Thursday, 19 November 2009

*man* Flu

OY- I'd forgotten what it was like to have a *baby* in the house-hahah,  I have a full grown one on my hands who is full of flu. The full blown kind- fevers, sore muscles and cramps and a chest that keeps caving in. Monday night Wayne woke up from his nightly *couch snooze* with an extremely tight chest and sky high temp.

ARRGHH- I was worried that it was swine flu as he had been dealing with some *international clients* that had flown here for a quote. and had the best giggle at Jodiann's reply- Kim *man flu* is by far worse than swine flu!  Sheee's girl, YOU SAID IT! BWWWAHAHAH!

Doc says it's just a bad case of flu. The worst is this is the first time Wayne has had it! In the 20 years we have been married he has never had a cold or flu- until now! lol, So you can imagine the big man baby I have on my hands. I've averaged 3 hours sleep in the last two nights and at the moment need match sticks to keep my eyes open- a MIRACLE to keep my brain on any one train of thought-. I think it's going to be a long week here! LOL

Any one volunteering their *babysitting services???*-BWAHAHA

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And some more STUNNING Eye candy from my wonderful CT team!

 33f8228By Kristine (just look at that cutie smile! lol)

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Chat more tomorrow as I'm off to find a pillow for a long power nap- HAHAHAHAHA

Hugs and loves


Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Morning Sweety!!!!!!!!
Sure hope hubby feels better REAL SOON!!!!!!!!!
No I'm not volunteering to babysit!!!!!!!!!!
I'm coping enough with my asthma right now!!!!!! LOL

Kristine said...

Sure hope Wayne feels better soon!!! I hear than man-flu is a real bitch!!! ROFL

I feel for ya honey. Steve got his H1N1 shot yesterday and he's reacting like he's the ONLY one who hurts this bad....



Jodiann, said...

Oh NO! Don't make me giggle even a little bit more or I will pee myself! It figures that the first time you have to take care of Dear Wayne-Hubby its a Doozey!
Psst... over the counter cold and flu stuff knocks a man out like a light, they have no resistance to that stuff. Not that I would EVER DO THAT. *looking guilty* I'm just saying my Jack sleeps like a baby or is it a rock? *snicker*


txbubbles said...

Hope Waynie gets better soon for YOUR sake!
Gotta' tell you, I love, love, LOVE Christmas First! Thanks so much for the chance to play with it. LO was chosen as a Gallery Standout at DST today!
Big hugs,

Always Plumpster said...

oh Kim...I am so very sorry your Wayne has the I understand the "man flu" is worse then any swine flu could be..LOL..
Hope he is better soon..hope you find for a week...well being the barer of bad news...I had the flu..then caught it again..Wayne and the kids at our house were over two weeks....I hope for your sake week is all it lasts...awww
Thank you for the goodies...

Ummaro said... Jodiann says, the OTC cold/flu stuff out now really knocks down the symptoms, and often the patient as well (this is a GOOD thing)...that way at least YOU can get some rest! Otherwise I recommend my own home remedy: equal parts lemon juice, bourbon, and honey mixed together well...taken with a spoon until you either feel better or don't care anymore.

Breeoxd said...

aww, poor wayne- not only does he get sick, we make fun of him for it lol. thanks so much for the lovely goodies and another great kit! hope he feels better soon!

Dinphy said...

Ow, girl, you don't do well on three hours sleep, do you? LOL!

And poor Wayne has this once in 20 years!? Not a cold, but real flu?
Tss tss... You don't know how lucky you are, most of us have to put up with a lot more *man flu* than that!

Oh I'm sorry, but I can't help it, I feel so sorry for your guy! Getting this big load from the whole Kim-fan-girls!

BUT... I bet you're just big-talking to us, and are actually pampering him big time. :)

Take care, try to catch some sleep, don't catch the flu! ;)


VJ's Scrap Room said...

Kim..what a GORGEOUS kit..and everyone did such a beautiful job using it! Thank you so much!