Monday, 20 July 2009

WOOHOOOO-thank you

It's back to school today ( wheeeeeeeeeeeeee) but arrrgh, a typical Monday morning-lol. MOM, MOM - I can't find this and I can't find that- hahaha, yeah, typical teen boy. But he's back and I have my peace for a while. Tomorrow my PC is going in to be re-formatted so I will only chat again *hopefully* on Wednesday. It's having a good overhaul with a lot of new goodies installed too- so I'm hoping to come back all zippy and new! lol

Oh my goodness, Gaye and I are so thrilled you love our Toof Fairy kit!

Thank you soo soo much for all the mails and comments. It's meant the world and has left us with lots of warm fuzzy's!! lol, To see all the LO's coming through done with the Toof Fairy (or ANY kit you create) is any designers dream! It makes all those hours just so worth while and makes ones heart SMILE! THANK YOU!




Toof Fairy Bundle

$8.50 $5.53
Save: 35% off

(full previews and close ups IN STORE or in previous blog post ;-))


I have tons of GORGEOUS eye candy to show you today done with this kit

Loucee  has been Busy


Not only did she do this gorgeous LO-


She also made us a HYBRID tooth envelope and first hair cut box too!

WOOHOOOO! and she has been busy this weekend with something else too! WOW this girl has some creative fingers I tell you!

You can pick this up HERE



By Kristine



By LynO 



By Charlie-

And Charlie has also become one of our latest Designers at DSO!!

CONGRATS GF and keep an eye out for Charlie's opening sale SOON!


Andrea Boyer

By Andrea ( yes the Mrs Boyer-lol)



By Becca



Freebie QP's by Ruth



By Bonnie


Toof Fairy 1

By Renee



By Croppy,

who also has this fantastic freebie for you-


You can pick it up HERE.



By Jenni



And By me as a present for Bug ;-)

Remember that you get the word art, teeth charts and the 6 QP's in the

BUNDLE which will be on sale @ 35% off for a limited time only.

Well I have to go fetch Nathan from school and go searching for a suit/Tux!! OUCH, lol. If it's not hiking gear then it's now something for his Matric farewell this weekend. Leaving it LATE???- Yup, but was only told LAST night!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA- He *forgot* and was more interested in the HIKE than about the forthcoming Dance! again I say *BOYS* sigh!!! - hahaha.

Have a fantastic day and will chat again on Wednesday!



Kristine ♥ said...

Morning!!!!!!! to grab some coffee and the oxygen tank...



txbubbles said...

Lovin' all the gorgeous LO's from this FANTABULOUS kit! I had a chance to play with it a little bit this weekend and I'm in love! LOL!
Hugs, Vicki

Snowsmoon said...

GOOD morning Miss Kim.... I am so excited for everyone joining DSO and now all my designer I CT for all there. I am also happy I drug Miss Linda over to your Color Challenge a few month back...Now she will finally be in a store that will appreciate her work and what she puts into everything she does. I am excited to as I will have only one site to have to keep up with as I am leaving OSS as well.

I love the new collab with your sister and your sister is SOOO sweet. You two really have a very very talented family.

Well, off to work I go for another week of the real world...see ya in SCRAPLAND!

PS Thank you for allyour love in support you give everyone, it is truly appreciated.

Dawn aka Snowsmoon's Design

charlie said...

woohoo..thanks mate for pimp..really appreciate it..and man look at all those awesome layouts..what a fantastic kit..cant wait to play again with it there is so much you can do..have fun "BOY"

Judgirl said...

well looks like another kit I will have to it looks so awesome and your sis are so talented. well have a great week ...I am heading over to DSO shoppe.


ZiggyFan said...

What a great Blog! I love your work! I wanted to let you know that you have an award over on my blog.

ZiggyFan Scrap Designs

LouCeeCreations said...

My My.. so much eye candy today... that's one candy that is good for your teef lol!

KrisG said...

OMG, another absolutely GORGEOUS kit!!!! It looks like talent runs in the family... beautiful!!! I just HAD to run to the store and get this one (and I DON'T buy kits!!!). Can't wait to play!!! Love all the fabulous LOs and goodies from everyone everywhere. Thanks! said...

I love this kit too! I usually dont buy them either but I am running off to get it for myself too/// thank you so much.

Lynn said...

Wow, this kit looks great! I was actually going to buy it, but I get a page load error and something about security when I try to check out. Probably just me. I'll just enjoy seeing all the wonderful pages!