Thursday, 11 June 2009


Yup- it's going to be today-lol

Wayne just arrived home from Germany and is in the shower now so I have at least 20 minutes to blog quickly - also doing some Store catch up while Bunny is on holiday ;-)

Just to let you know that my Mini Grab Bag #3 is now fully revealed-



Mish Mash 2- Designers Assortment

$5.00 $4.00
Save: 20% off

9 quality mixed designer elements.
All Quality checked for peace of mind- no strays or Jaggy's.
10 PNG @ 300ppi


Fully Framed

$5.50 $4.13

Save: 25% off

5 large 12x12 frames to fit your full LO's.
Great for completing your projects.
All @ 300ppi and can easily be re-sized without loosing clarity.
5 PNG @ 300ppi


Floral Patterns-1

$5.00 $3.75

Save: 25% off

4 floral patterns all in separated layers for ease of use

4 PSD @ 300ppi
Separated PNG's per design @ 300ppi



Tie Me- faded

$6.00 $4.50
Save: 25% off

5 faded and slightly worn ribbons and frames.
In both original and desaturated format.
10 PNG @ 300ppi

You would have been able to have got all 4 of these products for only $4 in my Mini Grab bag ;-)

WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE- business taken care of- lol

And yup I have something new ready for you too- YIPPPPPEEEEE

Have a stunning Thursday and I'll catch up again tomorrow again. MWAH



kistine said...

I know what it is!!!! :P




Bunny Cates, said...


Snowsmoon said...

Please remember it is Linda aka Bon Scrapatits Birthday today....check my blog or just stop by and give her some lovin....plz


xashee's corner said...

just stopping in to say hi!! :) have a WONDERFUL day!

Mrs. Miles said...


You're husbands back and your goina be in truuuuble... neener neener... you know the old doowop song they used to sing about your boyfriends back? LOL. I'm such a dork.

I am truly glad your man is back - I hope you get some quality time together.

Oh Gurl, your new items are STUNNING and I can't wait to play with them... I WISH I could play with them LOL.

I want to get you over here and teach you the joys of tent camping ... its really not so bad!

Got to fly, MY man is acalling!

♥ Barbs

agnese48 said...

Hi Kim

Finally worked out how to leave comments on your fabulous and STUNNING work and todays freebie is no exception.

THANKS HEAPS - leavin u sum luv



Kim's Scrappin' said...

STUNNING kit Kim! And these layouts are fabulous, absolutely beautiful!! Thanks for sharing the sampler.

GSCreations said...

OOOOH this kits is sooooo BEAUTIFUL and elegant with a touch of classy romanticism, stunning stunning stunning, hope u have a good weekend.

Tammara said...

Your new kit is gorgeous! Very elegant and romantic. Thanks for the sampler! Hugs!

amsangel said...

OMGoodness, your new kit is GORGEOUS!! Thanks for the add-on!

Melberry said...

Your new kit tops the charts, GF. It's extraordinary and will be fun to play with over and over. AWE. SOME. Now, I'm off to find the right photos for it.
hugs hugs

Jenni said...

And it's not even Friday 13th hahahaha!! LOVE the new kit!!!! Have a great weekend, see you on Monday!!!

Jenni said...
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Laramie said...

Your new kit is absolutely GORGEOUS. Just Beautiful.