Thursday, 23 July 2009

I’m Back

WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE- my PC is now up and running, she’s had her operations and had her *guts* upgraded. What a difference!

Yesterday not only did I have to get this baby all going and add all my programmes and presets- but I was functioning on just over 2 hours sleep! Can you say SLOW and Brain dead! hahahaha.I forgot to save my Net Fav’s like a dork and all my FONTS!!! DUH! so I have to slowly make my way back to getting them again.

Poor IT guy had some emergency call outs during the day and asked me if he could come a little later in the afternoon/evening and that it shouldn’t take that long- OMG, who was he fooling. We landed up having to download some drivers as I couldn’t find my discs for my scanner and printer-(and some other things too- but then again what the hell do I know about formatting PC’s! lol)

Then of course I wanted this baby done like I WANTED it- hee hee. At 3am he looked at me and asked me what the time was- when I said 3 her went almost PALE- and told me I was lying- No it isn’t- it must be about 12- ERRR NO, Trust ME it’s 3am!!- BWWWWWAHAHa- we both started laughing as we both got so involved in the PC we didn’t even realise. But by 3.30 I was starting to wilt big time! Not even my coffee was helping at that stage.

Wayne said NO ONE saw the poor man yesterday- hahahahahaha, I think I killed him-;-P, but I had to get up early to do my hospital duty! I got more coffee and soup on the trays than in the cups and everyone wanted to know if I was sick- lol.  My voice when tired goes really rough and LOW. OMG- the whole day when I spoke on the phone it was *Kim, you sick*- ERRRR NO, just DEAD! lol

I died in bed at 9pm last night and woke up at 8am this morning! A full 11 hours sleep- OMG, how AWESOME did today feel. hahaha.

Ok- enough yakking as Wayne is cooking supper behind me- YEAH, the man is cooking – WOOHOOOOO, but when it’s done I have to HOP or he gets a little pee-ed he cooked and we didn’t jump for it-lol

Don’t forget that the Toof Fairy COLLAB will go up FULL PRICE by tomorrow midnight-



so grab all this at 35% off while you can ;-)

And some more Eye candy for ya- WOOOHOOO


By Bonnie


Toof Fairy 2

By Renee


Simply A

By Luisa

And Luisa made us this AWESOME gifty-


Some printable School Tags!! Love them- you can grab them HERE.



By Vicki ( TX Bubbles)



By Hutchie


Scrapcat4914July09KaylaFirstBabyTeeth GS-kb-tooffairy[3]

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914  (thanks so much Sharon-MWAH)


MMDC previwish

And my Dear friend Melanie from Melanies Creations made up some SUPER DUPER word art for us – It all matches the Toof Fairy kit!

WOOHOOOOO- thanks so much GF- and you can pick it up HERE.


And Jenni Rousseau made us the FANTASTIC magical QP too!

WOOT WOOT- you can grab this HERE.



And our Handy Crafty Lady Loucee made up this AWESOME Birthday Banner for a 1st Bday! How freaking gorgeous is this!!??-


But that’s not all- see this fantastic Bday card! All hand made by LOUCEE- she’s giving this ORIGINAL CARD AWAY to her readers! (you have to answer a question first tho- but man it’s sooo worth it as Loucee’s cards are STUNNING!!!-

Check it all out HERE.


And I couldn’t RESIST using one of Beth’s QP’s that you get with the FULL BUNDLE and this is little BUG who just lost one of her teeth ;-)

Tomorrow there will be TONS of stuff too!! YIPPPPPEEEEEEE

Ok man is now yelling- hahahaha



Kristine said...

OMG Wayne!!!! Quit being such a drama cook!!! WAHAHAHAHA!!!!! She's comin'....she's comin'......


txbubbles said...

Hey, Kim!
Glad you're up and running again, missed you yesterday! I've 'gotta tell you, I am in awe of the amazing creations that are coming from this marvelous kit!
Looking forward to tomorrow!

Unknown said...

ROFL at Kristine!!! Drama cook! LOVE it!

WOW, 11 hours of sleep love, WOO HOO!!! Talk about some MAJOR beauty rest, your face just HAS to be GLOWING today darlin'!!!

WOOT for the IT man! Wish he could come over my way and perform his magic!!! He, he ...

What GORGEOUS goodies from SO many LOVELY and TALENTED ladies this week with *TOOF FAIRY* girlfriend!!! You and Gaye have ROCKED it BIG TIME on this one!!! WOOT, WOOT!!!

Well, I'm off to see what I can see without any coffee today. Better go grab me a cuppa to get me motor running, eh? LOL!


Linda :-D

Unknown said...

lol. Bug cracks me up. She can sure ham it up for the camera, cant she? lol...

tell Wayne I hope he made extr-y, I's on me way!!!!!!!!!!!!!


charlie said...

pmsl..on the "man" cook jokes..ah gotta love them..more awsome awesome is this kit!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing the inspirational layouts and all the wonderful freebie links!