Monday, 23 November 2009

Car day and some CT enabling

hahahahaha- these are getting to be like gold in the house at the moment. I have my car today so running around doing all the *have to's and I haven't done's for the last two weeks! Nathan didn't have a chance this morning as I *booked*it for the day yesterday already. OY- time to get him his own wheels soon, I offered him the bicycle in the garage but he wasn't toooo keen- HAHAHAHAHA.

I got to do some CT scrapping too! WOOHOO! I love having a chance to scrap on the weekends these days.

Design by Tina also has these new products in her store:

Oh Boy - 40% off!

And my LO I did with it-kb-Boyswillbeboys

My friend Michael who will be a *boy* no matter what age he is! lol

Tina's fabulous Create a Calendar packs! 40% 0ff!!
OverlaysMonthsMasks The Bundle- get all 3 and save!!

And this BRAND NEW by Chaos Lounge too! its Called Paws-itivly Purr-fect and a HUGE kit full of fun elements!

The PapersThe Elements- 35% offThe Bundle- 41% off

And my LO I did with it-kb-CL-Roxy

My little fur princess Roxy ;-) And yeah she can twist me around her little paw- lol


And I have some more stunning eye candy for you with First Christmas.

bestpresent-Lauralea By Lauralea

Can_t-Wait-For-Christmas By Vicki


Cmas1964-600  2x By Kristine ( loving her Vintage photo collections on these!)

Miles-First-Christmas-Candace By Candace

nessa (600 x 600)By Silvia

STUNNING LO's- thanks girls!!

Off to go get some food for the house now- and I've put myself on diet too this week - I need to squeeze into a swimming costume that is a size toooo small this year- BWWWWWWWAHAHAHA.

Hope you have a stunning Monday. Hugs and loves

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txbubbles said...

GF, I have to tell you, Christmas First is a flippin' MASTERPIECE!!!I can't remember the last time I created so many LO's with one kit, and evidently I'm not the only one. It has taken over the gallery at DSO!
Big hugs,