Thursday, 25 June 2009

Granny here today

And the granny is ME- hahaha. I'm sitting her in a fleecy tracksuit, with a long sleeved jersey UNDER it, socks x2, slippers and under a blanket at the PC- BWWWWAHAHAHAH- I'm such a woes ;-P

OMG, it's FREEZING! And Caryn you got the nail on the head- it gets into your bones the cold here- it's a damp cold and when the wind blows like today- BBBBRRRRRRRR. It's only 6C outside here ( which trust me is really really COLD for my little City)- it's storming and I had to put all the lights on in the house at 9am! It got so dark my kitty thought it was bed time and kept meowing at me until I followed her- HAHAHAHAHA, all the way down the passage to my bed room and sat next to the bed. Laughing, I came back to the PC, but she persisted! Eventually getting on my *t-ts*, so I got up and put her on a blanket and had to cover her completely with it- lol

She's still there and hasn't budged. So you must know just how cold it is here today for the *animals* to even be a little rattled. Fudge ( the Shar pei - whom I'm not talking to at the moment) is walking up and down the passage not sure where to lie down- he's usually outside lying in the sun. I feel NO PAIN for him today- NOPE. He ate my SUPPER last night! Within the space of TWO minutes he had nabbed a homemade Venison pie off the kitchen counter which I had prepared for supper- HAHAHAHA. HE DID!! And I was looking around the kitchen saying to myself- I SWEAR I put the pie here- the oven was on and I was just waiting for Wayne to walk in from work. Wayne still looks in the microwave- *just incase*- HUH? lol

I blamed Nathan at first ( he HIDES things as a joke usually) and he came through and I could see he hadn't taken it or hidden it away- when we all realised the DOG had it- Nathan found him outside pushing the shiny, empty pie dish around the garden with his nose trying to get the last bit of meat out- ARRRRGHHHHH,and I was soo looking forward to that pie! lol. To top it off, he's been treating me to great big farts all day that could kill a mule! PHOOOOOOOOOIE! hahahah


Taken just on 9am. you can see the trees in the background are facing right with the wind- BLAH


Miserable, wet and cold! and YES this is how my garden looks in the middle of winter ;-P

It's starting to thunder again ( it's now 3pm) and it's been doing it all day on and off - WIERD for here as we hardly ever get thunder storms- let alone the WHOLE day - so I'm going to finish up quick before the lights go out again.

The last product from my bag is up-




$5.50 $4.13
Save: 25% off

Twirled grass clusters, single grass blades and grasses bent to add to your designs, kits or LO's
Perfect finishes for clusters.
6 PNG @ 300ppi


Wheeeeeeeeeeee- and a new bag coming out tomorrow.

So keep a bookmark to check out what my girls have to show you too.

Off to get some more hot chocolate. YUM- at least that's ONE thing I like about the cold- good excuse to drink some fine hot choc;-)



Bonnie said...

hee hee...what a funny story... Your dog and my cat should get together...lets set them up on a blind date...she also is a total thief and nabs our dinner dare we leave the kitchen for 2 seconds!!
animals...(ps you have a lovely garden!)

Ruth said...

Sending you a Warm-Warm Hug~
and nice garden...! :)

txbubbles said... doesn't LOOK cold! LOL!
LMAO reading about the doggie dinnernapping and the resulting dog farts! Stay warm, I can't wait to see what's in the bag tomorrow!

KrisG said...

Too funny! The doggy "poots" have got to be the worst! And if you're willing, I'll trade some the Chicago heat for your cold! Hope the weather lets up! Hugz

Kim's Scrappin' said...

LOL I can just see your dog now enjoying your supper while you wonder where it went. Sending you some of our heat & humidity from Kentucky.

Dinphy said...

Oh yes, how I feel sorry for you... HA!
That garden looks gorgeous no matter what weather! I'd wish mine looked that good during summer.
And oh my gosh, I bet my whole backyard would fit just on the grass in the foreground. Let's not even TRY to talk about the pool, okay?
But the dog-story was too funny. Glad you can laugh at it too, makes me feel less guilty. ;)

charlie said...

awe thanks for the giggles mate..i'm hating winetr here too a summer girl through and through..keep warm ((hugs)) Charliexx

Kristine ♥ said...

Beautiful garden lady!!!

Poor Fugly Fudge...all he is trying to do is grab some snackage because apparently his mistress doesnt feed him properly...WAHAHAHAHAHA

If anything it will fill out the wrinkles in his face...LOL

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

ROFL!!! You ALWAYS have me bustin' up before I get to the post girlfriend!!! Here I was already expecting to here some entertaining story about you and your visit with your "granny"!!! LOL! DOH! NO, that granny be YOU! Ha, ha, HA!

LOL @ Fudge! That is one of the FUNNIEST puppy stories I've heard in a LONG time! I just read to Robert too, YAH and you know he found it FUNNY as well! You are such a HOOT and help to strip away some of the seriousness of one's day! MWAH!

GORGEOUS backyard girlfriend and your pool reminds Robert of the one he put in when his kiddos were younger and before MUAH! He, he ...

I've got your bag and am waiting on my computer chair for the next one!!! Uh, huh, that's right, I am CAMPING OUT just like they do here in the USA the day after Thanksgiving to get all the bargains!!! ROFL! No, actually your mail usually arrives in my inbox shortly before I am headed to bed and then I get to take a FAST run to DSO and GRAB the GRAB bag!!!

Have an AWESOME weekend girlie and here's hoping for a successful Venison Pie dinner without dessert first in the near future ... uhm, that would be the FUDGE!!! :-D

Love atcha,
Linda XOXO

Caryn said...

That is too funny! Actually not really. Dang dog!

You got me wanting a nice cup of Horlicks now. Yum. The funniest thing (while we're on the subject of food!) I have been looking for SA food ever since I came here 9 years ago. And today, in my grocery store, there's an "International" section that I never noticed before, and they have BRITISH stuff. And what do I find but an AERO! And they had all sorts of other British goodies that we get at home too. Including - MARMITE! So, when you talk about all the yummy food and stuff that you feel lus for... I'll just go shopping :) Ha ha ha

Off to bed so I can wake up and snag my weekly dose of grab bag :)