Thursday, 17 September 2009

I've lost my mind

Well it's all over today- lol. I have had two friends ( Wenchy and Netters) keeping me entertained and totally distracted and off track today. YOu both are warped you know that- but OMG I love you! hahahahaha

You have those days?? When you can't quite concentrate on any one thing and your brain is all over??- Sheeee's I've had to clean up my desk too! I choked laughing so hard on my lunch then spat coffee through my nose too! THANKS GUYS!! hahahaha.

But after running around all morning with Nathan to find a fishing reel and some odds and ends in the stationary department- I feel like I've lost most of my day and haven't done a thing! ( besides laugh my ass off that is!) OY ;-)

I have some more stunning eye candy with my new kit Soft Whispers to show you-


Soft Whisper

$5.50 now only $3.85 - Save: 30% off

Briella-Aug09RS By Croppy

Gisele01 By Renee

ifsp48 By Kristine

Mama-Mia By Jenni


Jodiann has made us this AWESOME freebie QP too!! You can pick it up HERE.

preciousKaijpg450By Hutchie

Who also made us a fantastic Freebie QP-FOLDER-hutchie-KimB-Soft Whisper QP Preview

YOu can pick it up HERE.


Bekah_E had her LO as a Freebie QP too! WOOT WOOT, you can pick it up HERE.

Please remember to leave the girls some LOVE ;-)

I am having so much fun working with one of my favourite designers who I LOVE tons and we have something coming out VERY SOON!! WOOHOOOOOOOOOOOO-

logo-Guess-Who copy

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA- that should do it right???? Keep a look out for some exciting news in the next few days ;-)

Okies I'm off to get some work done- I THINK- lol. I hope you all have a fantastic day further.

Hugs and Loves


Kristine ♥ said...

I was gonna ask you who started it but then I saw from the emails that it was ME that started it...WAHAHAHAHAHHAA

I'd LIKE to say I was sorry but I can't....

I'm still howling at the Kimberley Hole..


Dinphy said...

Oh your girls did awesome work again! Beautiful layouts.
Guess who? Hm... I see you're trying not to give any hints huh? So lets take a WILD guess... Disasterpiece Studios? LOL. Looking forward!

xashee's corner said...

oh my goodness i LOVE your newest kit! but then again, what else is new, huh? i LOVE all your kits! lol you are so talented and always seem to pick just the right colors! :) LOVE all the WONDERFUL layouts done with it too! GREAT job!! Have an AWESOME day! :)

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

PBBBBBBBBBBT! That is MY coffee being spat upon my screen! HA! What a HOOT y'all are and when I saw your post title I was going to say that I FOUND your mind for you and was bringing it back, however, I see you've managed to find it on your own!

The KO, eh? LOL! I won't even touch that one, but I do believe I remember seeing a picture of it - ROFL!

More EYE CANDY for these hungry eyes this morning whilst I am transferring files! BEAUTIFUL work from some VERY talented ladies!

Oh my AND Disasterpiece Studios and Kim B collabing shall only bring about many a MASTERPIECE! WOOT!

Sweet dreams when you get there girlie ...

Judgirl said...

love your new kit ...and those layouts ..awesome


Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Good morning Sweething!!!!!!!!
So glad that your back on track after all your interuptions!!!!!!!!!! LOL
HAVE A FAB WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nett said...

OMG, I am dying... this whole time you've had that here blaming Moose aka Fluffy and I for such an unproductive day... You had nothing to do with it did ya Lunchbox?! Never ever will anyone believe you are innocent LMAO!!! Ooooh what a fun day that was though LOLOLOL!
Love ya sweets! :*

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous layouts! Thanks for sharing links to all the beautiful goodies!

Muma said...

Wow ..... I will be off to buy this in the morning. Absolutely stunning page kit and the colours are divine.