Friday, 27 February 2009

net issues

ARRGHH- I'm alive- just frustrated- lol

Yesterday( now Wednesday-lol) I had my *Hospital Volunteer duty* so didn't get time to get on to blog or do anything else for that matter-. So I knew today would be my *work and chat* day right??- HAHAHAHAHA, think again Kim!!

Well early this morning(Thursday) was fine- I did my New Colour Challenge preview ( WOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOO- it's done and ready for ya-lol), and the IT guy called to say he was coming around at 10amto see why Wayne and Nathan's PC's kept dropping their lines or got no connectivity. OK- that's cool, that leaves me 2 hours to get some stuff done- WRONG! lol,

My dad popped in too to have his hair cut- and that was my day. The poor IT guy sat here the WHOLE day reconfiguring, re booting, reconfiguring etc etc but it still doesn't let him do *something or other beyond my grasp of PC knowledge*- HAHAHA.

So he has taken my new router home with him to test etc as it's already 7pm! I'm now on my old UNSTABLE router which I have had to reboot 2x just to send ONE mail- and now it has disconnected itself- AGAIN, so am doing this in Live Writer and going to re-boot and publish with the hope it will go through- HAHAHAHAHA.

Could kill Wayne, as MY PC was working just fine ( ok besides using up all my capping for the month - hee hee) LOL. But I know he wanted it done so I could sit in the lounge on the LT and not have to sit here in the evenings when I'm browsing or visiting. But man it has been a frustrating day not being able to get NEAR my PC as someone else was always at it- and because I didn' t get here yesterday either- lol TWO DAYS can kill a person I TELL YOU ! lol

OOOH- ok, I'm not going to add any LO's as it might not go through today- but I was TAGGED!

And it's such a fun one- I couldn't resist! lol

Thanks LOUCEE and MELANIE for this one


BWAHAHA- I got really *worried* when folder 6 was DEON's as there are some really *funny and censored photo's* in there- but this was no 6 in the folder- *phew!*- LOL

It wasn't taken by me and was a *net* pic taken on an evening out on the town. One of those GOOD fun evenings with the *gang*. lol

OK, so here's the rules of the game....

•Go to your photo folder in your computer
•Go to the 6th folder of photos
•Go to the sixth picture
•Put the picture on your blog and a description of it
•Invite six friends to join the challenge
•Link them in your blog.

So here you go- are you brave enough to play with???- hee hee

1.Chaos Lounge- Jenni Rousseau

2. Flergs- Megs



5. TX Bubbles- Vicki

6. The Wench- Kristine

Ok- frustrated enough- lol, had to reboot again to get links- HAHAHAHAHAHA. I'm off to watch TV and maybe sit and draw instead or I'm going to need a straight jacket in a minute- lol

OK- well this isn't going through either- hahah- ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGH, save me save me save me! - will have to send tomorrow as NOTHING is letting this go through tonight!! SOWWWWYYYY. ;-(

WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEE- well two reboots and hitting publish as quick as possible did this one- will be back later hopefully or SATURDAY- hahaha.


Thursday, 26 February 2009

well shoot...

hey folks,
this is Bunny just droppin a quick 'lil note for Kim.
Her internet is giving her fits, and she cant stay connected.
She'll post again when she gets her net fixed. May be a day or two.

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

no more FLOP

Ok- everyone knows I'm the worlds worst baker- the only cake I have ever got to rise came out a BOX! lol and all you had to do was add the egg, oil and milk etc! Everything else I tried from scratch either landed up looking like and upside down flying saucer or a large pancake! hahahaha.

So Nathan begs me to make him *toad in the hole* while Wayne was away last week-

I agree but remind him that it will probably be flat and stodgy as usual-and will look like a CRUMPET with sausages in. He doesn't care ,he say's - it's what he feels like and hasn't had it in a while.

For those that don't know what it is- it's a Yorkshire Pudding base with sausages baked in it(recipe linked)- it's soooo YUMMY, crisp and tasty and soft and bready in the middle. Served with gravy and veg, it's just a awesome easy meal- FOR SOME!  BWAHAHAHA.

So Nathan pr-cooks the sausages while I take out the recipe book AGAIN and decide to try something ELSE with it- hee hee, not that I'm that clued up on baking- I separate the eggs this time and beat the egg whites so they are stiffish- and folded that into the finished batter after all the blending of the other ingredients ( instead of doing it all together in one)-

WOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO- it helped , for the first time in my life I got HIGH Yorkshire Pudding that was PERFECT!

Nathan couldn't believe it and told me to grab the camera as Dad would NEVER believe this one!!! BWAHAHAHAHA- the little sh-ONE-t! lol


Check it out!!! - WOOHOOO- it's risen above the sausages!! Now that is a first and I'm soooo chuffed- hahahaha.

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm- maybe I will give a cake a try again- lol.


OOOOH I have some more stunning eye candy for you today using my ROCHE kit!


by Bydelstorp which made DSO Layout of the week too!! WOOHOOOOO- Congratulations GF!



ROTF- Livia - I love this LO- I still make those faces too! hahahaha



LOVE LOVE this manly LO - how awesome is that title too! Thanks so much Melanie - I LOVE this!



AHHHHH- I wanna pinch those cheeks- lol. AWESOME Lo Vicki!



This beauty was done by Elaine- love the way you used the beaded heart as a frame! Stunning


TOOO CUTE- just look at that face!

Elaine also made us a Freebie gift from her LO- it's a QP to match the kit-


You can grab it HERE. Thanks a ton for sharing GF! I hope you all have a stunning day further.


Monday, 23 February 2009

Thank you

WOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO- GO GUYS! WOW- I can't thank you all enough for opening up your pockets and hearts to help all those in dire need in  Australia at the moment (people and wildlife!). WE have raised over $2300 already since it went live this weekend! That is just AMAZING and honestly fantastic.

But it's not over- Oh Goodness there are more out of control fires that have sprung up overnight-  with homes being evacuated and people fleeing today. Every Cent counts at the moment. And Flergs also sent a message through this morning to say she is only 30 minutes away from one of the big out of control fires in Daylesford. STAY SAFE GF!

I was just thinking of all those fire fighters who have been battling these fires for weeks now- how tired they must be and just how worried their families must be each time they are on duty. These fires are really enormous and quick due to the temps and wind! My prayers are with them too!

I'd like to show you some more AWESOME LO's by Jen and My AWESOME CT's with this kit-


Stroll in the park - by Pamela

adore you

Adore you- By Jazzy


Pretty in Pink- by Gina


Somewhere- by Loucee


JJ- by Renee


Pool Flirt- by Cheryl


You are my Sunshine- by Jenni


Splash by Martina

So many different looks and LO's from this ONE KIT-


If you would like to make a Donation and receive this HUMUNGOUS kit- then please check it out here for all the details.

A HUGE thanks to Carolyn for all her hard work in sending out the coupons and receiving all your donation receipts!

Please be a little patient in getting your coupons as with the time difference Carolyn does need to sleep sometime- lol.

Yeah as you can imagine - she has had a few nasty's sent her way for not getting a coupon out in 10 minutes! I mean come on- you must understand just how much work has to be done and she does need to sleep too. Sorry didn't need to moan here but the lady in question was really rude and to top it off she DID get her coupon within 30 minutes!! lol Sometimes I just don't understand people! ( yeah yeah - I hear you Bunny Wunny- hahahahaha)

WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE- Wayne just phoned to say he is on his way home!! He decided because he has been away the whole of last week and only got home yesterday afternoon he wanted to spend some time with me- YIPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPEEE. So I'm running to try put a decent face on now- LOL.

Thanks again for all you wonderful comments ( I did forward them to the other designers too)- Until tomorrow


Friday, 20 February 2009

*warning*- GRAB COFFEE. Important post.

Spirit of Summer is a charity collab benefiting the Victorian bushfire Appeal.

Not only has this effected Australians, but human beings the world over.

29 Australian and international designers have banded together to help support many Australians, animals and communities decimated by one Australia's worse national disasters.

What happened?

On Saturday, Feb 7, the temperature in Melbourne was 33'c by 9am. By noon it was 40'c and by 2.50 pm soared to 47.9'c (a state record).

Thousands of people were also about to start running from the inferno that would become one of Australia's worst peacetime disasters.

Trees ignited in the blink of an eye. By the time people heard the roar, it was too late to flee ahead of the flames.Unfortunately no one or thing could have stopped this inferno that wiped out communities, bushland, and lives within minutes. Many towns now cease to exist!.

After watching interviews with survivors, many say that they cant put into words what they went through,saw or felt on that day.

Here are just a few pictures(courtesy of google,The age,sbs &abc Aust.) of this horrible disaster

Why is this charity kit different?

No money will change hands at Snap N Tag (our host website).

We are asking for your support by donating DIRECTLY to one of the following charities:

can be made
here: The salvation Army or here: Australian Red Cross

What do I get for my donation and where:

You will be helping the people of Victoria, Australia most importantly, but you will also receive this amazing MEGA kit (see below).

There are 167 papers, 326 elements, 2 Alphas and a glitter syles pack as well.

How amazingly fabulous is that and you can receive all of this for as little as a $5.00 donation.(**Vouchers will be emailed upon receipt of proof of Donation**)
But thats not all!

For showing us how much you all really care, you not only get the MEGA kit but receive a Quickpage Album if you donate over $10.00...

WOW how awesome is that!


To receive your Charity collab once you have made your donation -

go here at Snap N Tag (** Don't forget your receipt of donation**) which will tell you WHO AND WHERE to send the copy of your receipt too.

You will then be sent a VOUCHER to collect this HUMUNGOUS KIT! ( trust me it took me a day to get it down! lol)

Donated! Wear your blinkie proudly: (made by Michelle Filo)

I want to personally thank those involved in the creation of this MEGA kit.

Don't we all! 34 ladies have done an amazing job planning, creating,collating and Advertising for this Charity appeal!

Below is a list of blogs with the names of these 29 people. Please leave some love for them all to let them know how appreciated there efforts have been.

A work in Progress-designs by Vicki
Ambowife Designs
Carjazi Designs
Carolyn Kite- Co-Owner of Scrap N Tag
Chaos Lounge
Charlie's Digiscraps
Color with Caryn
Desert Designs
DigiLover's Addiction
Emcee Scraps
Gillian Foley- owner of Snap & Scrap
HoleyCow Designs
Jeanette Bollinger Designs
KimB's Designs
KylieM Designs
Lindsay Jane Designs
Mel_h Designs
Piggyscraps Designs
SKrapper Digitals
Scrap'it Designs
Scrappin happens/Julie
C Designs

Shazbutt's Digi Scrapz
Sweet Blossom Designs
WenchdGrafix Designs
Zesty Digi Designs
Designs by Aliya

Toni Autrey Designs
PST Designs

Here is my contribution to the Spirit of Summer Charity kit.


And some of the LO's that have already been created!

I will proudly say that these were done by My and Jenni's AWESOME CT team!

Thanks so much girls for jumping in so quick too! lol

By Livia


By Becca

By ME (lol)


A double pager by Croppy





By Hutchie


By Kristine(Wenchy)


By Gina

Emmy 16 mths

By Tina


Personally I would like to thank Vicki and Shaz for all the organizing this wonderful collab and to Carolyn for hosting this at her website, collating and doing the previews.

You have done an amazing job ladies. Also to my fellow designers, without your generosity this Charity Kit would never have happened...well done

If you can spare a thought for all those at the moment without a roof over their heads, who have lost EVERYTHING ( and there are a LOT of them), for the wildlife without their normal habitat all destroyed by fire!

= your $5 will go a long way in helping the Charity's above to restore some dignity and hope in those that need it the most.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this important post- I know it's a long one - but as you know, some things really do touch my heart and all these ladies have gone above measure and duty- opening their hearts and their pockets ( yup- we all donated too!).

Quick EDIT-

WE are begging for your Patience in regard to receiving your Coupon codes to download the Australian Bushfire Collab.

Carolyn is the only one who receives the copy of your donation and is working as quick as possible to send out your download coupons.

All the mail requests gets placed in a queue in the order that they are received.

If you do not receive your coupon within 24 hrs then by all means
email again, but please consider that there is only one person able to
handle the coupons( and she really does need to sleep sometime-lol). so it may take more than 1/2 hr.

You can also contact me( full mail addy is on my blog under my complete profile).

Thanks so much to all of you that have donated already!
We have hit the $1000 mark and are EXTACTIC!!

Huge BIG-


Thursday, 19 February 2009


Well not the crawly kind anyway- lol, But Bunny got a new virus yesterday on her PC- and you must know how bad this new one is if it can infect *Mrs. Computer's* own Fort Knox PC.! It was so fast it wiped out everything! Can't be fixed either- NOPE- She eventually gave up searching for the FIX and what it was ( because it's so new there wasn't anything concrete yet!) She eventually phoned Dell- and this was her mail to me-

They said they have been taking calls all week.  The virus alters some of the core .dll files of windows and in effect damages not only the WINDOWS software but the "partition" as well.  A partition is like an invisible place on your HD for emergency backup stuff.  it makes windows irreparable and you can not reformat and reinstall because the partition is messed up. They are replacing the HD and sending backup discs because it was still under warranty.

She knows me so well already - HAHAHAHA, She explains all the jargon as she types because she knows she would get a HUH? from me-lol. SO PLEASE PLEASE, make sure all your virus software is updated, and you have a back-up just in case ;-)

I did all mine last night- yup on DVD and on my 2nd HD. (might rain- HAHAHAHAH). But just sending the message forward as this is really really bad!

OOOOOH- and with Wayne away I've had a chance to SCRAP!!

Jenni has a new Collab out with Melissa Daniels designs.

It's called Going Buggy and it's way toooo cute!


And this is what I did with it-


AWWW- that's my little baby when he was 3 1/2!! I miss my *little boy*! But will wait patiently for the grand kids- lol

It will be 40 % off until Monday 23 February! The FREEBIE ADD ON is on Jenni's blog HERE.

Check out all the preview HERE.



and ROCHE are both 30% off for a limited time only.



And just look at this AMAZING CARD that Mrs. Miles made from this kit!


This was the outside and she used a *little EXTRA* goodie that will come soon and added some stunning ribbon - it's BEAUTIFUL!


LOVE the inside! WOW- doesn't it look FANTASTIC! I know I would be thrilled to get a card like this! Thanks so much for sharing it with me Barb! LOVE IT.

Me (600 x 600)

AWWWW Silvia - I am sooo glad you had a chance to scrap my friend- we miss you! LOVE this!



Wow isn't this a stunning bride! I love this LO and the photo work! The colour flowers are just PERFECT!!

Thanks so much Becca for sending me this- it's AWESOME!


And I eventually had a chance to do my LO for ROCHE- wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-


I used some word art by Natali that I altered.

And I wanted a R to match the kit- so I made an Alpha and giving it to you for a freebie to match the kit ;-)


You can grab it HERE-