Wednesday, 29 July 2009

well, snaffoo!

Hey folks!  Bunny here, Kim is having some issues with her pc {again} and is sending it off for a reformat.  I would sure hate to be her dear Nathan right now.  He was surfing and put a virus on her 4 day old computer! hahaha!!!  Anyhoo, I know Kim would want to reveal  a little more of this bag for you so…

Ok the reason I am posting on Kim's blog for you today, is she cant and we really want to remind you about our bag:


Grab bag FULL of High Quality Commercial Use OK tools and designer resources.
This bag is jam packed with 9 full sized products-

(52 items in all)
You can't beat that!
Less than $1 per full PRODUCT
Don’t miss it!
All have been Quality checked,
free of strays and jaggy's.

ALL this for ONLY $8!!!!! 

here’s MORE PRODUCTS REVEALED that’s in this fantastic bag

Kim added a new Mish Mash to it.  I LOVE these kinds of products.   Its such an assortment, that a “new'” designer can get the one spiel and have SEVERAL tools to work with.  Not like 5 flowers, but 5 bits of designer goodness! lol…

and here’s  one of my goods in there.  Speaking of flowers….
Flowers extracted from MY DADS photos!  Man his camera is amazing!  I made him test his new big macro lens out for me, and I have to say… Kim and I are satisfied. hehehe! 

OH, speaking of his new camera… DESIGNERS if there is something specific you wish you had some extractions of, leave a note here on Kim's blog or over on mine and we’ll get Dad to take the shots so we can get them done for you.  Of course if we pick your request, you will get the resulting product FREE!!!

OK, I have no idea what else Kimmers would say.  She’s probably hold up soaking her feet in a hot tub, sippin’ a margarita, enjoying her day off, and giggling like a mean ass ole’ cow at the thought of me slaving away up here for her AND trying to remodel downstairs.  Sweatin’ in places I didn’t even know had sweat glands dammit!

I just hope she is REALLY enjoyin’ it cuz I have my whip all wound up and waitin for her ass to get back online. hehehe!!  <evilest of evil grins…>

Peace out ladies {and dudes – if you should be one. Or if you prefer to be called one… hehehe!}



geezee said...

Our Kimmie could be sitting at home having withdrawals and drinking coffee and cocktails 'til she don't know herself much less us lesser beings. Here's missin' ya sweetie. I need to hear your laugh again soon.

Mrs. Miles said...

OH OHHHH NAAAYYYY-THANNNN. You really did it kid. Does this move you just a bit further off the apron strings Buddy? *snort* JK, I have the feeling she loves you beyond things like this - I have a vision of her strangling you and then stopping and giving you a big ol hug and saying "you're worth more than any 'ol (new) computer" haha!

Kim, I hope Bunsies verbal pic of you is true and you are having your feet up and all.

Figures, I come to visit and you're not really here. We will connect soon.

Now, will have to go hunt our Bunny down soon too.

ahunting we will go... yada yada

LouCeeCreations said...

Bwaahaahaa! oh Bunny... the funniest thing is she can't get here to comment on what you said.
I can just imagine her frustration...... one to Bunny lol!

Snowsmoon said...

Boy, Nathan...I'd hate to be YOU! Hehe. Thanks Miss Bunny for posting here and sharing your awesome GB as I had to have it couldn't wait to be revealed. Your a great friend to post for her and keep her following updated. Great team work!

I hope she gets her P (personal)C (computer) back in working and virus free. . . read this Nathan its moms PC..LOL.

Hugs Girls

Darleen said...

TASSELS!!! Oh please,please, please. I have been trying to find some great tassels for ages and never seem to find ones that I think are realistic, or good for CU use. I've tried to extract them myself but am never satisfied with the results. I KNOW you two can do a great job.
Here's hoping that Kim's back up and running REAL soon. I miss her postings with my morning coffee.

xashee's corner said...

so sorry about the new computer but sure GLAD you have a guy to fix it!!
hope you have a SUPER weekend and you can get back online next week!! :D

Kim B said...

WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE- lets see if I have this thing all set up on my OWN comments box- lol
Getting it sorted slowly but surely!

Thanks Bunny Wunny

Cautcha Lookin' Images said...

Well... Bunny and Kim I wouldn't mind seeing some photos taken of some covered bridges!

BTW, Bunny your dad is an amazing photographer!!! Gorgeous flowers!

Glad too see you back Kim and sorry about the puter... I hear ya about the stress! Yikes!!!