Monday, 18 May 2009

Slow Monday

OOOOH, that's me today- I feel like an old diesel engine trying to start up on a cold winters morning- hahaha. I even SOUND like one! Boy, singing *Sweet Caroline* on the top of your voice in a pub is just NOT good for the vocal chords! ( let alone your pride the next day when you actually REMEMBER doing it- BWAHAHAHA)

That, plus a tension filled rugby match on Saturday with me screaming like a banchie for my team to win ( which sadly they lost by only ONE point!)- will leave you hoarse, croaky and have everyone saying *pardon, huh, what did you say??*- lol. My nanny thinks its hilarious, and said this to me this morning - OOOOOh, you're talking in baritone again madam. BWAHAHAHA- yeah that about say's it all I think.

Did you miss my Mini Grab Bag over the weekend??

Well I've upped the first product from it today ( rest to follow during the week)


Wilted- roses.

Slightly Wilted roses, all in original format.
4 different rose buds/blooms on stems
2 wilted rose petals
3 wilted leaves.

contains 9 PNG @ 300ppi

These will be 25% off for one week only.

Thank You CARD copy

AHHHHHHHH- and this made up for my hangover on the weekend.

Ruth sent this *Thank you* LO to me using the roses too.

Don't you think it's beautiful. Thanks my friend- I LOVED IT!


Mothers Day 20092 copy

Jazzy did this very touching LO using some of the bag goodies!

She made it into a QP for you which you can pick up on her blog HERE


OOOOh and I can show you my new LO too! WHEEEEEEEEEEEEE-

I *borrowed* Bunny's gorgeous daughter for this one! I just loved her little fairy outfit and the colours just matched sooo perfectly ;-)


Chaos Lounge has a brand new kit out called Peggy's Magical Rainforest

( won in a Personalized kit competition by Jenni)



It's 40% off at the moment too! Be sure to check out Jen's blog for more inspiration and previews.

And did you see my little *favicon* (well whatever it's called- lol), next to my blog addy???- WOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOO, I have to say thanks to Netters for doing that for me. I LOVE it!

And Net has some AWESOME new goodies out as well as her MAY CU freebie!!


You can check it out HERE.

Ok- I'm off to get some more energy in a CUP! lol.




Maryse said...

I already have your wilted roses and I'm very happy :)
By the way,I HATE mondays !!!

txbubbles said...

Unfortunately, Monday is the price you pay for the fun weekend!
Love the LO's!
Big hugs,