Tuesday, 7 July 2009


yeah I know I need help- lol, so my friends and family tell me. But I need YOUR help today-

Nathan brought home this HUGE fish that he isn't cutting up to feed the Sharks with, and decided to help feed the family with it instead- WOW, miracles- lol. I now have a freezer FULL of thick fish fillets ( done by the young man himself- WOOHOOO) as I won't touch the RAW stuff- YUGH! hahah- Don't mind it when it's frozen but can't stand the raw fish smell- yeah I'm funny - told you I needed help- BWWWAHAHAHA.


Here he is with it on Sunday night- VERY pleased with himself! lol. It's a big sized Elf!


It has a wonderful *white* flesh and is good for eating- but uhum, there is only sooo much fried and grilled fish you can make right?

So I'm asking if any of you have a EASY and tasty *fishcake* recipe that you KNOW works??

I'm dying to make some and all the people I know don't actually cook and my mom has one but OMG, it sounds WAY to complicated to just make a fish cake!- ( I don't like to spend THAT long in the kitchen-KWIM??)

Thanks in advance guys and I will take pics of the PROCESS TOO ( so you can laugh at my wonderful culinary skills- hahahahahaha)


I've decided to leave my MINI GRAB BAG #6 up until Friday morning-


I'm soooo busy at the moment I haven't had a chance to break it up individually yet- so GRAB IF you still haven't ;-)

You can see the full REVEAL in this post HERE.

(and my boo boo on the Mish Mash Preview- there are 9 PNG files in it - NOT 10 like the preview says ( will fix for the separated uploads but can't for the bag- sorry!)- such a blonde dork- I numbered the files wrong and saw 10 on the last file- when I KNOW it should be 9 like all the others- SORRY!!!)

WHEEEEEEEEEEEEE- and I have some freebies for you today-


Sassy,(Sarah) had made us this gorgeous cluster with my Mish Mash Golds!

YOu can pick it up HERE.

Thanks GF-


And Ruth made a ADDON to her stunning Colour Challenge freebie kit Using the above bag goodies.

You can pick it up HERE.


Independence Day Kit

And Jazzy has this really CUTE patriotic styled kit on her blog for you -

You can pick it up HERE.

Can't WAIT to see your recipes ( you can mail me or leave it in my comment box- BUT HELP- lol)

Hope you all have a stunning Tuesday



Tammara said...

Hi, Kim!
Fishcakes are really easy; people just tend to overcomplicate tham in cookbooks. The next time you grill some fish, grill (or bake) enough for fishcakes the next day. Wrap that up in plastic and put it in the fridge (the next part woorks best when the fish is cold). The next day, put the (skinless & boneless) fish into a bowl and mash it up with a fork. add an egg, salt, pepper and garlic powder to taste (and chopped onions if you like - and if you're a spicier kind of gal, a couple of drops of red pepper sauce). Then add flour by hand untill you've got enough to shape the cakes easily (and if you accidently overdo it, just add more egg). Godd luck!

Kristine ♥ said...

Hiya Kim,

We love fish around here too but like you I need something SUPER easy and idiot proof...keep me posted GF!!!

Sassy said...

Sorry Kim, not much of a help here!
I only like Tuna lol!

Bunny Cates, bunnycates.com said...

I do the same as Tammara up there, only I dont use flour, I use crushed up cracker crumbs or bread crumbs. No hot sauce for me, I drizzle in lemon juice and fresh chopped up DILL. Serve with homemade tarter sauce and add a fresh dill sprig for looks. The family will think you spent HOURS cuz it looks so pretty. When really you spent about 10 minutes.

For added ooooos and ahhhhs... smudge a little flour on your face before coming out of the kitchen...



Judy said...

Sorry I can't help you. I don't cook fish as I cannot stomach the smell. I always know when someone cooks it in their house cos I can smell it for days after. Whenever we go to the market and walk past the fish shops I got to cover my nose. Makes me dry reach just typing about it LOL

Amy W. said...

First off, I don't like seafood, so I'm of no help. I'm actually allergic to shellfish but didn't know that, all I knew was seafood made me not feel good and so I didn't eat it.
Secondly, I love you and miss you. Ugh we're so busy this summer. Do you know we left the house at 9 am this morning and hit the ground running. Did not return until 8:15 PM. All was in town but we ran around like chickens with our heads cut off.
Anywho, TTYL girly! Give that young man of yours a huge squeeze from me!

Fantacy so Sweet-n-Stuff... said...

Sweet funny Kim :D I can always count on smiling when I visit your blog :D
I was just sitting here and you came to my heart so I thought I would pop in with Love and Hellos and let you know you've been thought of today!
I feel like such a stranger any more but just because I don't stop by doesn't mean I don't think about ya and wonder how all is going! At least I know you aren't going hungry...so long as you like fish! *snort*

suruha said...

Hi, there,

Tamara and Bunny do the same as I do. I don't add the flour in to the mix, either. I add cracker crumbs, but not too much. A bit of Worcestershire does it good, too. Then, after it is all mixed well, I shape the patties and pat them in flour. This helps them turn a golden brown. The lemon perks the fish up real well.

Mmmm... Now, I'm getting hungry. LOL Bon Apetit!


HeavenlyDesignzStore said...

Hi Kim
I am not a fish eater, but my mother used to soak the fresh fish in lemon juice before cooking with it, she said it takes away the fishy smell and taste :)

Alicia said...

Hi Kim,

I love reading your blog, it really makes me smile. I also love seeing your beautiful designs. They are very inspirational. I'm only starting out in digiscrapping, but have been trying to make my own papers and elements since I'm confused about most of the copyright type rules.

Anyway, I had a question. I had a go at your second colour challenge for the month. I used all of the colours in the LO (silly me didn't read that I only had to use 4). I was wondering where I should upload it to. I signed up for DSO, but am unsure exactly where to put it. I saw a couple of others and almost chickened out of posting it up, but figured I went to the effort of doing it, so I should put it up anyway.

So if you could maybe post me a comment on my blog http://alicianinnes.blogspot.com to give me an answer, that'd be awesome!!
Cheers, Leish

~*{ Michelle }*~ said...

I also have a couple of those BEEEG fishys coming my way. Leon went fishing in Namibia this past week. I love eating fish but, like you, not so keen on working with the raw meat. Luckily Leon is more than willing to do the cooking - and he know just how to!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Tammara in the first post on here. You can add different things, depending on your tastes. You know, onions, garlic, celery, shredded carrots, etc. But, you need egg, salt, pepper, bread crumbs (or flour), you can even add a little milk if you want. You basically need the eggs and breadcrumbs/flour to hold it all together. Easy!

Hope you're OK, because You haven't posted in days (and that's not like you!)


Anonymous said...

Oh, I noticed the last step wasn't on there, lol! Heat some EVOO in a pan and brown them like regular meat patties. You could bake them, too, I guess...

denise said...

I just downloaded two of your cluster frames, which i really love. Thank you.