Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Winter is here

BLAH- winter is here in full force and I'm not sure I like it much- lol. The temps dropped quickly on Monday as snow fell inland and we had one of our lowest recorded temps at the coast! I froze my noonoo's off. Wayne being away, is usually my hot water bottle- but uhum I think if he had seen what I looked like last night going to bed he would have run the other way. Full tracksuit with another long sleeved T under it, thick wooly socks and I was still cold! lol. My PJ's just didn't seem thick enough so opted for the soft thick tracksuit- heehee.

Nathan is excited by the weather as he is going on his big hike now during the school holidays and of course it's snowing where he is going- He can have it- lol, No way's in hell would you find me sleeping in a tent in that weather. MAD! Oh to be a kid again and not feel the cold ;-)

I've upped two more products from my bag-


Mish Mash 2- Designers Assortment

$5.00 $4.00
Save: 20% off

9 quality mixed designer elements.
All Quality checked for peace of mind- no strays or Jaggy's.
10 PNG @ 300ppi


Fully Framed

$5.50 $4.13
Save: 25% off

5 large 12x12 frames to fit your full LO's.
Great for completing your projects.
All @ 300ppi and can easily be re-sized without loosing clarity.
5 PNG @ 300ppi

And look what my CT have done with all these goodies-


Using the Full frames above ( which she requested-lol) and our Collab Angel Tears


Jenni did this Stunning LO-


I LOVE it- it looks like a store bought print! And got to love the hats- hahahaha. They are actually wall decorations here ( copy's of some of our traditional peoples headwear).



Vicki did the Quote Challenge at DSO and also used the Angels Tears Collab and word art by Bethany- stunning!



I played too and did this very simple LO of my two boys ;-) I used the element to create the frame from Natalie and heart is by Flergs.


wonder copy

Ruth used the Full Frames and my Wave Cuts to create this wonderful LO of her son. LOVE the effect these give to the LO's!

And we got Pressy's! WOOHOOO-


Ruth made us the QP that matches her LO- you can pick it up HERE> Gorgeous!

And my sis is back from her holiday- YIPEEEEEEEEEEEEE, I've missed her lol


She has these FANTSTIC CU OK templates on her blog- and if you have never used one of her sets - then you have to get these to try! She makes the best out there!

Every little highlight change and added detail is on the template for you, so you can create such amazing results!

you can grab them here-

Please remember to leave them some LOVE ;-) Takes just a few seconds to say thanks but it means the WORLD to those receiving them.



kistine said...

Morning Kim!!!!!


LouCeeCreations said...

Morning! can't take the cold aye! what I hate is cold feet, in the winter I always wear wooly socks in bed as once my toes start to freeze, they take forever to warm up.....

Kim's Scrappin' said...

Just stopping by to say good morning! I'm glad that winter is gone from here right now, I can't stand the cold either. :)

charlie said...

oh Kim bring on summer any day..we are having freezing temps in oz here was the coldest june 10th day in recorded history since 1983.. i think i may permanently glue my uggs(new ones i made hubby buy me for mothers day) to my investment!!!!!

Caryn said...

Beautiful LO, Kim! Lots of eye candy here today :D

You guys don't know what COLD is!!! We had temps in the teens less than 3 weeks from SUMMER! LOL. Last winter was below zero for a good two months solid. No, not fun. I find myself outside in a t-shirt thinking we're having a heat wave and it's 15 deg!

The snow IS fun when it's around for a short time. Tell your boy to have a blast :D And I hope your personal body warmer comes home soon ...whahahahahah


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all your cute freebies!