Friday, 20 November 2009

Weekend BAAABBY!

haha- well this week Friday sort of came quickly, but then again it's been a rather full week ;-).

And yes of course I'm teasing about Wayne Dinphy, you know me tooo well already- hahaha  ,well OK not so much about the lack of sleep part- and I told him last night that I had to get some sleep or he was going to have one hell of a bitch on his hands today. You know what he said- he couldn't sleep due to the fevers and chills and sore body- so it gets lonely lying there in the dark on your own feeling sorry for yourself and when I stir it's- HEY CONVERSATION=-BWAHAHAH. WTH,???? I can hardly put two words together after being woken up- not much conversation- but apparently I *grunt* well and it's better than the dog snoring! BWAAAAAAAHAHAH .

And Ummaro - I LOVED your remedy, but I think I'll keep the homemade  one myself - hee hee. I did give him two of the painkillers the doc had prescribed (which he didn't want ) and he slept like a baby- which means- WHEEEEEEEEEEEEE, I'm awake and feel alive again today.

He also went to work this morning- (against my little bit of advice) but hey, he's the boss and it's wages day today. I just hope he hasn't undone the two days in bed ;-(

And my Sister GS Creations has some new templates up in her store!gs_teafortwo_templates-preview

Check them out HERE as they are now still 50% off!

OOOOOOH, man I am sooo loving all the pages from my new kit Christmas First-kb-Christmasfirst

TWO LO's yesterday got Gallery Standouts at DST!! WOOT WOOT!

Congrats Ruthy and Vicki!!

And Hutchie is the DST Scrapper of the Week tooo! Congrats GF!

And here are some MORE stunners-bed_baby'sfirstChristmas600

 By Bekah_E

and she made this into a Freebie QP for you too -


You can GRAB it HERE.card preview

Loucee has made this fantastic CARD with the kit too and has made you a freebie print with instructions! WOOHOOO!8Go check it out HERE and give it a try for Christmas ;-)

wonder-LauraleaBy Lauralea

kb_CFjc-exhaltLOBy Jodiann

Christmas-1972 By Candace

Wyatt-Christmas-2000- By Vicki

kbC3a copy By Ruth

Who has also generously given us the stunning word art she made for this LO!

RuthMelody_ChristmasFirst-Joy-wa preview

You can grab it HERE ( just give her time to post as I'm ahead of her-lol)

Please leave my girls some *love* for their creations that they are sharing with you as it takes time to make them up and because I LOVE them and they deserve that little bit of thanks ;-)

OOOH and Nathan only has three more exams to do and we are then FINISHED!! YIPPPPPEEEE. So come on Thursday as I sure as hell will be opening that bottle with him- hahaha.

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend. Hugs and Loves


Kristine said...


Men really are babies I tell ya. Steve FINALLY took some advil for his sore swine arm only because he was told if he didnt he wasnt getting lucky and I wasnt getting naked with a whiner..LMFAO

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Morning Sweety!!!!!!!
I found a couple of Derricks pics except for the 1 I really wanted of him in a huge Christmas stocking so HOPEFULLY I'll have time to get a LO done!!!!!!

Jodiann, said...

Wishing Your Nathan Good Luck and Sharp Senses for a strong finish at his exams! Phew! What a relief come Thursday!

Party at your house??? LOL!

Bunny Cates, said...

well, I been working on layout with this here kit, but doing it in PS so its taking forever, and now that I see all THOSE awesome layouts I dont think I'll be posting my wittle measly one online. Its almost embarrasing! Your CT is so good they SUCK - making me all selfconcious and sh**!


Lovin you, and even your mean CT.

Anonymous said...

Great story as for me. It would be great to read a bit more about this theme.
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Mom to J & J said...

Such beautiful layouts! Thanks for the RAK over at DST - it is fab!! :)

Dinphy said...

Heehee! I must be too addicted to your blog.
It's obvious you got some sleep by the way you wrote today. ;)

And GOOD for you!
Gees, if you got woken up for..uhm..let's say 'honey, I need a bucket' or just the tossing and turning of him being feverish... That would not be fun, but understandable.
Well, it's obvious how much your guy cares about 'depth and meaning' in a conversation. LOL!

Well your girls did FABULOUS jobs again!
Though I agree with Bunny. It's almost discouraging! ;)
Nah, WAY too go girls, LOVE seeing what I SHOULD be able to make with the kit! :)

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Di at Legacy4Life said...

So glad to hear that Wayne is feeling better Kim. Now you get some rest this weekend ;)

Mrs. Miles said...

Sure hope the plague leaves your house ROTFL - but with it all being a global community I should not open my mouth too quick or we will come down with it. I can see your lil nursies cap, Miss Kimmy.

I am such a bad blog bud these days - I've been crafting my little fingers off, working at ministries in our church and going to school. I sure miss ya. If you EVER ever - did I say ever yet? WANT TO CHAT you just say the word and I'll take all the distractions of life and SWEEP them off the table, sit down "across from you" and chat my face off to you. Really. Try me baby.


Mrs. Barb

fleurinette86 said...

it's so cute ! congratulations for all your great works ! tyfs your freebie