Monday, 25 May 2009

a win and a loss

So much for that QUIET weekend I had said we were going to have-lol. Friday was quiet due to Wayne only arriving home late from his business trip- but oh dear Lordy, we sure made up for it the rest of the weekend!

Saturday was RUGBY day! You know how fanatical we South Africans are about our rugby right??  NO??- , well let me just say it's almost a religion here! - Yeah well, Wayne's team *the Bulls* were the last SA team left fighting for the Super 14 title! They played the semi final on Saturday and WON! hahaha- So I had to shout for them as I didn't want the New Zealand team to win! We landed up at our local Sports Bar, which was so packed you couldn't move! But what fun! Everyone's a stranger when you walk in- and as the team starting scoring and the game was underway- you are everyone's best friend!  The man sitting in front of me turned around during the match to shake my hand due to my shouting- BWAHAHAHAHA. And of COURSE I was hoarse as hell on Sunday!

The funniest was coming home and hubby decides he wants toast! ( uhum, that's to try and put something else in his stomach besides tequila-hahaha). OMG, the man takes out a SOUP Bowl instead of a side plate after nearly pulling out the whole cupboard! lol, - so I see this while locking up the house- and say I will get him a side plate  - "this is a plate" -silly grin on his face ,mmmmmmmmmmmm- if you say so OK- lol

Until he try's to BUTTER that toast on his *plate*- I collapsed with laughter as the toast kept buckling into the bowl! Not being that *stable* sort of left him chasing that piece of toast around the bowl instead of trying to take it out!. He eventually turned around in fits of giggles himself and delightfully smeared me with the butter he couldn't get on the toast! lol

FOOD FIGHT! hahahahaha- I came off second best due to my laughing - I had cheese spread in my hair and face- in my ears, butter on my arms. And well Wayne grabbed his bowl and headed *bumping* down the passage with his silly grin and half buttered toast- lol.

He wasn't giggling that much yesterday morning though- heard a lot more moaning! hahahahaha.

We sat and watched the IPL T20 cricket finals too yesterday as my chosen team made the semi-finals, but they  lost to the Decan Chargers who were the stronger team on the day . We had a great closing show/ceremony so it wasn't a total loss ;-)

Phew- Monday Yaks again-lol


Today is Memorial Day for all our American Friends and DSO is having a store wide Sale of 25% off.

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Did you miss my Mini Grab Bag #2??

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Another to follow tomorrow ;-)

And I've also been working on something EXCITING with a good friend and can't WAIT to show you- WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

I hope you all have a wonderful Monday and Memorial Day for my US readers ;-)



kistine said...

OMG you're killing me woman!!!!

Drunken food fights are a blast!!!! The clean up if for the birds and the hangovers blow but what happens while you are bombed is the best!!! ROFL!!!

Jazzy said...

Sounds like a wild weekend..LOL Haven't had a good food fight in years..who cleaned up the mess the next morning? Love all the goodies in the newest grab bag..they are great so everyone needs to pop on over to the sale and get them..hope everyone has a Happy and safe memorial day..and lets take time to remember why we have this holiday.

LouCeeCreations said...

lol! I bet the was hard to wash out of your hair!
and hoarse yesterday! NEVER!!!!!
have a good day Kim.

Di at Legacy4Life said...

ADORE those painted overlays. Glad you had a good weekend.


geezee said...

Wow, what fun. Wish I hadn't missed the grab bag price. Oh well, learn the hard way once again.

Kari~RDG said...

Mondays don't always yak! Especially when it's a birthday Monday!!!! MWAHS