Thursday, 27 August 2009

Internet Woes

Oh man yesterday was frustrating- sorry I didn't get here with the *next instalment*- lol, but my Internet connection went on holiday for the day! ARRGH- after restarting, de-fragging, cleaning up my PC, doing all the connections again- I learnt the *area grid* was faulty- hahahahaha- well at least my PC is tuned again ;-)

where was I- Oh yes, After Nathan was born Deon signed a serviette at the dinner he and Wayne made for me when I came home with Nathan - that said when Nathan turned 18 he would be the first one to buy him a PORSCHE - OMG, and of course this year Nathan turned 18- and look what he got!


BWWWWWWWWWWAHAHAHAHA- it's a miniature Porsche clock for his room- Deon didn't forget- he just said he didn't say WHAT KIND of Porsche! Nathan loves it and it's on display next to his bed.

After Deon got his degree, he got a job in Pretoria and moved away again. We kept in contact weekly of course and Wayne had a lot of jobs that in the area that he was installing too- so I used to fly up with Nathan every month or so to visit Wayne, my folks and of course my friend Deon.


The one weekend I came up, Wayne decided he would baby sit Nathan and gave Deon and I the *petty cash tin* to take all the guys that had been working up there for over a month out on the town! BWAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA- big mistake! The next morning Wayne asked for the *change/tin* as he wanted to go into town to have breakfast with Nathan while we slept the hangover away- uhummmmmmmmmmm CHANGE??- What change????? lol, Wayne said he walked down to the lobby of the hotel and there was one of the guys waiting for his wife to arrive from the airport too- and he looked GREEN- he said it was the LAST time he ever goes out with Deon and I together because he doesn't think he's going to live too last the day- HAHAHAHAHAHA. Well it happened a few times till the job finished;-P

Deon got a job at the same company Wayne was working at and returned home to Port Elizabeth.

We had a camping site out at Bushaman's River and Deon would make sure he spent the week between Christmas and New Year with us (to this DAY) so he could give Nathan his Christmas presents etc. Man and they were always the noisiest- he would try get one noisier the next year just to spite me- hahaha


And of course during that week was always crazy fun! Here we were (including Gaye!!) BBQ-ing (braaing) in the rain,Playing guitar and singing on top of our voices that the whole campsite the next morning called Deon *Danny boy*- BWWWWAHAHAHAHAHA- Yup they heard us all over the park and into the little town area- OY, we were forever having people walk up and join us- lol!


Wayne was promoted and asked to open up a branch of the company he was working for in Argentina, Buenos Aries. Deon decided that he wasn't going to be left behind in South African and sent Wayne a job application telling him WHY he actually needed him and how much of an asset he would be etc etc - well he got the job! hahahah ,and this is us with *MA* at Nathan's playschool graduation service ( he had just turned 4)! And yes, Deon was there when I missed my family, my home and my country and was my sanity many a day.

Argentina is another long funny story on it's own and I will tell some of those too- but I'm sure you need another coffee by now- hahaha

More tomorrow ;-)

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Thats it till tomorrow ( hopefully- hahahahaha). Hope you all have a stunning day further.

Hugs and Loves


VJ's Scrap Room said...

I LOVE Nathan's Porche. SWEET!! :)

Your friendship with Deon is amazing!! You are very fortunate to have him around..and I know that you KNOW it.:)

Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful designs!!


xashee's corner said...

so GLAD you got another 'tune-up' on the 'puter!! mine needed a good cleaning badly!! DH finally got around to it when it kept freezing up on me! lol
i LOVE the Porsche clock and am so glad that Nathan loves it too! :) it's very COOL & FUN!!
Thank you so much for ALLL that you share! it's been really GREAT getting to know you more! Have a LOVELY day! :D

Dinphy said...

A very special friendship, that's for sure.
Nope, didn't need any coffee. Your blog is like a 'page turner' to me. Keep the stories coming girlfriend! :)
That Porsche is SO cute! What a fun thing to do. And amazing he remembered.
Oh, be glad it's a CAR... Could easily have been the Porsche toaster, kettle or coffee maker! LOL!

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Good morning Sweety!!!!!!!!!!!
So glad your back on rack & have sent me your computer whoas!!!!!!! LOL
Its cloudy & misting off & on so thats why my computer is on the list this morning!!!!!!!! LOL
Love the update on Deon & the COOL porshe!!!!!!!!!
HUGE HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mrs. Miles said...

After fixing your computer woe's YOU need to be defraggled I bet! I am just here for a second as I am catching up after a weeks visit with my sister. I will come back and bug you in the next day or so.


PS - loved your stories of D and hope to use your kit to scrap my Sister's visit with it.