Thursday, 22 October 2009


HAHAHA- well I got my voice back- ok, not entirely there but at least enough to talk today with out straining. I still sound like a old diesel engine starting up in the morning- rather rough round the edges- but hey- I'm happy I don't have to repeat myself all the time now- LOL

Kim, I hope your voice has come back too. ;-)

OMG- do you know when you get sooo involved in something that you don't know what time it is??- Well I've been busy with a kit that I was having sooo much fun on that I looked up this evening from Photoshop ONLY because it was sort of getting very dark around me ! HAHA. I looked up and it was 7pm already!

Wanna see just a little??_ lol


-and I'm sitting here now blogging at night! hahaha- which is totally weird too. But I feel content as the kitten that stole the cream - but have a very hungry son shouting what's for supper. Supper???- Oh gees, lol-looks like we're going to be eating out- yeah, out of a box, tin or something that takes 20 minutes- HAHAHA. -OOOOOPS ;-)

OOOOH I have some more eye candy for you today


How AWESOME is this LO by Kristine, using her hubbys *nature* pics! She used my Sept Colour Challenge bonus for it!


Gosh the girl is one a scrapping binge I tell you- this one is just WOW WOW Beautiful! Kristine used my Soft Whisper kit and Time Anew kit,


And this one too- Using Glam Tidings.

Glam tidings

And Yup, she did this one too using Glam Tidings!

WOW Girlfriend- send some of that scrapping mojo this way- you are creating some fantastic pages. Thanks so much and LOVE THEM!!


This one is by Andrea and it had me giggling- he son dressed their poor dog pepper in his clothes-lol. Andrea used my Just Because kit.


This stunner is by Jenni and she used all the goodies in Netts and My Give it Horns CU GRAB BAG.


This fantastic card was made by Loucee using Mezzaluna.



And she made these freakingly beautiful Jewelled boxes using my Roche kit! HOLEY COW- they are just tooo stunning!


Vicki used Soft Whisper for this gorgeous LO too!


Lainey used Soft Whisper too for this Romantic Wedding pic. LOVE how the flowers match!


Jazzy did this stunning LO with my Paper Making Bundle for the background paper. Gorgeous!


You can grab the cluster and the word art as a freebie on Jazzys blog HERE. WOOHOOO! Love word art!!

Okies- my stomach is thinking my throat is cut ( not far wrong- BWWAHAHAHA) so I need to get some food for hungry teen and for hungry mom- NOW! lol. Hope you have a stunning day further.

Hugs and Loves


Bunny Cates, said...

wow, a nighttime post? weird! If I oversleep tomorrow because my days and nights are messed up now Im going to be pissed.

Mrs. Miles said...

Are you turning vampirish, m'dear? I think you should order food in, meself. You deserve it after the eyestrain.

Ohhh the peek looks intriquing, you are making my EYES hungry.

I WILL be back!

Love, Barb

Carol B said...

these LOs are awesome!

Kim's Scrappin' said...

Love the peek can't wait to see the kit! Beautiful eye candy on here tonight. :) Glad to hear you got your voice back, as for me it came back a little for a couple of hours, and gone now completely. This is driving me crazier, not being able to say anything. LOL I guess I need to go and try and get some sleep.

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Good Morning Sweety!!!!!!!!!
So glad that yor getting your voice back!!!!!!!!!
Hope you have SOMEWHAT of A R & R WEEKEND to recoup!!!!!!!!!!!!
LUV YA!!!!!!!!!
HUGE HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Me again:)
I LOVE this gorgeous frame and word art.Thank you so much for pointing the way for us to get it.:)
Glad to "hear" your voice is returning.:)

Have a FANTASTIC weekend!


Aurélie said...

Thanks for sharing such wonderful CU !