Sunday, 5 July 2009

Early Bag Reveal

Jumping on Quickly tonight (boys been fishing and on their way home-lol)

to remind you that my 40% off SALE ends at midnight.



grab some of these kits and CU goodies ALL 40% off while you can ;-)








Camping Out



Moody Days



Fully Framed (12x12 frames)



Doodly Frames (large in size for easy resizing)



In the Pink.

Browse my store HERE for some more bargains.

And I thought I would REVEAL my GRAB BAG #6 to show you what all you can get for ONLY $4 (all full price tomorrow)



All these products are QUALITY CHECKED and tested-


Daisy Daisy2 (buds and small flowers with bonus leaf)


Mish Mash 6 ( flowers, frames, doodle frames, bows and tie)


*Heartsong* Textures.


Leafy Twist.

And I added the next as a bonus for this weekends festivity's-


Fluttery 2 (mini)

Grab them ALL now for only $4- that's less than $1 a kit!

Ok, boys have arrived and OMG, Nathan has caught a HUGE fish! lol, Looks like I'm going to be packing fish all night here- ARRGHH *gag* , but I'm NOT cleaning it- lol, That's Wayne's job. I can't STAND the smell of raw fish. PHEIOOOOOO . Would rather have the dog farting! hahahaha. Have a great Sunday (well what's left of it).



Snowsmoon said...

HI there Miss KimB....I wanted to thank you for sucking me in each week to buying your AWESOME and wonderful Commercial Grab Bags! I was just posting and catching up as I have been busy with family for almost three weeks and a trip to Chicago before that so although I am still tired and really enjoying the peace ans quiet this weekend I am tiring to get the creative juices flowing....what better way than with your AWESOME new GRAB BAG!!!!

Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful talents with us and being one of my FAVORITE blogs to read and uplift me.

Have a wonderful week and tell your sister Hello for me.

Dawn aka Snowsmoon's Design

Maurine Stettler said...

Thanks so much for the early reveal! Everything you do is always top-notch, but it helps to know what I'm getting in advance! Thanks for all your great stuff!

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Hey girlie, are those boys bringing fish home for you to clean? LOL! We had Wild Salmon for dinner tonight - mmmmmmm!

You just KNOW I was on the run when I saw the e-mail for Mini Grab Bag #6 and might I say, there is NOT a thing mini about it!!! Your mini's are ALWAYS chalk-full of scrapping and designing goodness!

Have a BEAUTIFUL week sweetie and I shall be anticipating the arrival of Mini Grab Bag #7 - seems the weeks REALLY fly by now that you are putting them out weekly! ROFL!

Love atcha girlie,
Linda :-D

Anonymous said...

Did I count funny or does the Mish Mash 6 have 9 things in it instead of 10 as on the preview?
I may have counted wrong as it 1am here.LOL. I'm not complaining thou, you get much more than your moneys worth and I always love your overlays :)

Sassy said...

you sure do cost me a fortune Miss Kim!!!!
Great bag As USUAL!!!