Thursday, 13 August 2009

Fishy story

hahaha- I'm late again as usual these days-but thought I would share a  story with you-

Bunny Wunny last night sent through a mail saying she was re-packing/tiding her NEW office and digging in her Vampire closet(another story-lol) and she smelt this pong- so she lost track of what she was actually looking for and spent it looking for the *source of the PONG*- hee hee. She found it in the fishing tackle box that the kids had used - wait for it- not this summer- but LAST summer and had forgotten some chicken neck and gizzards in there! WOW- no wonder we got the PUKE, gag - arrrgh mail- HAHAHAHAHA.

and it reminded me of my *fishy* story- I might have told it before- but I'm telling you anyway- hahaha

It was HOT and the middle of summer and my dear hubby and son had gone fishing on the SAT. Monday morning I'm walking around sniffing - there's a faint *OFF* fishy STINK near my kitchen and front door! (We had an inter-leading door from the garage that came through to the entrance hall into the kitchen).

I spray air freshener and head for the garage on a mission as I'm SURE the boys let one of their MUD PRAWNS ( which looks like this- hee hee)


climb out of the bait box !  Man those things can pong the paint off the walls when they die and ROT! So here I am walking around the garage but can't see anything - NOPE,  can smell something but can't see anything- because those things crawl and could be anywhere- KWIM?

So I wait for Wayne to get home- ask him if a PRAWN got loose- He looks at me with that *woman are you MAD or what look?* and say's he doesn't think so as the lid was on! But then what the hell is that smell?

mmmmmmmmmm- maybe there's still a bit of prawn on a hook - so off he goes to check the rods- NOPE, all clean- lol. Has a quick look around and say's it's probably just *tackle and box* smell that will go away tomorrow-

YEAH RIGHT! It's a scorcher and getting hotter, and the smell now is stronger! But so bad that even the nanny is now spraying air freshener all day. Come on Wayne, find the bloody prawn will ya! I phone him in desperation at work - OK OK, he'll check again when he gets home.

NOTHING- yup, the smell drops a bit as evening comes as it's not so hot- but this time he really CAN smell it and moves half the garage looking- NOPE still nothing and I'm running out of air freshener- hahahahahaha.

OMG- on the WEDNESDAY when its so bad that all the doors and windows are open and you have every scented candle lit- he phones ME- UHUM, sweetheart- I think I know what it is. ( sweetheart means it's HIS fault- hahah), You DO??? What is it??, Don't worry love I'll sort it out when I get home from work- OY, he STILL doesn't say anything- and comes home from work and calls Nathan.

WELL- let me just say that when Nathan wants to GAG, you must know how BAD that smell is! The chest freezer stood in the garage- and of course they caught fish- put it in a packet and *supposedly* put it in the freezer- NOT!!!! BWWWWWAHAHAHA

They forgot it ON TOP of the FREEZER in the middle of summer! NOT a good idea I tell you. lol

It had gone sort of jelly like and all mushy- and we had empty bush/veld in front of our house- so Wayne tells Nathan to take the packet and throw it deep into the bush-

BWWWWWWAHAHAHA- well, Nathan started swinging that packet to let it go so it would FLY into the bush- mmmmmmmmmm, the packet didn't fly- but the FISH sure did- right out the bottom of the packet and straight sideways into the neighbours TREE!

No lies- there this freaking fish sat- perched high up in the branches! lol Nathan, Wayne and I at this stage where CRYING with laughter and Wayne tried to shake the tree from our side- but that thing wouldn't budge!

And NOPE - they wouldn't go over and tell the neighbours that they had a FISH in their TREE because honestly - they didn't speak much English and mmmmmmmmmm- it's sounds a little WARPED right??- hahahahahahaha

Hope you have a great day further

Hugs and Loves


LouCeeCreations said...

OMG Kim, now I have tears from laughing.. so funny..
thanks for the titter!

Sandy said...

I've read your blog for many months. You never cease to amaze me with the funny things that happen in your life. If I ever need a "pick me up" I go to my favorites and there you are. Thank you.

Tammara said...


Jazzy said...

I love that first are a great story the new MEGA CU BAG..its awesome..and the goodies are beautiful..everyone needs to grab this one for sure!!! Poor Kim, now you know how I feel and I'm not blonde..just have those moments LOL..have a great weekend..

Jenni said...

WAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! OMG that's hilarious!!!! Love the grab bag- have a fab weekend!

Bydelstorp said...

OMG Kim, I am still crying with laughter, can hardly see the screen. The fish in the tree totally had me on the floor, bwahahah.
Your story brought back old memories when we were sailing in Denmark during our summer vacation. Introduced to it by friends we had met on that trip, my brother had tried his hand at fishing. He actually caught a few smaller flounders and was very proud of himself. A few days later we were wondering about the strange smell downstairs in the boat and went on the hunt. Poor dad opened the cabinet the fish had been stored in, I don't remember why. Well that cabinet was always called fish cabinet after that and the smell never completely got away in there. :))
Have a great weekenend and thanks very much for the freebie today.
Hugs Karen

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good Evening Kim:)
Soo glad you were able to find the smelly problem.LOL
I would have had to ask the neighbors why they had a fish in THEIR tree.HEHE

Thank you so much for sharing another cool freebie with me.:)