Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Here comes Trouble

Well a good kind of trouble anyway! We are in for a BUSY weekend - starting early on Thursday afternoon! OUCH-lol

Loryn will be here Thursday lunch time as she is coming down for our dear friend Roche's Birthday party on Friday night! WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

I'm so excited, I haven't seen *Lolli* since the 2nd January this year! And Roche and all the other friends are wetting their pants too! LOL. So yeah, I think it's going to be a really GOOD FUN weekend. Old Friends, a huge Birthday Party and then we have the Rugby Super 14 Finals on Saturday too (Wayne's Bull's are in the final and the only SA team to make it)-  not tooo sure how well I'm going to be with that one though!LOL .  But knowing this lot like I do- it's a game we are not going to MISS!

Here is a pic from last years Super 14 games and you can see Deon and Nathan(the Sharks) support different teams  to Wayne (the Bulls). It causes HUGE rivalry here and is always great fun.

OMG_ I just realised HOW big Nathan has grown since this time last year! He is now taller than both Deon and Wayne-SCARY!!


I remembered someone asking what my *fancy SA supporters Hat looked like* that I took to the cricket not so long ago-

well I decided to show you what FANATICS we South Africans are about our sport and my hat of course -LOL


mmmmmmmm- should be singing a show tune I think- HAHAHA

With my God Daughter Tagan in our SA supporters Hats ;-)


At EVERY rugby match that South Africa plays - we all wear our SA rugby shirts!


Even us girls! lol.

Sheee's Michelle we look like we've had the bottle not just one! hahaha


And you can imagine what happens when we WIN! lol Tooo many of those photo's I can't even put up here for fear of being *maimed by my friends*- BWAHAHAHAHA

So Yup- I think I'm in TROUBLE this weekend! lol

Used a frame out of Flergs NSD freebie.


I have another of my products from my bag up today


Bloomers 2

$6.50 $4.88
Save: 25% off

5 large fabric blooms to add to your kit creations or Layouts.
all in original and de-saturated versions for ease of use
10 PNG @ 300 ppi

Blooming beautyRS


Jazzy did this stunning LO using my Antoinette kit and made it into a Freebie QP for you all!


Blooming Beauty Preview


You can grab it HERE.


And what a peek at what's coming SOON!???

oooh I'm excited about this one!


HAHAHAHAHA- well I wasn't going to show you the whole thing you know ;-P hahahahah.


Okies- got work to do if I want to keep this weekend free. Will chat tomorrow again MWAH



Bunny Cates, bunnycates.com said...

Im downlaoding your surprise to qc it, RIGHT NOW....

txbubbles said...

LOVE, LOVE,LOVE the hat!!!
GF, from the sound of your weekend plans, I KNOW you won't be able to talk next Monday!
This sneak peek looks very tempting!
Big hugs,

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see the blog this coming Monday :-) Kind of wondering if there will be one, given the plans for the weekend.

I simply love your team spirit down there in SA - anyone who would wear that hat, has a BIG team spirit... Hehehe. Thanks for sharing the great pictures, and have a great day, Kim.

Mrs. Miles said...

GO team GO, Rah rah!

Oh, don't you look so snazzy in the rugby shirts... HAHA... but anything for team spirit.

We are not big sports fans here... I know, slap my mouth! We live in Hockey Heaven but don't watch it. I prefer to participate than watch.

Looking forward to YOUR pics tho, and YOUR BIG ADVENTURES!

I am wishing you a wonderful time with Roche and I will check back in soon.

I'm sorry my comment is a bit boring and dry... my commenter is wearing out haha, as I do my rounds. I don't want to just regurgitate what I said on the other 30 blogs I just visited. You deserver better!

♥ Barbs

TroyXtreme said...

Naughty sneak peak haha. I am glad to see some Shark supporters in your photos!!!(teehee go Bulls go- Mark will kill me!!)

TroyXtreme said...

OOps, that's me Jen btw- Kids been on my laptop!!

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good Morning Kim:)
Just popped in to see what's new and LOOK at you! All decked out in your rugby outfits!! How cool!:) Sounds like you have a terrific weekend all planned.Hope it goes just the way you want it to.How exciting!!:)
Love your photos and thanks so much for sharing your memories with us!:)


Dinphy said...

Well you poor thing, I wish you lots of strength this weekend! LOL

Maryse said...

I want to be a part of it!!!I need to have fun!!
Hope you will enjoy and that you will not be a (too) bad girl!! ;)

xashee's corner said...

Go Team Go!! hehe looking forward to your next kit, the preview is GREAT! :) Have a SUPER evening!

Dane Ann said...

Freaking Tease You Are!!! :op Have a fun weekend...and as I always say "TRY to stay out of TROUBLE".

LOVE & Hugs,
Dane Ann

Muma said...

Just checking out my blog bookmarks to make sure you're still going and you have not changed one little bit. So glad to see that you are keeping well and in your usual fun spirit :D.
Love that hat.
I've started a new blog and will delete the old one after a few weeks.