Monday, 5 October 2009


Gosh, thanks sooo soo much for all your well wishes for our 20th Wedding anniversary. We got back last night and I'm still struggling today to find my head. I think it's still on holiday and hopefully it will return tomorrow- hahaha.

We caught the very early morning flight from Port Elizabeth to Durban -


The view of my little City Port Elizabeth from the air ;-)

My hubby spoiled me rotten - OY, he had organized a full suite in a Hotel that I hadn't stayed in before. He knows I like to explore and *new and unknown* is always so much more exciting.


The Entrance to the Sibaya Hotel Resort.

We brought the wind and rain with us from Port Elizabeth ( renowned for it's wind and called the *windy City*- hee hee)


The Casino Entrance


The Suite, which isn't done justice with this photo- but it had a lounge, little dining room, kitchenette


full MES (with slippers and robes- lol) , guest bathroom, and a little patio overlooking gardens and pool.


FOOD, that's what that grin says- lol


The Hotel Bar (empty at 9am in the morning- hahaha)


Outside has these water features the full way around the hotel.


The pool area outside our suite doors ;-)


Taking a stroll and tired of the camera in his face- hahahaha.

I also had one of the BEST meals I have ever had on the night of our anniversary- my hubby is a *closet* romantic I tell you. The hotel has one fantastic seafood restaurant called Aqua, and I don't know how or when he had organized it- but he told me he had booked for 8pm and that he thought seafood would be a good choice ( it's my spoil me dinner usually-lol).

OMG, when we got there and he said our names- they said OH YES- and I KNEW something was up- aaaaahhhhhhhhhh, he had organized a little * round booth table* like you see only on TV- lol. With candles, long stemmed roses in the centre - and some arranged on  my plate too with my fav chocs ( a HUGE box) tied with big bows on the table.

We shared a seafood platter with crayfish, prawns, calamari, muscles etc etc etc and sat there for hours yakking. I can't say what those *little things* meant- so much MORE than just a trinket handed over in a box- KWIM? Thanks Waynie for my wonderful *second honeymoon*- sure looking forward to the *third*- lol


$6.00 $2.00
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In honour of my 20th Wedding anniversary and keeping with the colours of the *modern and traditional gifts* of white, china, green for emeralds and silvers and platinum's, comes this romantic soft elegant kit.

14 subtle white print papers, 50 elements ( includes 6 metal word art phrases)

I've put it up on SPECIAL at only $2 for the time I'm away ( 5th October). ENDS TONIGHT ;-)

And check these AWESOME AWESOME LO's done by my CT while I was away-Becca By Becca ( her wedding song ;-)

Jayden4-rnee By Renee who's little GD is now 4months old ;-)


 renee3 By Renee- x2 ( how stunning are these wedding pics!)

moment_in_time450By Hutchie

tip-tipperman-attorney-at-meowBy Netters

puppylove2By Loucee

KristineBy Kristine

the-night-we-were-wedRS By Jazzy

Love-is-jen By Jenni

WOW!! Don't you think they are freaking GORGEOUS!!! WOOHOOOO- so grab the kit today before it goes up full price ;-)

AND some more * business news*- @ DIGISCRAP VAULT-


October Vault Designers' Collab Bag$7.00

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Close ups of all the products you can find in there. DON'T MISS IT ;-)

Okies- off to try finish my colour Challenge for October too- funny thing is I feel like I'm playing with this month as Wayne chose the colour swatch (which is up and ready to play with) and I'm still trying to make the posting gift- hahahahaha. So if you want to play along with us- come check it out here-

Until tomorrow, hugs and loves


Bunny Cates, said...

Sounds like you had a GREAT time! Tell Wayne "Thanks" from me, I likes to see my friend happy!!!


Have to admit, glad you're back though! Poor Jodiann has had to listen to me ALL weekend, she's probably ready to kiss your face just becuase I can stop pestering HER now! hahahah!!!

Kristine ♥ said...

Welcome back hag!!!! Glad you had a blast!

Kim's Scrappin' said...

Looks like you had a lovely time! Welcome back! Gorgeous layouts by your CT. :)

charlie said...

Welcome back glad you had an awesome romantic time!

Snowsmoon said...

WOW...what a luck girl you are! Pampering, romantic and Fun. The resort looked like a dream place and I know that you had a great time. Hard getting back to work after that isn't it.

Happy Aniver. Belated and all that pampering is good for the soul. HUG sweetie!

Dawn aka Snowsmoon

Jodiann said...

...just finished watching Sense and Sensibility to which I always boo-hoo start to finish and now I come and read your blog!! ...a puddle...I am a weeping puddle of goo!

oh, and Bunny talked my leg off and is working on the only toes I have left! Thank GOODness you returned!

* wink*

Ruth said...

Hi Kim! Hug~ glad you had an awesome romantic time! Your honey really know how to spoiled you! whahaha Happy with you :D xxx

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Morning Sweety!!!!!!!!
So glad that you had a MARVELOUS 2nd Honeymoon & your Honey sure is a KEEPER with all he surprised you with & it makes me miss Don even more!!!!!!!!
TYFS the MARVELOUS LOs from your new kit I did break down & buy it since green is my future DIL's FAV color!!!!!!!! LOL
TY so very much for sharing the MAGNIFICENT photos & for making me cry & laugh!!!!!!!!!!

Jenni said...

OMG what a gorgeous hotel! I am almost jealous, that is my kind of place LOL! So happy you had a wonderful time!!!xxx

Judgirl said...

wow sounds so awesome so beautiful and Wayne deserve it ....isn't love grand. Boy the boy did spoil you and I bet you spoiled him back ....but I am glad to see you back on and showing all the great ideas andlayout done with your new kit. Have a great week


Andrea said...

YAY you're back! WOW sounds like you had the most awesome 2nd honeymoon! Ahhh what a sweet romantic hubby - candles, flowers, chocolates - he thought of it all! And what a beautiful place to celebrate! :)

Sherrie said...

Your Honeymoon sounds just perfect. You are one LUCKY lady to have such a wonderful husband.

suruha said...

What a wonderful time you had! That's a beautiful resort! Ummm, does Wayne have any brothers? LOL

So glad you are happy and in good spirits. (No pun intended, unless you want it to be - LOL)

Thanks for all you do. I'm glad DSO is not going anywhere.