Friday, 31 July 2009

I'm BACK + Reveal

BWWWAHAHAHAHAHA- Laughing at dear Bunny Wunny! Thanks for the *hack* girlfriend. And yup, Nathan is now tooo poop scared to sit at my PC, as he nearly killed this one permanently! OUCH. Poor boy saw a pop up for *YOU HAVE A VIRUS* blah blah blah- push now to clean up PC etc etc. He said, MOM, it's said WINDOWS security suite so I thought it was authentic and I know how paranoid you are about your PC and viruses - so I pushed yes- lol, The rest is history ;-)

Re-Formatting my PC ONCE is enough but uhum, TWICE in two weeks is *straight jacket stuff*- lol. I'm soooo far behind now and have tons of catch up- but that's why God made coffee right??- haha.

Wayne's Birthday this weekend too and we have the RUGBY( GO SA!!!!!!!) and his party all on Saturday night- WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, looking forward to a bit of a *PARRRTAY* again. Everyone has accepted and I think we are in for a FULL house - and trouble! lol.

Ok a little business as I haven't been able to get on here since Sunday ( thanks to my sis and Bunny for standing in for me-lol)

Have you grabbed this huge Collab CU OK Grab bag yet??-

It will be GONE this weekend, so I thought I would REVEAL it all for you so you can see what a bargain the $8 is for all these CU ok products.

Check these out-

Playful Petals 2 ( stunning detailed flowers!)

Swirly Strings ( with natural holes)

Daisy Daisy- Wilted

Fun Borders

Mish Mash - 5

Tied Twine ( white)

Vintage Grunge Textures

Splatters ( high res inked splatters + ABRI brush)

Doodly Wings ( hand drawn + High Res large sized ABRI brushes)

This bag is jam packed with 9 full sized products-
(52 items in all)

You can't beat that!
Less than $1 per full PRODUCT
Don’t miss it!
All have been Quality checked,
free of strays and jaggy's.

ALL this for ONLY $8

And I have some CT eye candy that have done some LO's with the bag too- WOOHOOOO!

Silvia did this of her daughter Belinda

And this one in memory of her mom! All the goodies used come from the bag and some of my other kits.


and my sister Gaye(GS CREATIONS) and I am sooo loving all the LO's done with our collab TOOF FAIRY kit! WOOOOHOOOOO!

Check these out-

Vicki has been busy and has done a whole series of LO's using our kit-

Nothing like the Fairy Godmother doing you up ;-)

This one of her son Matt-lol

LOVE the border on this with the castle accent in the corner! Stunning

And Jazzy has been busy too now that she is on the mend-

She also made this into a QP freebie for us! WOOHOOO

You can grab this plus WORD ART on her blog here-

And can you believe her GGD is already ONE! wow time flys!

You can pick up this really CUTE QP freebie on JAZZY'S BLOG HERE.

This cutie pattootie is from Belinda! OMG, LOVE that grin! lol

Another stunner by Vicki! just look at those little curls!

By Bonnie who is also having a $1 sale in her BRAND NEW Blog STORE-

you can check it out HERE.

This stunner is by Sue! OMG, the extraction is just fantastic- look at the hair wisps! LOVE it Sue ;-)

And don't you just love this proud little face??- lol, This is by Andrea, LOVE IT!

And GINA or Geezee as we all know and love her has made up a FREEBIE BRAG BOOK for us too- you can collect all the pages on her blog HERE.

WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE- I'm doing a good job on the catch up aren't I- lol

Don't forget that we have ALL the CU templates made for the kit up for SALE @ 25% off at the moment.

The fairy is there now too and is soooo easy to adapt and play with-

All in PSD and separated PNG's- all LARGE in size for ease of resizing to what you need ;-) Grab them now while on SALE.

And WE have the Butterfly TEMPLATE as a FREEBIE CU OK SAMPLER for you ;-)

You can pick it up HERE-

Phew- I made it! lol,

Two cups of coffee later and tons of windows open because I still need to replace all my favourites etc- lol. Back to work for me before Bunny gets out her whip again- BWWWWAHAHAHAHA ;-P

Hope you all have a wonderful fun weekend.

ARRRRRRRGHHH- well Windows Live Writer wouldn't publish it- said error 403! BLAH- so re-did my two hour post in blogger now- HAHAHAHAHAHA. Talk about pulling my hair out. I'm definitely going to be having a good drink tonight-lol

Hugs and Loves Kim


LouCeeCreations said...

Oh Kim, I am so sorry, but I just had to laugh about your pc... it was the click here button that did it! I just cracked up instantly when I read you PUSHED the button lol! Now c'mon girl you know what happens when you do that, hehehe!
so glad you are up and running, lets hope you are here a bit longer than a week lol!
Happy Birthday Wayne, have a fantastic party x
And thanks for the fab template, I've already snagged it on Gaye's blog.

charlie said...

yay par-ty time..Hope your Hubby has a wonderful night ..and pmsl at the press the button story!!!!!!I know which button Kim wont be pressing again..;)..Have fun catching up and an awesome weekend!

Kim B said...

HAHAHAHAHA- It wasn't me that pushed the button- lol
If it was it would have been OH SO NORMAL HUH??- ROTF!
Nathan hit it thinking he was saving my PC from disaster- poor kid nearly had a stroke- hahaha


txbubbles said...

Heehee...I'll bet Nathan NEVER clicks that kind of button again!
Glad you like the LO's, I am SOOO lovin' this kit!
Wish Wayne a happy birthday for me, and don't hurt yourself too badly this weekend! LOL!
Big hugs, Vicki
P.S. Thanks so much for the cool butterfly template.

geezee said...

Oh, girl I am so glad you are back. No matter how many time I (pushed) the refresh button, you weren't there to greet me. I was gettin' lonely for ya. There are just SOME empty spaces that ONLY Kim can fill. Have a blast this weekend and hope to see you again Monday. Does this mean you will post this weekend since you got your weekend in the middle this week?

Di Heuser said...

Great to have you back :)

My kids touch my pc on the pain of a year's grounding, picking up dog poop and washing dishes. Mean mother I know ;)

Off to do a little shopping. Gonna grab me that grab bag. I LOVE PAYDAY!!!!

Judy said...

aww... well have a big drink tonight ...and relax ...and give that man of yours a big birthday hug ...have a great busy weekend the toofairy kit ....just might have to go get the grab bag kit ....


Unknown said...

posting and re-posting huh? no wonder you got no work done while I was asleep... now get to your to-do list and dont make me say it twice...

*pets whip hanging on side*

xashee's corner said...

i am soooooooooo GLAD you have someone to fix up your computer so quickly!! GLAD to have you back!! Thank you for ALLLL that you share!! Have a FANTASTIC weekend and HAPPY Birthday to Wayne!!! :)

sdwrdt said...

thanks for sharing!

Peggie said...

Thanks so much. Love it. Virus' are just mean.

Anonymous said...

So glad you're back up and running! Thank you for all the freebie links and the beautiful butterfly!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this Freebie. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in Creative Busy Hands Scrapbook Freebies Search List, under the Page 14 post on Aug. 01, 2009. Thanks again.

Unknown said...

Glad to hear Nathan is still breathing...

Jazzy said...

Hope you had a great weekend and party, from the pics I saw and those huge smiles I think you did!
Thanks for showing my pages and for giving my blog a plug..seems that Nathan hit that same button Chase did...and all that stuff popped up on me the other day, I just hit my power button and shut it down..makes me so mad that there are such wicked people like that give the internet a bad name, when there are such wonderful people and things on the net that you don't hear about..thanks for the beautiful freebie..hugs meee