Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Back to routine

Well today is the first day since last week that I have my day to myself-lol.

PC- working ( check), Nathan at school- (check), Wayne at work ( check)! Yup- back to routine. WOOHOOOOOOOO!!!

Boy, putting it mildly - my life is NEVER boring as things get thrown at me from all directions that can turn a *normal* day into a crazy fun fair ride-hahahaha. It sure keeps me hopping I tell you.

OMG- we had Waynies Bday party on Saturday, with everyone here watching rugby in the afternoon too. Not only did we WIN, so there were MAJOR celebrations going on- but poor Wayne was given tons of *shooters* too ( well he was the Bday boy-lol). He managed to sneak down the passage at 1am and climb into bed!! hahahahahahahaha- Yup, I was up till 4am seeing everyone out.

w7Proudly *Souf A-freak-ens* as Bunny Wunny calls us-hahaha. All in our rugby supporters gear.w6

All gathering around the fire just after the match ;-)


  Happy BIRFFFFFDAY to you Waynie- lol.


Ant bought Wayne some BLUE BULL slippers ( his provincial rugby team he supports) and made him wear them the WHOLE NIGHT! OMG, they are *FUGLY*- but he was a great sport and wore them laughing his ass off every time he slipped outside or someone stood on the back of them-hahahahaha



w5And of course the *girls* having their fun - pouring shooters and SINGING our hearts out and dancing our asses off-lol

Yup- that's a cell phone being used to *record us*- BWAHAHAHAHA.

AND YES- we slept most of Sunday ( well I did- hahahaha) Waynes phone rang all day from early in the morning with everyone wishing him happy Birthday- *tee hee*.

OOOOHHHHHHH- and of course it's the beginning of AUGUST already ( wow, this year is flying by!) and my new Colour Challenge is up-


Please check out the forum challenge thread HERE to get the correct swatch ( I was uhum,lets just say BLONDE and didn't change the hex numbers for the preview here- BWWWWAHAHAHAHA).

Come and join in the fun- there are already kits and gifty's and stunning LO's in there already!! WOOOOOHOOOOOO!

Ok, going to get some creative juices going and get my FIX in photoshop today- boy I've missed not being able to create the last week! ADDICTION I swear! hahaha.

hope you all have a fantastic day further

Big hugs


txbubbles said...

Well, it certainly looks like Wayne had a happy birthday!
I love the colors this month and the PB is just gawgeous!
Big hugs,

Bunny Cates, bunnycates.com said...

look at you, slurping away while Im over here sweating my ass off...

a REAL friend would have atleast OFFERED to help. Shit Kim.


Glad Wayne had a good time. Our Man-thangs need it every now and then...

charlie said...

lol..on the slippies and the " Souf A-Freak- ens"..ge you guys sure know how to to party..glad a good time was had by all..yay on the day to yourself..I m looking to one tomorrow
take care..xxx Charlie

xashee's corner said...

from your photos i can see you had such a GREAT time! :)
i LOVE your August posting bonus, but then again, tell me what kit of yours, i don't like?! lol you would be hard pressed to find one, for sure! hehe LOVE your work!
Thank you so much for ALL that you share, Kim!! Have a TERRIFIC day! :D

Jenni said...

HAHAHAHAAAA!!! Love the photos!!!!