Wednesday, 17 June 2009


OMG, I just got back from the dentist and he sure knows how to give an injection! lol- my tongue, neck and ear are even numb. I want COFFFFFEEEEEEEE dammit -hahaha, and even sipping it sideways doesn't help you taste it at this stage. BLAH.

Headache arriving too - as it was a back tooth that I had chipped on a pepper corn of all things and I feel like my mouth has been held open with a car jack for hours- HAHAHA. But at least I'll be able to drink the hot and cold stuff now without flinching. I used to be such a baby when it came to going to the dentist- I think it was more the sound of that drill than anything else that scared the hell out of me . But it doesn't worry me anymore- I just keep thinking it's only 30 minutes and it will be over - (except this NUMBNESS- sheeeeeeee's lol). Yup, Big girl now-Can I have an ice-cream now???-BWAHAHAHAHI had a super few day's with hubby and managed to get some play time in yesterday on and off between friends etc as well- yippppppppppeee. Got to love sport on TV too- hee hee, that always gives me some * guilt free computer time* when hubby is here ;-P

OOOOOOh and I have some CT enabling to do-

Netters (Disasterpiece studios) has eventually revealed where her brand new home is- WOOHOOOOO!


She's found a home at Scrap Orchard.

And in celebration her store and the whole of Scrap Orchard is 35% OFF!

I hope you are going to be extremely happy in your new home GF ;-)

And she has her part of this FAB Collab blog train freebie up too-


So stop at Netts (Disasterpiece Studios) blog for all the details and blog train links ;-)


And Jenni Rousseau ( Chaos Lounge) has this fantastically romantic new kit out



It's 40% off for one week- so grab it quick.

This is the LO I did with it


A RAK for my friend Chantelle for her hubby ;-)


And Jen has this awesome freebie add-on on her blog too


you can Grab it HERE


and I have some more LO's with Mezzaluna-


$6.00 $4.50
Save: 25% off (limited time left)


Jodiann used it in this stunner for the Scrap lift Challenge at DSO. LOVE the photo's! WOW



hee hee I LOVE the title of this one by Melanie.


this stunning one is by Silvia who has also made us a QP from it-



You can grab it HERE. woohooo- thanks GF.

Ok- I'm off to try and get some CAFFEINE in this system- by straw or by sideways- at this stage I'm not worried- hahahahaha- I just need my coffeeeeee ;-PP. Hope you all have a stunning Wednesday.



kistine said...


don't hog the coffee.


KrisG said...

Love all the great LOs! Everytime I look at this kit, I love it more! Hope the mouth feels better today!

charlie said...

Love the layout you did with Jenni's kit..awsome stuff..hope the mouth feels better soon!

Jazzy said...

Hope your mouth is feeling better now..aren't you glad its all over with now...Love all the layouts especially the one you did for Jens new kit..its beautiful..

Carol said...

Hi Kim!
Mezzaluna is sumptious!
An absolute pleasure.
Very well done on the "out of comfort zone" escapade. :)



Mumure said...

I just went to Digi Scrap Obsession and found your RAK :)
Thank you so much,you are so sweet with me!!
Mwah :)

Bydelstorp said...

Thanks so much for the awesome Mezzaluna sampler. LOVE it.
Hope you're better already. Hugs from a girl who propagates the knock out right after the greeting at the dentist's. :)

Becca said...

You poor hunny. Just think how much more you'll appreciate TOMORROW's coffee. . . .

Unknown said...

Enjoy that ice cream! Thanks for the links.

Being Mrs Miles said...

I wish you caffene,
That succulent bean,
especially after where you've been,
but at least your teeth are clean,
they won't be full of muzzy green,
so don't cry my SA Queen!

just poppin' in

Nett said...

You're too good to me! Thanks for the pimping, especially since I've been so sick I've been unable to pimp myself :( I just love you to death, and look forward to being able to sit in this chair again so I can get back to work... my Kim folder is overflowing with new stuff that's making me want to cry LOLOL! Must play soon :P

Loves ya!

Unknown said...

I'm poop scared of the dentist! Hope your mouth is all better today ;)


Vera said...

Feel better soon girl! :)

Anonymous said...

That's what my problem is - I need some coffee! Thanks for the tip, lol! Inspiring layouts, as usual! Thanks for links to all the goodies!