Thursday, 6 August 2009

Official teen Taxi

OMG- I'm now what you would call an OFFICIAL teen taxi- bwwwwahaha. Every afternoon after school it's somewhere or something and I'm landing up sitting in the car for most of the afternoons after school these days.

Today it was fishing License renewal- UHUM, no jokes, he needs one for catching fish, another for using certain baits, another for pumping the bait and another for netting the bait! It took nearly an hour for him standing in the queue to get them-BLAH! Mom of course sat in the car and started getting bored after 15 minutes and I don't know about you, but the cubby hole in the car is a fascinating place to keep yourself occupied- HAHAHA. I found a receipt Wayne had been looking for for over a month- Woohooooo, one of my *lost CD's* and a ton of old brochures and booklets that kept me entertained till Nathan came out.

So I won't complain toooo much today as I am now Waynies HERO tonight- hee hee. He's cooking supper as well so I can just say a quick hi- WHEEEEEEEEEEEEE ;-)

I have something coming up for you tomorrow just cause it's Friday-lol

looky here-


HAHAHAHAHAHA- you didn't think I would show you the WHOLE thing now did you?? It's a request from someone for a little special Lady nicknamed *Peach*;-) Ok Ok, I'm a tease I know!!- but you can come back tomorrow to pick up the whole

And while browsing this morning I came across a site that I had so much fun in that I lost track of time- hahaha. Honestly - I spent over an hour just making up swatches!! WOOHOOO!

You all know I love my Colour Challenge right??? And I'm always on the look out for *colour inspirations*- and somehow ran across the Palette Generator by !

I know some of you will already have known about it - but most of my swatches etc are done by eye not by photo- so I had GREAT fun doing these there- lol and I thought I would share two with you-


I uploaded some of my photo's lying *dormant* on my HD- and WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, can you say FUN! lol


*just click on the images and save to your HD*

*Please note the colour palettes can be used for designing purposes*

Well supper is nearly ready and I smell Pumpkin- YUM YUM!!! lol Hope you all have a fantastic day further and will chat in the morning again.

Hugs and Loves


Danyale said...

Too funny, being a "mom" taxi never ends...even when they have kids of their own...LOL!!!!! I have driving kids around for 24 years now, and am still finding things under seats and such (a darn french fry....haven't had fast food in the car in ...oh, about THREE MONTHS) I really enjoy reading your exploits and seeing your artwork we call scrap kits! thanz for the many morning coffe smiles....:)

Dinphy said...

LOL. Thanks for reminding me of the GOOD things that NOT having a license brings! HA!

Now I always thought fishing was a lazy sport... I see the sport is getting all the right licenses! ;)

Ooohhh! Great new toy to play with. I ALWAYS have trouble finding a color palette!
Well, except for your challenge, of course. THEN I'm safe! (guess who played this month!?) Heehee!

Will be back tomorrow!

Alicia said...

I have the taxi service to look forward to in about twelve years' time, by which time you'll be able to sit back and laugh at the rest of us still doing it!

Thanks for the link to the site. It'll come in handy when I'm stuck for what colours to use.

xoxo Leish

Snowsmoon said...

WOO hoo...I hope that I get back here before my dr apt, if not I will be back when I get home. Your color palettes are great...Love the second one.

While just stopping by to say HI and that can't wait to see you new kit.

Dawn aka Snowsmoon

charlie said...

oh I love that site for generating easy does mum have a Taxi license..bwahhhhhh??

LouCeeCreations said...

Oooh! love your colour pallettes my friend, they will come in handy someday..
Hey! you have a job like mine lol! I am forever running around after my girl.. and it seems, her boyfriend too! Yesterday i took them to Derby to pick up there football seasons ticket and found myself buying DD a sports jacket and her boyfriend a scarf lol! and then 3/4 way through the evening taking them somewhere else.. I rarely have a drink til past eleven these days!

Anonymous said...

LOL! Never a dull moment when you have kids!

Thanks for sharing the lovely color palettes!