Wednesday, 25 November 2009

ONE more to go!

WOOOOOOOOHHHHHOOOOOOOOO1 Tomorrow is Nathans LAST High school exam! I'm so thrilled they are now coming to an end because a month of stress is PLENTY for me and for him too ;-)

He's optimistic about his marks - which is good, but we will now have the LONG wait to hear what his results are. I remember standing outside our local newspaper house with Wayne (and half the city's Matrics-lol)  waiting for the early edition  newspaper to come off the printer. THE NERVES and tension where high and you could almost cut it with a knife- but as the papers started being passed out- BWWAHAHAHA- there were tears, hoots and woots and lots of Champaign being sprayed around! I CRIED! hahahaha- ( yeah I still do it! ) The FEAR of maybe failing and NOT making University was a nightmare for me- But I made it and so did Wayne.

We rushed home with a bunch of our friends to my Mom and Dad who were WAITING UP at 3am for us!( in their PJ's) lol. ( no cell phones in those days!) and of course they just took one look at us as we came through the door rather loudly- ,and took the Champaign out the fridge.

It's one of those nights I will NEVER forget. I can still picture my moms face. Strange how those things stay with us no matter HOW old we get. I'm hoping Nathan has a similar experience and I have told him he is welcome to come here with all his friends if he would like to celebrate after getting his results ;-) ( hee hee, maybe it's just me that want's to be apart of that again-lol)

A few little reminders before the end of the month and the CRAZY Black Friday celebrations ( hint hint- lol)kb-NOVCBAG

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And I want to send out an OFFICIAL welcome to my dear friend Vicki who is now part of my NUTHOUSE CT TEAM! (straight jacket required!!-LOL).

And Vicki has been scrapping up a STORM with my Christmas First kit- folder

she's even made us a QP freebie too! WOOT!

txbubbles-KimB-Christmas First-QP TN

You can pick it up HERE.

Be sure to stay tuned into my blog tomorrow and of course the rest of the week for some EXCITING goodies and news- hee hee. Off to grab some lunch ( I've been on diet this week and so far sooooo good- hahaha, no cheating! WOOOT!)

Hugs and loves


Kristine ♥ said...

Morning hag!!!

Keep your farts to yourself...


Di at Legacy4Life said...

Awesome news that Nathan is finished his exams. He is going to drive you nuts though with nothing to do now ;)

P.S. I hate it when you say you have exciting news. Now I am going to have to keep checking your blog :P

Snowsmoon said...

Great to hear about Nathan...I am sure he will do fine. I hope you have a great Black Friday as we in the US are having Thanksgiving! Hope all is well!

Dawn aka Snowsmoon

txbubbles said...

Hey GF,
I'm popping by late, I have barbecued all day here at the store for the employee dinner and now have to go home and start cooking Thanksgiving dinner, @#&%!
Go ahead and give Nathan a congrats hug from me, I know he's going to do fine. Love all of the new goodies!
Big hugs,

charlie said...

Yay..congrats to Nathan, I am sure he will do fine!Hugs Charliexxx

charlie said...

Yay..congrats to Nathan, I am sure he will do fine!Hugs Charliexxx

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

HUGE HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mrs. Miles said...

CONGRATULATIONS Kim and your entire family. What a precious milestone. Its the best outcome a parent can dream of and I'm celebrating right along with you over here. Minus the champagne, just a little apple juice but I'm still acting silly coz I'm so happy for you. Yes, I will get up off the floor before any company arrives. Truly, give your Nathan a big CANADIAN hug of happiness from over here, k?

Amy W. said...

Yay Nathan! SO happy for your family! Just stopping by to say hi on our Turkey Day over here. Miss you lots but I never seen to have free time on this stupid electronic box. Okay, off to baste a turkey & do some homework! Oh and I love the Christmas kit, it's darling!!!!