Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Windy and COLD!

OMG, we are having a huge wind storm today, high seas etc and it's NOT pleasant- lol. The Internet connection is also wonky and keeps coming and going . It's blowing so hard the roof tiles are moving- EEEK! I want to climb back into bed again or on the couch under the blanket, and take a hot water bottle and some nice solid home made food with me. You know the type- starchy, hot, sort of stew like food that mom used to make. The stuff that sticks to your insides?? lol YUM, now I'm making myself hungry at the same time- ;-P

Bunny's back from her holiday- WHEEEEEEEEEEEE, Welcome back GF- we missed ya.

and I've got two products up from my MINI GRAB BAG #4 (one left to go tomorrow ;-)

Mish Mash 3


$4.50 $3.38
Save: 25% off

9 quality GOLD mixed designer elements.
from large frames to charms.
All Quality checked for peace of mind- no strays or Jaggy's.
9 PNG @ 300ppi


Fully Framed 2


$5.50 $4.13
Save: 25% off

5 large 12x12 frames to fit your full LO's.
Great for completing your projects.
All @ 300ppi and can easily be re-sized without loosing clarity.
5 PNG @ 300ppi

As you can see- grabbing these products in my Mini Grab Bags is really worth it- they are only $1 each then. Friday is a new Grab Bag time - WOOHOOO, so don't miss it.

And I have a ton of LO's to show you today- a real Eye Candy Tuesday ;-)


AHH- Jazzy did this LO of the GS and GGD using goodies from the Grab Bag #4 , Jenni's kit Forever Young and her Fathers Day Word Art.

Using Mezzaluna-


Judy did these stunning LO's for her parents Anniversary.




Love them Judy and praying all goes well with your mom GF.



Coni43 did this fantastic LO for the Scraplift Challenge at DSO.



By Beth, Beautiful girls and LO ;-)



Renee did the second in a series of the African Fashion Week- stunning!


She also has this fantastic QP on her blog for you- You can grab it HERE.



Maryse did this stunner of her daughter and cousin! Gorgeous!



By Hutchie. Just wow! Love the subtle blend and the clustering!


With ANGELSTEARS collab with Jenni Rousseau ( Chaos Lounge)




By Martina ( who also got LOTW for this LO at DSO- wooohooo!)



By Marianne ( the gorgeous CAPE!)- love it.



by Kim - stunning remembrance LO GF. ( also used Jazzy's new Fathers Day word art)



By Becca- SO striking! The alpha is from Designs by Helly .



By Vicki- LOVE the framing!


WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE- now that's a way to have a good chilly Wednesday. Have a great day further.



txbubbles said...

Hey GF, I would gladly send you some of this heat, we are having a whole week of 100* days!
I'm lovin' all of the eye candy today. Amazing LO's! Of course, it's easy with your fabulous kits!

KrisG said...

Wowowow... awesome eye candy!!! Your kits are THAT amazing! Lookit all the fabulous stuffies created. I'm in awe!

Maryse said...

I'm happy to see that you like my page :)))And I'm proud to see it here on your fantastic blog!!
Thank you so much.
Have a nice day.

Jazzy said...

Wish I had your temperature and you had mine...heat index was like 102 degrees here..I would love to be having one of those snuggle up winter days with some home made chili and a good book..All the layouts were beautiful always...did Nathan pass his drivers test?? Take care..stay warm..hugs meee

Mrs. Miles said...

You want to crawl into the sack
with a snack
Hide away
for the day
Eat gobs of starchy food
Feels so good

See, this will be a famous song next week. *snicker*

Woot - Judy's layouts look GREAT, don't they (puffing up with pride) and so too the others featured. How inspiring!!!

I'm just going crazy. Quickly. But I will be fine with vacation scccccccccrattching at my door. Woo hoo!

I lurve ya Kimmbee, will say g'bye before our official sendoff.
mwah 2 u

Kari~RDG said...

I would loooove some cooler temps right now. It's been 100+ lately. Too friggin hot too early.

Snowsmoon said...

Thank yo so much for the goodies and I love looking at what your awesome CT come up with. That kit is so OUTSTANDING.....

Just stopping by to say hello and that I hope you are feeling better and that your bad weather is gone away soon.

Hugs and Kisses
Dawn aka Snowsmoon

btmo-pat said...

Wanna trade places? It's like an oven up here in Canada. Gorgeous stuff as always, Kim.

I love your blog, your forum and your entire group and because I find you all just fantastic and because of this I wish to give you the Lovely Blog Award. Please drop bye my blog to pick it up.
Thank you ever so much for all you do.
Big Huggins

Caryn said...

I totally know the PE weather you're talking about. Gets in your bones, ne!? It's been the same here in the Northeast... 10 days of rain with the sun peeking through every now and then. And I can count on ONE hand the number of days it's been above 20 and we're 4 days into summer! NUTS!

Can't wait till tomorrow... grab bag time - WOOHOO!