Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Some *toot toots* to my girls

If anyone finds my mind wandering around today- please send it back to me- lol. I just can't seem to stay focused this morning and get distracted from one link to the next! hahahaha. Yeah, one of those that I'll just put down to *inspirational day*. You ever find that??? I get sent something to look at- so off I go and then see another on the page- click it and the next minute I'm already 5 clicks down from my original page and it's two hours later! lol

Just wanted to show you the next product that has been released from my Mini Grab Bag #1 ,


Stringy things 3.

6 Natural hemp rope strings and frames.
All in original format.

These are now 25% off for a week.


OOOOH and I get sooo excited when my girls do so well with their LO's and creations!

Congrats to RUTH who made Layout of the Week at DSO with this one


She used my Roche kit  and the strings from my Mini Grab bag!

And Jenni got Layout of the Day at Scrappity Do Dah with this one-


This was using my Antoinette kit!


And a little more eye candy for you today using Moody Days-



Renee did this for her friends wedding album and I LOVE LOVE LOVE this!



Vicki did this fantastic LO of her Dad, don't you love the bottom border! Stunning.



ARRGH- and I'm such a freakin dunce-lol

I forgot about this AWESOME QP that Bonnie made for us using it too!

You can still grab it on Bon's blog HERE.



Jazzy did this pretty page with goodies from the bag and some of her word art too-


She made a QP of it that you can grab on her blog HERE.

Nathan has his last driving lesson today before he goes for his test on Thursday- I think I'm more nervous than he is! hahaha. I just hope he passes the first time around ( some of his friends have gone 5 times already- OUCH on the pocket-KWIM? hahaha)

Until tomorrow



txbubbles said...

Mornin' Kim!
Glad you liked my LO, I was pretty pleased with it myself! LOL! It's easy when you have such beautiful kits to create with!
Thanks so much!
Big hugs,

Maryse said...

Yes,that's more contagious than flu!I think a lot of digital scrappers have this virus :)
The pages are amazing!!!Great CT!!!

xashee's corner said...

wandering thru the internet happens WAYYYY too often to me too! lol
Gosh your products are INSANELY COOL!
GREAT layouts and thank you for sharing the qps info too! Have an AWESOME day, my friend! :)

Jazzy said...

You have lots to look forward to my friend..that mind wandering only gets worse as you get older..lol.. My gosh what kind of questions are on that driving test..kids here in Alabama can take a written test and get their learners permit, then at 16 they can take driving test to get their final license..I think its too young myself! That drivers license is one more rung on that I'm growing up ladder

mel_h said...

hey kim! how things with you? i am wrapped up in my ouma's jersey, big woolie slippers on, man, i hate winter... lol!! yes, i have climatized to durbs winter now so i freeze when every one else tans on the beach.. just wanted to stop by and say howzit, your latest cu stuffs are gorgeous! just about broke the bank last week buying some stuff! lots of love,
mel xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Laramie said...

Always enjoy your blog. Your Stingy Things are very cool. And the gals layouts are lovely. Just stopping by to say hi.


Anonymous said...

LOL! Glad to know I'm not the only one who gets "lost in the links." Sending positive vibes for the driving test.

liz said...

Stopping in to say thank you & that your work is gorgeous. I only hope someday I can scrap as beautifully (newbie here).

Mrs. Miles said...

Oh yes, this kids and driving thing? I KNOW. Hold on tight Mom! Take something to bite into. Are those your fingerprints in the dash? *snort*

And this getting sidetracked thing? I KNOW this too. Just too much good stuff out here.

LOVING all your new items - s.w.e.e.t.!!

hmmm thought I heard something like someone playing a murder movie next door... but I'm sure it was just you at the rugby match. Haha, you HAVE to promise to take pics/video of that. Awww c'mon! Highly bloggable...

Hope the rest of your week is good my friend!