Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Some CT enabling

Hee hee, I am soooo rotten at this it's just not funny- hahaha. I know the girls understand but man it makes me feel soooo guilty sometimes when I don't get things done on time- KWIM?

So today I thought I would show you a few LO's I've done with some great goodies from Chaos Lounge, Bonnie Van Esch and Design by Tina.

This month's Create a Collab at ESS has a fall theme and is called "Fall"ing for You- check out all the gorgeous portions you can build your own collab with, each is only $2.

"Fall"ing for You Paper Pack"Fall"ing for You Element Pack

This is Jenni's portion that I used for this LO of Roche-kb-sparkleandshine

Jenni's whole store is 40% 0ff to celebrate  Fall Festival at ESS

I've had a ball doing some LO's again today- it's a great way to find your feet after being on holiday for a while-lol

 Design by Tina has a new cute mini Halloween kit out called BOO! 40% off!And some Commercial Use Glitters Styles!40% off!

And I got to play with it too-

WHEEEEEEEEEEEEE, Here's my Lo of my friends daughter playing in my *dress up cupboard*.kb-toocutetospook

Tina's Store is also 40% off

And Bonnie has this absolutely beautiful  Vintage paper pack and Vintage Clusters for sale in her blog store.


The Vintage Rose papers


Vintage Clusters.

Check out for them on the left hand side of Bonnies blog ;-)

And I EVENTUALLY got my Colour Challenge Posting Gift done-lol

Wayne chose the colour swatch when we left on holiday and I still had to work them- I felt like one of the girls too this month and it was fun actually working with tones I hadn't chosen myself for a change-


A Funky fun and Bright Christmasy mini kit is what derived from Waynies colours- lol. Come along and play with me HERE and you can receive this Posting Gift and collect all the other fantastic creations in the thread too.

Until tomorrow, Hugs and Loves



Kristine ♥ said...

Morning hag!!!!

Love the layouts you did! Look who's on a scrapping roll now!!!!



abhall76 said...

I love those layouts! And I really love the CC posting bonus kit, it is darling!

sdwrdt said...

I guess I'm going to have to post - LOVE THIS mini kit!

Calvina Walsh said...

Oh I love the Color challenge gift-so glad I'm playing this month!

txbubbles said...

Great LO's, GF! You should scrap more often, BWAHAHAHA! Love the PB, I guess I better get my rear in gear so I can be sure to snag it this month.

LouCeeCreations said...

Ooh! love the layout of Roche, it's stunning..

Bunny Cates, bunnycates.com said...

omg luv the pb!!!!!
woohoo! guess I'll have to play this month too... dang it! LOL

Jenni said...

hee hee, thanks for the pimp Kim, can't wait to play with your colours this month!!

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Welcome back! So happy you had a great time.Wow..what a wonderful time you had.I know you had to feel soo loved.How sweet!
I can remember one year on our anniversary that Jim had called a florist ahead of time and had a bouquet of beautiful flowers brought to our table for me just before dinner.I will NEVER forget that.:)
LOVE all the gorgeous layouts...and the fantastic photos.:)Thanks for sharing your honeymoon with us.LOL


Kim's Scrappin' said...

Love the layouts! And that PB is fabulous! I've been playing with Soft Whisper and your new template set, love them! Did some pimping on my blog. LOL

Caryn said...

Just LOVE the LO's and the posting bonus came out AWESOME!

I'm smelling this awesome African air and LOVING it :) Only prob is I left my EHD with all my files on it at home. ARGH! So I guess I'm actually going to learn how to design without any CU resources... woohoo! So don't laugh when I actually upload something for the color challenge ;) LOL!

How'd Nathan do with his drivers? I'm dying to know!