Thursday, 8 October 2009

Holding thumbs

and crossing my toes that Nathan gets through his drivers license test AGAIN today- OY, my nerves ( and my wallet-lol). He has to make this one or he will have to redo his learners as it expires next month. He was sooo nervous this morning and has just left with the driving instructor! Just praying he doesn't get a power hungry testing officer again and one that will at least let him drive! LOL. I think I'm more nervous than he is, and the thing is he drives well and I feel more comfortable in the car with him driving than with some of my friends! LOL- Now that is scary- hahaha. Good luck my boy and don't let the nerves get the best of you ;-)

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hee hee- Lots of pic's to see today huh?-

OMG, I got some more STUNNING LO's done with my Heartsong Kit.



Both of these stunners are done by Vicki! BEEEEAAAA -UUUTIFUL!


This beauty is from Diana - Love it!

Okies- let me get some more coffee for the nerves and some SNOT meds- hahahaha. Yeah my trip has left me with a cold and NO voice at the moment. Bunny laughed yesterday when I tried to talk to her and eventually we landed up typing instead- hahahahaha.

Hope you all have a super Thursday. Big hugs and Loves


Shel said...

Here's hoping Nathan passes his test!

Love the reveal. Headed off to the store to check it out now!

Bonnie said...

I hope it all goes well with his test! I failed my learners 3x!! (blush) but passed my drivers first time!

Dinphy said...

Holding thumbs, with my fingers crossed... Hope all went fine!

KayJay said...

Just checking in, to see if you are busy driving all over the place with one very proud permit owner...I hope so! Had my fingers xed for him

Anonymous said...

Hope all went well for Nathan... we'll be waiting to hear.

And Kim... quit having such wonderful sales on your beautiful work LOL I'm going broke!!!
Love the Heartsong and I just got the newest Give it Horns grab bag. Envy your talent gurlfriend!!! Thanks for the great sale so this ole retired fart can be lucky enough to own so much of your magic.


Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Morning Sweety!!!!!!!!!
Keeping my fingers & toes crossed that Nathan PASSES!!!!!!!!!!
Hope you get over your cold FAST take a couple of shoots to help!!!!!!!! LOL
After ALL its the WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!

Laramie said...

I just picked up the amazing grab bag and I love the twigs and papers. Amazing!