal! So don't miss them when they come out ;-)

Will be back tomorrow with that HUGE surprise which I am also so excited over! WOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoo

and don't worry the camera battery is charged and ready - lol

Till tomorrow



kistine said...

Have a blast Kim!!!!


Di Heuser said...

Awesome photomasks and paper curves. Roll on pay day :) Have a great weekend

Melberry said...

Wow, I feel as if I'm at the party already myself!!! Such high-octane energy buzzing around. Sounds like you need some caffeine. NOT.

Be good to you, sweetie...

xashee's corner said...

sure sounds like you are going to have a BLAST! :) you deserve it! :) i will check in, next week, but don't imagine you bloggging too much! hehe so i will say have a SUPER week!! Hugs! :)

Jenni said...

Have fun my friend!!!!! Can't wait see what the big surprise is tomorrow!!

txbubbles said...

Love the pics, sounds like my kind of party!

Laramie said...

Picked up your grab bag and love it. Your photo's are awesome. Have a blast.

Muma said...

Wow .... how I wish I was in SA atm. Looks like you will be having so much fun. What a fantastic grab bag - I'll have to start grabbing the bags, not so much into kit designing as I was but they will still work fab for LOs which which is what I love creating now.

Ruth said...

Have a blast Kim!!!! :D